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  • Property-a-holics

    PT TV - Interview with Nigel Farage, MEP & Leader of UKIP @nigel_farage @UKIP

    I attended a meeting in Farnborough on Friday 27th of January 2012 where Euro MP and UKIP leader, Nigel Farage was speaking.

    Nigel is an incredible speaker and, as we all know, he’s not afraid to speak his mind! I was captivated for 45 mins.

    After the meeting, I approached Nigel and asked him if he would be willing to do an interview for Property Tribes. The man from UKIP said “Yes!”.

    Here is what Nigel had to say about U.K. housing problems and the threat of Europe legislating BTL mortgages:

    I would like to thank Nigel for taking the trouble to speak with us on what was a very busy night for him.

    He has massive demands on his time and attention, yet he was very approachable and friendly, and more than willing to take part in the interview.

    Nigel is someone who always leads by example, and it was a privilege to interview him.

    Please note: Other political parties are available and we will attempt to interview all of them if/when the opportunity arises! :)


    Vanessa is there any way his speech may be viewed anywhere.

    I would like to hear his speech

    And also possibly the other parties' speeches.


    Hi Paul,

    Yes, we recorded the whole speech, but have not edited it yet.  I will post the link here when it is available.It was a UKIP event only, so no other politicians present.We will endeavour to attend other party's events in the hope of getting other politicians POV on the housing market.Thanks for commenting. 


    Hey nice coup V. Well done!

    Politics aside, he has always i found to be a plain speaking man and I hope he throws his weight behind the issues you raised  of direct payments to landlord especially when UC comes in. Also he indicated broad support for the freeing up from the danger of constrictive BTL legislation which as he said would make progress more difficult for the  investor.   

    This interview is an excellent marker put down for PT in the political arena and best of luck with obtaining the considered views from the other parties` spokespersons. 


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I love this guy!! I would vote for him tomorrow to lead this country.....he has guts and unlike most other EUMP's he is only doing it to expose the utter corruption and waste that goes on in Brussels....i think he went a bit far with the Belgium being a 'non country' but most of the time he talks the truth and a lot of sense....he is pro business, anti waste, pro profit, pro lower taxation and has integrity...Well Done Vanessa that's a great success for PT.

    It really worries me at the moment that it almost feels embarrassing or wrong to stand up and say you support 'capitalism' it seems to have been somehow got tainted that you're a cold, non caring, bastard who only cares about corporate profit....Its a complete misconception that capitalism exploits the poor and money is the 'root to all evil'. In my book 'money is the root to feeding people'

    Im a pro capitalist whereby every one is FREE to choose their destiny, if you aspire to work hard, innovate, take risk and believe in yourself you have the opportunity in a wealthy society to spread good. You cant do that in a vast amount of countries around the world, who have foolishly shunned an open democratic capitalist system. Thank god we haven't here...For most of us we only get successful if we provide a service that helps other people....so where is the wrong in that! .........Mankind continues to evolve, innovate and create.....look how the standard of living has changed for everyone over the last 100 years! You only get that in a competitive society where people are incentivised and rewarded to serve others and be the best they can possibly be i.e a bad landlord providing filthy accommodation will fail compared to a landlord that works hard and invests in providing excellent clean accommodation. Market demand dictate success and reward.

    Because im a Capitalist does not mean i am owning up to be inhuman, in fact its the opposite because im a capitalist i passionately believe in people, i believe in welfare to protect and care for the old, sick, vulnerable in our society, it seems to me a successful wealthy country does this far better than a poor one! 

    Now the squeeze is on there seems to be a growing wave of bitterness and jealousy of 'if i aint got then i dont want anyone else to have it' mentailty going around.....and in my view negativity is never a good basis for an argument. I seem to recall that negative mob mentailty caused a bit of stir in Germany '39! 

     ....Yes Capitalism is far from perfect it does not have all the answers, but i am sure as we continue to evolve we will continue to improve it as long as it continues to focus on innovation and reward and improving as many peoples lives as possible. It is the best system i know of where everyone has the opportunity to serve one another and afford people 'hope'

    I have just come back from Spain where i own a property, and i have been utterly shocked this week meeting some of my local Spanish friends who are struggling to eat! these people have'nt got a 'pot to piss in' . No one can afford to do any business with anyone else. I am afraid that unless this entrenched socialist mentality changes in Spain the the very poor they aim to elevate from poverty is unlikley to change.

