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  • Regents Park

    property investors network


    Just to be clear, the promo code of "tribes" is a voucher code for you to use to attend your first pin meeting for free, plus we can see that you came to pin through this forum. There is no affiliate connection between property investors network and Property Tribes. 


    Grow your network, meet new people and expand your knowledge and skills.

    Network with like-minded investors in your local area, no matter what your experience. Get the latest news in the mortgage and lettings markets. Experience highly inspirational case studies and learn from industry leading property speakers from across the country.

    6pm - 7pm - Networking and Registration 
    7pm - 9pm - Main evening

    At this month's meeting:

    Achieving financial freedom and getting my time back from 6000km - Billy Turriff

    Billy is a full time property investor. He acquired his first property in 2002 in Ireland. He has executed a number of different property strategies including Student Housing, Single Lets, Serviced Accommodation, Commercial to Residential, Buy To Sell, Lease Options, Rent to Rent, Bridging Finance and overseas property investing.

    Billy has converted 6 commercial grade one and two buildings to apartments for investors and home owners with a GDV of over £7 million.

    Billy currently controls 35 houses in the UK, Ireland and Bulgaria with a GDV of over £5.5 million, as well as running Kensington Finance a niche bridging operation and regularly mentors individuals to move forward on their own journey.

    At this month's pin meeting, Billy will provide insights to you on how he has managed to create a successful portfolio of micro businesses whilst ensuring he benefits from the financial freedom that he enjoys through property.

    ALSO... When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! – How to persist your way to property success - Rupal Patel

    Nobody said investing was easy (and if they did, they’ve never done it).  Investing is straight forward, but not easy. Rupal Patel and her husband Guy Brown, Top Performers in Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind program, started their property journey with one single-let, a big goal… and a lot of persistence. As they built up their HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) portfolio, they faced planning problems, tenant problems, mortgage problems, builder problems, and pretty much every other problem an investor could face.

    So she knows it’s not easy.

    But by persisting through all the setbacks and thinking expansively, they built up a property portfolio worth over 1.3 million pounds that earns over 60k in net income – and built it in only ten months.

    At this month's pin meeting, Rupal will share their story: sourcing strategies, deals, hurdles, and how they overcame each one.  Their “Pick ‘n Mix” portfolio, as she calls it, now includes single-lets, HMO's, and rent-to-rents sourced through multiple channels.

    During Rupal’s talk, you’ll learn:

    • How to respond to most challenges you’ll face
    • Who you need in your “power team” to help you succeed
    • How to source properties, no matter what your strategy
    • DIY tips that saved  hundreds
    • And why you shouldn’t pour cement down your drains!

    By the end of the presentation, you’ll leave knowing how to achieve your property goals, no matter how big or terrifying… and you’ll be inspired to start making more lemonade!