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  • Property-a-holics

    I wish we had a Donald as our Leader

    I have just listened to Mr Trump

    I like him he is a breath of Fresh Air and  Great Landlord too

    God I wish he was our leader he would understand ambition and forward thinking unlike the Idiot Govts we have had to deal with in the


    I wish him well and I hope some of his wisdom and plans include Us

    I think he is the only president I know who has ever invested in the UK

    God Bless the USA they could be our saviour again

    Can you imagine what Donald would make of Section 24 the killer of ambition


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

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    HI DL,

    Not sure whether to take this seriously or not?

    What have you been listening to?!!?

    I think you should do some more research!

    Donald Trump is not the example of ambition and forward thinking imho.

    He was born into a very wealthy family and has lost more money than he has made!

    He is a complete buffoon and I fear for the entire world with him in such a position of power!

    Related:  Trump Uni sued over wealth creation claims 

    What Trump victory means for UK property?


    What is the biggest 'FEAR' of the Anti-Trump & EU-Remainer ??   Their biggest fear is that Trump turns out to be a pretty good president and Brexit will be fantastic for Britain.

    (I remember all the bleeding liberals fearing Ronald Reagan's inauguration and fearing the inevitability of nuclear war. What happened? Ronald turned out to be one of the best President's, rescuing a shit economy and bringing about the end of the cold war.)

    The USA will be showered with golden opportunity under a Trump regime.


    Check me out at: http://www.LordLucan.com

    Hi DL,

    For once I have to disagree with you.

    You may well be right about his pro landlord sentiments,but these pale into insignificance next to all his truly

    awful policies and beliefs.

    I honestly believe he is a very dangerous person who could potentially destabilise the world.

    Let's hope for all our sakes I'm wrong.


    What is dangerous about controlling immigration, possibly building a wall to prevent illegal migrants getting in.

    If I had my way there would be mines and machine guns to stop the illegals.

    What is dangerous about being careful admitting those of a certain religious persuasion to the USA

    Additional DD would need to be carried out on them.

    Whilst I totally agree with his anti globalist policies I seriously wonder whether he can stop cheap imports to rebuild the economy

    Totally agree with talking to Russia.

    As a personality his character is somewhat unsavoury but then most in power are.

    You just don't know about it.

    Interesting times ahead but certainly nothing to worry about.


    Yeah what a great landlord, discriminating against black people. We need more like him ?


    No LL should discriminate against a person because of their skin colour.

    I never have.

    However it is certainly reasonable to be more questioning of anyone who follows an ideology that States if you are not a believer then you should be killed!

    As far as I am aware the the Catholics and Protestants no longer burn each other at the stake.

    Something that certain ideologies are actually carrying out this day!

    It is therefore not unreasonable to want to exclude those sort of fanatics with murderous intentions from entering your country or for that matter your rented property!?


    "showered with a golden opportunity" - whahaha. Just had coffee coming out of my nose!!


    I am grateful Donald Trump is not our leader.

    Whilst one has to admire some aspects of the man - he is too contradictory for me to put an X in a box.

    He will be on Friday the "leader of the free world".
    Resetting the relationship with adversaries (Russia) is not a bad thing if he intends to be strong against any further actions, which he says he shall.
    He is against Globalisation and using his office instead to bring jobs to the USA - if I was Canada/Mexico id be pissed but the unemployed could enjoy bigger opportunities.
    He is pro britain with his Scottish mother he is making good sounds about Brexit.
    I also agree with him about NATO in that the USA should not be used to subside Europe's security, if we want USA as a security partner Europe should contribute its fair share to NATO.

    Remember all the "Yes We Can" and "Change" stuff from Obama.
    We will either get the same from Trump or it could be something entertaining (from the outside). Entertaining in retrospect may be the wrong word to use.

    Bring on 2017.



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