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  • In the Spotlight

    iHowz on selective licensing landmark result

    Earlier this week, it was reported that iHowz had been in dispute with Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) regarding their proposed Selective Licensing scheme.

    As part of the process, BHCC had to apply to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government (SoS) to obtain his confirmation for the scheme.

    The SoS gave confirmation to BHCC on September 10th 2018, but iHowz objected and wrote to both BHCC and the SoS stating their reasons why this confirmation was unlawful.

    After appropriate thought and consideration on October 31st 2018 the SoS has notified iHowz that he has now withdrawn his confirmation and has agreed to reconsider the matter.  This will also require BHCC to re-consider their position.

    iHowz released the following statement:-

    ‘We took this action because we felt the decision to license some 27,000 rental properties was unlawful, unnecessary and not justified by the evidence provided, and would almost certainly lead to rent increases for many private sector tenants in Brighton.

    Licensing was brought in 2006 to allow local Councils to control a small area of rental properties being poorly managed bringing that area into disrepute.   We support licensing when used for that purpose.

    We cannot, and have never supported the carte blanche licensing of large areas.

    We have previously offered to work with the Council to help improve rental conditions for private sector tenants in the City; improve property conditions in a cost effective manner where required; and most importantly identify the possibility of criminal landlords, and we repeat that offer.

    Furthermore we urge the Council to work with us to extend our existing programme of landlord training in the City to improve landlord knowledge so they can give the best and most efficient service to their tenants.’

    iHowz are writing to BHCC urging them to work with local landlords through its office.  Additionally iHowz have urged the SoS to consider the future of mass licensing schemes.

     iHowz have also offered to meet both BHCC and the Government for further discussions.

    However, if BHCC persists in seeking SOS’s confirmation for its scheme, iHowz will continue to oppose the application on the grounds that it would be unlawful".

    At the Landlord Investment Show at Olympia yesterday, we caught up with Peter Littlewood of iHowz to hear a bit more about how iHowz achieved this great outcome for the landlord community and Peter also shares some exclusive additional news hot off the press with us:

    The RLA are also on the case of Great Yarmouth council:

    RLA threaten council with Judicial Review

    The 2019 Landlord Investment Show dates have been announced, and you can find out more >>> here.

    There are also a few tickets left to the LIS Awards taking place at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London on 15th November.  Nearly 400 tickets (the capacity of the ballroom) have already been sold, and it is shaping up to be a fantastic evening.  Find out more and buy a ticket >>> here. 

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    We need to learn from this

    We as a group, NLA, RLA, etc need to come together and challenge councils

    councils hate litigation and will back down when they're challenged.

    This worked - we need more ...


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    Thank you Peter and Vanessa for your interview.  It is so refreshing to get some positive news that government might be listening to pro-active and professional Landlord associations such as IHOWZ. 

    Local councils attempting to bring in unlawful schemes need to be stopped.  

    They will damage the rental sector and tenants will bare the brunt with less property available and increased rents. This requires landlords to contribute to their associations fighting funds, it will not happen otherwise.


    Excellent,  particularly   Jamie and David.

    Whilst politically-speaking, Landlord associations are 'cuddling-up to Karen Buck', and whist its also true no decent, majority of landlords oppose the aim of her bill -  the devil is yet to be seen in the detail, or rather how that plays out..

    From reading the Bill, I don't see any content or measures that might prevent a ROGUE Tenant from seeking to utilise a court claim ( likely in some circumstances to attract legal aid, )  severely delaying a Possession claim - particularly under Section 21.

    What we do know, is that Karen is certainly no supporter of Section 21, and the Legal assistance she was provided with [ pro-bono, as I understand ] is not to far removed from David Smith and Pro-tenant.  So where was there ever any consideration of the legitimate landlord and protecting against misuse of this provision.