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  • Mortgages & Finance

    Buy, refurb, refinance, release initial money

    Helping you fill the funding gap, quickly - When you need to raise funds quickly, you need a lender who understands that speed and service are critical. With Together, you could take advantage of their no-nonsense approach to lending that means that they often make ‘in principle’ decisions fast.

    An approach that caters for different property types and customer circumstances, including employed, self-employed, limited companies, LLPs, sole traders and partnerships.

    They will consider bridging loans for:

    • residential investment properties
    • semi-commercial and commercial properties
    • land acquisitions
    • AND NOW, A NEW! refurbishment option.

    This new product is ideal for investors or property landlords who want to purchase a property, carry out light refurbishments and then release their investment quickly to move onto the next project.

    If a property needs modernisation, you can go ahead knowing that the money spent on refurbishment could be replenished when the work is completed allowing you to think about your next investment opportunity.

    This might typically include the replacement or refurbishment of kitchens and bathrooms, renewal of services, decorative attention or internal re-configuration. Note, it does not include anything that requires planning permission or structural changes.

    With Together’s Refurbishment Bridging Finance, you can borrow up to 75% of the initial purchase price and then, once you have completed the light refurbishment, you can apply for a further amount up to a maximum of 70% of the new property value OR 100% of the refurbishment costs, whichever is lower.

    Key product features;

    • Loans from £26,000 to £5,000,000
    • LTV up to 75% for the initial purchase
    • Flexible terms
    • Rates from 0.65%
    • No exit fee options available
    • Further advance available up to 70% of the post refurbishment value or 100% of the refurbishment costs (whichever is lower).

    How it works;

    • Together review the request for bridging finance
    • The customer carries out the refurbishment
    • Together review the request for further finance
    • Together release the additional funds.

    This is just one of the bridging finance / short term lending solutions which the team at Property Tribes Financial Services can offer.

    Contact us anytime on 01206 654444 for personalised quotes, options and advice.



    * For BTL's, residential mortgages, bridging, life cover and estate planning Property Tribes Financial Services website.

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    For commercial finance, complex BTL and HMO funding, development finance, international and expat mortgages, and portfolio BTL mortgage services Assured Funding website.

    Telephone: 01206 654444

    Email office@ptfs.co.uk

    Regulatory Statement


    Would the bridge + further advance be rolled into a a long term mortgage with Together, then? Ie do they offer an "exit" from the bridge, or is this just a further short term loan (at bridging finance interest rates - from 7.8% pa upwards)?

    what are the fees (arramgement + exit) involved?

    Good to see it's available to ltd and LLPs.