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  • Property-a-holics

    Tony Blair on how to solve the housing crisis

    Apparently  and I give Labour their due in this; but a lot of money was spent on refurbishing existing council stock.

    Consequently  new social homes weren't  built in the numbers that could have been achieved had those refurbishment  works not been carried out.

    So rather than just look at straight numbers of properties more look at the monies Govt invested in council or social homes

    It is total underinvestment  in social homes of all types which is causing problems.

    Unfortunately  the only answer is to spend  more or I prefer to call such spending as investments in new and existing stock.

    The RTB policy must be stopped unless at FULL market value with all sale proceeds being used  to build new social homes ideally in the same area.


    In 2000 the Blair goverment announced that 95% of social housing had to meet certain standards by 2010. The standards were updated in 2006.

    Of course they didn't achieve that. 10% still didn't meet the standards in 2010, 25% in London. Still a lot was done. Such as demolishing old tower blocks and prefabs that were too expensive to upgrade, or cladding tower blocks so that they would meet the energy efficiency standards.

    Also improving tthe required standard increases the cost of building new stock. Basically the emphasis seems to have been on quality over quantity.


    Which wasn't unreasonable  I suggest.

    Though of course the cladding issue has some resonance today following  the Grenfell debacle.

    Perhaps not all monies were wisely invested

    But as you suggest there still remains a lot of improving  to do

    Funny  isn't it that social housing is allowed to degrade  but if a private LL  couldn't afford works there would be hell to pay!!

    But it is obvious that the taxpayer is on the hook for social housing maintenance

    This is the social contract that Govt makes with HB tenants.

    Yes it costs the taxpayer fortunes.

    But it is probably cheaper than paying HB to private LL.

    Pretty academic now as private LL  are refusing to let to HB tenants.

    So TA is far more costly than retaining and maintain existing social homes and building  new ones!

    The UK is a low wage economy.

    Social homes are vitally needed

    It is pointless the political parties trying to outdo each other  on social home building.

    They just need to resource what is required

    No money no social homes.

    Just get on with it and top arguing who has delivered more as it is clearly a more nuanced issue  .As you suggest more money is still required to refurbishment existing stock.

    More money required.

    It just has to be accepted that more money needs to be invested in social housing  no matter how much such borrowing costs

    You can't leave vast swathes of a population  unhoused


    Of course it was reasonable. Especially if you weren't expecting the levels of migration that subsequently happened.


    Yep it just has to be accepted for a variety of reasons social housing has been under invested in.

    Mass uncontrolled  immigration revealed the inadequacy  of housing in the SE.

    So a lot more taxpayer money is required to invest in social homes and their upkeep.

    Low waged migrants are costing the taxpayer billions and they were never needed.

    But we are where we are.

    So the taxpayer is going to have to suck it up.

    I would even be prepared to pay more tax that was hypothacated  to see such housing built though I would qualify how it was spent.

    A penny in the pound or rather 2 pennies would be valid.

    1 for the NHS and 1 for social housing providing British  nationals were given first choice of such social homes IRRESPECTIVE  of need!