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  • Tax

    Buying as an individual vs buying as a Ltd company

    Dear all
    Thanks to you all for sharing your knowledge on this forum.
    I am currently looking to expand my small portfolio.
    So far all the purchases have been made as an individual in my sole name or joint ownership between me and my partner. If I carry on buying as an individual would this limit my intention of growing my portfolio. I have considered buying as limited company however interest rate are very high.

    Would Lenders restrict lending if I cross 10 or 15 mortgages or cross certain limit.
    I and my partner both have good credit history and all my properties are covering more than 125% of mortgage payments.

    I would be very grateful for your advice.
    Thank you

    Dear RAG,

    Thank you for your message.

    It is really up to individual circumstances as to the most effective way of growing your portfolio, but there are certainly strategies to best achieve your targets. Whilst it is important to consider your tax implications, you would also need to consider your overall position, and as such, make the correct decisions to achieve your future goals. Our ethos at RITA is finding the right balance between maximising your long-term wealth and minimising tax.

    Unfortunately, we cannot comment on your lending situation, but would highly recommend HD Consultants to assist with any buy to let mortgage queries.

    Should you require any assistance or advice with regards strategic tax planning for yourself and your partner, please do not hesitate to contact RITA on Freephone 0800 1 22 33 57 or on the email address as shown below.

    I hope this helps and best wishes,


    RITA4Rent (Rental Income Tax Advisors)

    Specialists in Landlord Taxation

    Recommended tax advisors of the Residential Landlords Association

    Follow us on Twitter @Rita4Rent

    clients (at) rita4rent (dot) co (dot) uk