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  • Property-a-holics

    PRS - Government urged to think strategically

    The Government has been urged to think strategically in its approach to the private rented sector.

    The call was made during a meeting the Residential Landlords Association held last week with the new Minister for the Private Rented Sector, Heather Wheeler MP, alongside other industry groups.

    The RLA outlined the importance of joined up working across Whitehall given the changes being introduced from a number of Government departments.

    It also pressed hard on the need for a dedicated housing court to give landlords and tenants much greater confidence that when things go wrong access to justice can be much swifter and less expensive. This is crucial for landlords who might be prepared to offer longer tenancies to those who want them but who are fearful of being locked into a tenancy and unable to swiftly regain possession of their property if tenants are failing to pay their rent or are committing anti-social behaviour.

    The RLA Policy Director, David Smith, who attended the meeting said:

    “We welcome the Minister’s early engagement with the sector and her positive attitude towards supporting the majority of landlords who provide good housing and abide by all their responsibilities.

    “It provides a good starting point as the RLA works with the Government to ensure the rental sector is fit for its changing role and works for tenants and landlords.”

    A spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government told the RLA:

    “We are committed to delivering a fairer, good quality and more affordable private rented sector and want to support good landlords and agents to comply with their responsibilities.

    “We will be introducing banning orders in April to make it easier for local authorities to act against rogue landlords and agents, we will be requiring all letting agents to meet minimum standards and are consulting with the judiciary on the case for a housing court.

    “We are grateful to private rented sector organisations for their constructive input to date and are committed to working with them as this important agenda continues. The Minister looks forward to engaging further with the sector and welcomed the constructive dialogue.”

    Remember, you can support the work of the Residential Landlords Association* by becoming a member.  Find out more and join >>> here.  (Receive £20.00 off your joining fee during February).

    *Transparency notice: The RLA is the trade association of Property Tribes.

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    The question I ask who is Ms Wheeler MP?

    Has she got any clout?

    Has she got the ear of the Cabinet?

    If not the meeting is a non starter.

    This Govt is far to busy with other issues to be bothered with the PRS

    The Govt Policy was to clip the wings of the PRS and it's working

    What makes us think it will change from this course?


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Lets give her a chance. Yes she will have some clout

    V will no doubt try and grab an interview to get a feel of where she stands on the PRS

    DL why not  e mail her with your questions direct  and be our PT point of contact

    E mail ....    heather.wheeler.mp@parliament.

    Try though please to make us collectively an ally of her -  not an enemy


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I have emailed in the Past members of the House Of Lords and the commons

    Got the standard reply Level Playing Field

    I even had a face to face meeting with a Tory Member of the Lords and she understands the issue very well

    she said the Government  on this issue is not in listening mode

    Its too Busy

    Nothing will change S24 Stamp Duty and Agents fees ban will be here to stay JC

    the sooner you recognise  it the better

    we are very low priority


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    My mistake - 

    With all your baggage, you were the wrong person to ask


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    And what baggage may that be JC


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    The meaning  of Baggage

    ``past experiences or long-held attitudes perceived as burdensome encumbrances``.

    ​You have engaged with Politicians in the past and received continual knock backs

    That coupled with 101 other issues has made you become  very negative on the future of BTL sector

    I fear if you engaged with Heather Wheeler your conversations  would be counter productive to the cause

    And you would maybe drain the poor ladies  energy  :-)

    It needs someone who wants to engage in a positive spirit however difficult the conversation may be

    PT is a maybe better place for you to offload me thinks


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    You must be dreaming if you think this MP will change anything for PRS

    If IDS can get a change what chance have we with this minor grade MP

    we are where we are so I deal with it the best way I can

    doing nothing is not an option JC


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    ``You must be dreaming if you think this ( minor grade ) MP will change anything for PRS``

    I rest my case


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    The Govt did not bring in S24 Stamp Duty for no reason JC

    If you really thing they will change there minds I have to ask you why

    The BTL market has slowed and that's what the govt want

    They have set the course and if they did a uturn Now the Generation Rent Group be very unhappy

    we are not on the Radar for any changes

    Its not on TV no one mentions it so why will it change

    I like 99% of Landlords would like it changed but its not going to happen

    Personally I would like to see the retrospective element removed

    as that would be fair


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    You have to understand how governments work DL to understand why they change their minds

    Political history is littered by change of minds

    Its never a static mind with them -it is  constantly evolving and reacting to stats and public opinion

    They bring about a Bill - wait to see the effects and then tinker, amend, u turn or abort as appropriate

    If no one kicks off too much they leave it be

    No human brain can work out unintended consequences on this scale. They do the best they can

    Often their best is not very good because  political agenda`s often trample on individuals agendas

    Being in Government  is a very very powerful force.

    That Force can be for good or bad depending on ones point of view

    Every time a minister or a government changes the process starts again

    Many times its the individual egos and power plays within  - that produce change

    And that sometimes has precious little to do with the policy itself . Its just used as a tool

    People want to make a name for themselves

    And they will side with an agenda to be deliberately populist or controversial

    PMQ is a sea of budding actors

    Government is full of people who change their mind

    These policies take their time and sec 24 is yet to bite .

    Only the switched on ones like you have actioned a defence already

    The effects have only touched the surface to date

    Yes  BTL has slowed but they dont want it destroyed just damaged. They may destroy it if they dont change

    You and I and others can only second guess what the eventual outcome of s24 and other changes  will be

    You state things sometimes as if they are gospel  .

    Its just though conjecture and guess work . That`s all i do as well  - guess

    We are a vital service but with homelessness on the rise and UC in a mess the pressure will build and build

    Government policy changes all the time

    Its better to engage in a conversation with the minister responsible and influence the debate

    Diplomacy is a skilled art to be admired however frustrating the timescales involved are

    To reject that  and sulk and say I dont want to play anymore doesn't bring about change

    It just allows the other party to say....... .

    We tried to engage with the PRS on this but they just remained silent so we will pressed on regardless


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com