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  • January Meetup For Women In Property



    ****** Please Feel Free to Share********
    *****Don't Forget to Register at http://fpin1.eventbrite.co.uk/*********

    Property Investment education, networking, fun and nibbles in a relaxed and supporting environment. Join us and learn powerful strategies that women just like you are using to supercharge their property businesses. And...best of all, make some great contacts while doing it!.
    Date: Friday 25th January 2013

    Time: 6.15pm – 9pm

    Venue: 02 Workshop 229 Tottenham Court Road London, W1T 7QG

    If you want to make a big difference to your investment strategies for 2013 join us on Friday 25th January at London's only property networking exclusively for women. Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a portfolio or just looking to start out on your first deal, join us and learn how to invest wisely in property and build contacts that could help propel you further and faster than you imagined . [/size]

    Yvonne Emery - BA(hons) Chartered MCIPD

    Mould to Gold in 6 weeks, with a twist
    Whether you are sourcing property or buying property there are three things which are going to be critical.
    • Due Diligence, to ensure that the property you are looking at is worth what you would like to think it is.
    • Negotiating the deal with the Estate Agent or the Motivated Seller
    • Understanding the cost of any work that needs doing to the property to make it easy to rent

    Yvonne is going to share her secrets to all three of these critical elements in this spectacular presentation which is in great demand across the country.

    She has been investing for over 16 years and has used many different strategies to make the most of each economic climate. She adjusts the processes to the area she lives in and the best investment method for each property – how does she do that?

    Firstly she’s going to show us her method of doing Due Diligence in just 15 minutes, then she’s going to challenge us to negotiate more effectively and to make sure we get a part of each deal, instead of failing to negotiate our part, and most importantly she’s going to show us how to make money from each property as she squeezes every penny available from the house by explaining the power of the bedroom.

    She and her husband Andy have renovated a total of 18 properties in the last 2 years and currently have two under renovation. Some are for themselves, some are for other investors, and several are joint ventures.

    They aim to generate £800 NET per month from each property when it’s rented out, and Yvonne’s going to share with us how she does this.

    Six of her properties last year were Joint Venture deals and they generate her £36,000 per annum in net profit.

    If you are intending to make real progress with your investments this year can you afford to miss out on learning these essential elements?

    Watch some of Yvonne’s renovations, Sarah Beeny Style at http://www.YvonneEmeryCoaching.co.uk – just go to the bottom of the home page to see many videos of the properties she has renovated in the last 2 years.

    Early Bird Offer - Tickets are half price until January 16th - £15 thereafter.

    Don't miss out - See what others are saying about our last event here: http://www.meetup.com/The-Female-Propert...ts/?op=all

    See you on the 25th..