     Its Ironic that most of the Anti Capitalist hooligans defacing our war memorials in protest many of them are privately educated graduates who have absolutely no experience of what it must be to live in a country with no welfare and struggling to earn enough to eat! In these places 'your on your own mate'! After what i have seen this week, again THANK GOD i live in the UK with strong capitalist roots because i don't ever want to have to live one day worrying about eating....perhaps the next time these fools protest they should spend a month living in poverty and think twice about this great country that feeds them and takes care of them.

    Come on UK lets stop ourselves falling into this dangerous negative envious Euro Social politics trap, lets stop this negative witch hunting of wealth and success, lets stop being afraid to say we believe in capitalism, lets stop supporting 50% income tax and Death Duty (theft tax)....as this ultimately this only hurts all of us.... lets celebrate success, let those who create wealth keep it, because the more people succeed then the more we will all benefit....

    Vote Nigel Farage!  haha rant over.....


    Rant away Tim! :)The following line sent chills down my spine on Friday night.  Nigel said:"The "climate change" taxes are the biggest transference of wealth from the poor to the super rich in living memory".He claims that the C02 threat is non-existent and that the European super-elite are just using it to frighten the poor and get more money off them in taxes.It really opened my eyes as to how the masses are manipulated.  We are nothing but little worker bees renting our lives out to line the pockets of the super rich in Europe.We are fed a diet of "Big Brother" and "EastEnders" to rot our brains and distract us from what is REALLY going on in the world.  As Nigel said, "It's time to WAKE UP!".I was pleased that there was about 100 people there on a Friday night and there were many people who said how sad they were that the U.K. was being destroyed by the EU and all the taxes and aid we have to give the rest of the world, when we can barely cope with our own problems and peoples.I think of all the doctors and nurses and policemen who do such AMAZING work and put their lives at risk every day, and they are treated like Sh*t.  Whereas someone like Katie Price is lauded and described as a role model.  It makes me sick ... I admire Nigel for having the courage to speak up against all of this.   He is pretty much a lone voice but he really cares about this country, of that I have no doubt. 


    Great - I love it, even Toby's Capitalist rant! 


    I noted a brief shot in the video of Nigel doing book signings, then looked it up on Amazon.  I'm not normally into politics, but I could be..!  It's called Flying Free.  I see that it's his second book, his first being Fighting Bull which also looks good, so I may get both.


    I love this description on Amazon:


    "I did not enter politics out of philanthropy but rather as an extension of my own annoyance and resentment at having inherited freedoms infringed by power-crazed idiots spouting gibberish. It gives me particular pleasure, then, to know that we have empowered many others and caused them too to doubt the authority whereby such people presume to grant us rights where we can manage perfectly well with innate freedoms. In an age of colourless bureaucrats, Nigel Farage is a politician you are unable to ignore, provoking controversy and admiration in equal measure. What cannot be denied is the effect he has had on British and European politics. A fun-loving iconoclast..."


    An iconoclast hey - a new word on me!  You learn something new every day on PT.


    Well done Vanessa for getting the interview:-)





    Author of The Complete Guide to Property Strategies and The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success
    Learn more at http://www.completepropertysuccess.co.uk

    I also post property updates on my Facebook Page

    "It is the small decisions you and I make every day that shape our destiny" Anthony Robbins

    Great Job getting an interview with Nigel Venessa, I love this guy.

    I have been brought in a hard working, working class background. My father is a builder and my mother is a cleaner and both are (in my opinion) working past their retirement age. Both have worked themselves into poor health and are unable to afford to retire.

    To this day they are proud to have lived this way and have slept easier at night never having taking risks or reaching for their dreams but always earning an honest living. They brought me up on the notion that the rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer as Toby mentioned in his epic rant which had me captivated.

    Looking at my parents now, as proud as I am of them I can't help but pity how they have lived their lives in fear of wanting more and taking a few risks to achieving better lives for themselves. 

    I'm happy to say that at 26 years old, my eyes are well and truly open and have been for 2 years now since I left the rat race to claim my stake in life. My love for property and business has started me on an amazing journey of discovery.

    For those who haven't already seen it, I suggest you watch a documentary called Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum. A great watch for lovers of conspiracy theories and for those who believe that there is something going on behind the scenes to keep people in the rat race. 

    Venessa's point "It really opened my eyes as to how the masses are manipulated.  We are nothing but little worker bees renting our lives out to line the pockets of the super rich in Europe..."

    Watch both films to be shocked and enlightened. They're a bit out there and some parts have been debunked but most parts are really interested.


