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  • In the Spotlight

    State of the Property Market - panel debate

    From the Autumn Property Investor Show (October 2019)  we have a video of one of the highlights - the Panel debate about the challenges facing the property and BTL market.

    With house prices falling in the capital and rents rising well below inflation, where is the market heading?

    Is this a temporary Brexit-ish blip or do crystal ball gazers expect longer term woes?

    And every market has its opportunities – should you buy, sell or hold?

    Meanwhile the latest regulatory juggernaut to head our way is the proposed abolition of no fault eviction.  How likely is that to go ahead and how should investors be preparing?

    Join Kate Faulkner and an expert panel for what was a lively and informative debate.

    Chair (and industry analyst ) Kate Faulkner is joined by:

    David Cox - CEO, ARLA

    Richard Blanco - from The National Landlords Association

    David Smith - Policy Director, RLA

    Tony Gimple - Less Tax for Landlords.

    Footage used with kind permission of the Property Investor Show. 

    Well worth watching!

    Dates for your diary:  The Spring Property Investor Show is scheduled for 3rd and 4th April 2020.

    SEE ALSO  -        Panel de-brief: Where is the sector heading?

    UP NEXT -            PT "rigor mortis" video & and my own thoughts
    DON'T MISS -       BTL has rigor mortis! Graham Rowan is back!


    This is a very interesting video especially for someone like me who has yet to begin their journey into property. I loved it.

    As regards the issues with the LL being responsible ultimately even though they are using an LA. With my non existent experience I would have assumed that as the LL I am responsible. Could an LL not protect themselves through education firstly, but also draft a check list of sorts, and obtain proof from the LA that they have completed everything they should have, and simply tock it off the list? 

    As was stated there are many, many regulations so maybe this is not practical in application?