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  • Nottingham pin

    property investors network


    Just to be clear, the promo code of "tribes" is a voucher code for you to use to attend your first pin meeting for free, plus we can see that you came to pin through this forum. There is no affiliate connection between property investors network and Property Tribes. 


    Grow your network, meet new people and expand your knowledge and skills.

    Network with like-minded investors in your local area, no matter what your experience. Get the latest news in the mortgage and lettings markets. Experience highly inspirational case studies and learn from industry leading property speakers from across the country.

    6pm - 7pm - Networking and Registration 
    7pm - 9pm - Main evening 

    At this month's meeting:

    How to get in an Estate Agent’s ‘Little Black Book’ - Sally Cope

    As Property Investors most of us talk and work with Estate Agents at some time. Unfortunately, a lot of Agents are not held in high esteem.  This means you don’t get them working for you, which means that you don’t get the best deals from them. Do you know what you want from an Agent?  Do you know what an Agent wants from you?

    Sally Cope shows  how to get deals from Estate Agents and to get them to work for you by calling you first! Drawing on her 10 years of experience as an Estate Agent, she explains their training, role and how to get the outcome you both want.

    During Sally's talk you will learn:

    • How to build a working relationship with an Estate Agent
    • How to be the first person on the call list
    • How to negotiate a deal through an Agent

    By the end of the evening you will know how to get into the Agents' ‘Little Black Book’, leading to obtaining deals from agents.

    ALSO..... Property Appraisals - Improve your process - Jim Langford

    When appraising multiple properties for your business have you ever found it difficult knowing what to check and remembering everything every time?

    If you are more experienced do you have a consistent system to keep the correct information for the right property, especially when viewing several in one day?

    At this month's pin meeting, Jim Langford, a Building Surveyor with 20 years experience, will help you develop your procedure and refine your process; which means that you will gain the knowledge to carry out consistent and useful appraisals, recording and keeping the data you need to make informed business decisions for each potential purchase.

    1.  Systemise your appraisals;
    2.  Prioritise, record and file the relevant information;
    3.  Improve your Process;
    4.  Develop your knowledge.

    Reduce time - Save money.