    Zeitgeist 1: https://veevr.com/videos/pd9zh64Pf

    Zeitgeist Adendum:https://www.movie2k.to/Zeitgeist-Addendum...31055.html

    I love Property Tribes because I love hearing people's stories and sharing knowledge so we can all succeed and create a better world to live in. 

    My rant over ha!

    Vanessa said:

    The following line sent chills down my spine on Friday night.  Nigel said:"The "climate change" taxes are the biggest transference of wealth from the poor to the super rich in living memory".He claims that the C02 threat is non-existent and that the European super-elite are just using it to frighten the poor and get more money off them in taxes.It really opened my eyes as to how the masses are manipulated.  We are nothing but little worker bees renting our lives out to line the pockets of the super rich in Europe.We are fed a diet of "Big Brother" and "EastEnders" to rot our brains and distract us from what is REALLY going on in the world.  As Nigel said, "It's time to WAKE UP!"... 


    Hi Paul,

    What an inspirational post!.  I can feel your passion.  It is young people like you who can help make UK PLC a better place.Nigel himself has had a difficult life including a near fatal car crash and also a plane crash, yet his energy is incredible.  He really does care about this country and we all need to care and feel that we can make a difference.   Don't go changing Paul, and thank you for your kind comments about PT.  I am delighted you found your way here. Smile


    Great Post Paul, its great to get everyones take on they way they see the world, its fascinating. 

    I myself i'm not a big believer in conspiracy's, i think that is a basic natural human instinct to believe, we are being exploited or some secret world super power is controling us. Many people believe the Twin Towers 9/11 was a conspiracy, but i think this is a very dangerous and limiting mindset to get into. To suggest 9/11 was anything other then a tragic terrorist attack, is absurd. To try and set something like that up at such a scale and complexity would be near impossible without some leak that would expose it. Anyway I dont even want to spend anytime trying to argue it as its an insult to the people who were murdered.

    Any negative belief ultimately will only hold you back and stop you achieving your goals. How? well say a young impressionable man is adamant that the US government was behind 9/11, then this man will harbour negative insecurity in his heart and hold limiting beliefs. He will have no faith in his economy, his country and the system, therefore his suspicion, his doubt, his lack of confidence will stop him from being enthusiastic and positive. He will believe there is no point to trying anything to be successful, because his life is being controlled and mapped out for him. 

    I dont buy into this notion we cant progress, that we are all state controlled little worker bees. Its just simply not true. How do i know? Because i have seen and know countless people who have come from working class backgrounds, from nothing, worked very hard, got an education (from the state) and go on to become powerful influential head of industry's from business to politics and become very rich. They have become the very people that the 'have nots' believe are the ones in control of thier lives. How did some of the worlds most powerful people come to this so called 'inner club'...you will find most have actually come from normal backgrounds like you and me, Barak Obama, Thatcher, even Hitler was just a nobody before he worked his way to power, so i just simply don't abide to the conspiracy theory that it is us and them....

    We must not allow ourselves to fall into the trap of believing the world is against us. Its all too easy and convenient to believe we are 'victims', exploited and downtrodden.

      It is far harder.... to work hard, have faith in yourself and everything around you and the 'balls' to break away from the 'herd' and go it alone and compete to make it. It goes against human nature. Its natural to have doubt and think negatively, its unatural to have faith and think positive. We have to work hard in order to achieve this winning mindset if we wish to achieve great things. That's why so few 'make it' and sadly those that don't look for excuses.

    I am certainly not denigrating normal working class people (as i am) There is absolutely nothing wrong in many many people living a normal lives and not wanting to aspire to 'change the world' . Its just that, if that's the life you have chosen you shouldn't then use excuses; you could have, should have, if, buts and only's, why you were never given the chance to be anything else. Because in this country we have the freedom of choice, to be whatever you wish to be.

    With regard to Europes super rich and such....i have no idea and i guess most PT dont either, who knows who these people are. Its just too complicated for anyone to know. I think it is naive to just vilify a rich people just because they are rich. Naturally if this person has made huge wealth illegally on the back of other peoples suffering then clearly these people need to be identified and imprisoned. However someone my be very rich because they run/own a company that serves and enhances thousands of peoples lives for the better, so why do the masses choose to hate them? as i have said envy, bitterness and hatred is not a good basis of an argument. 

    We live in a GREAT country, yes it is very competitive and very tough to break through and 'make it' but we DO all have the opportunity to. We must believe and subscribe and take the responsibility to the fact our destiny is in our hands not in the hands of the 'super state'.