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  • Wanted & Recommendations

    "Power Team" suppliers - tax, finance, etc.

    I Am learning all about buy to let and now trying to build a power team, I have people in mind building wise and can do a fair amount of jobs myself but the financial side is the main problem.

    Iam based in the Southport area and prefer to meet face to face with prospective experts, preferably locally who know the area well.

    I thought maybe lettings agent might be the place to start and be the fountain of all knowledge, I have met with one so far and they seemed ok knowledge wise, but getting info was like extracting teeth, so wasn't overly impressed. Also who should i employ first, a financial adviser come accountant/tax adviser?

    Apparently it's better the advisers have in depth knowledge of the buy to let market and better still they do investing themselves, seems highly unlikely I will get any of this combo locally, especially not across the board.

    Anyway could anyone recommend local lettings agents, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountant/property tax experts, solicitors etc?

    Or exactly how i go about investigating their worthiness and expertees without tramping around the whole town for weeks grilling a ton of them.




    Hi Aaron,

    If you have got value from your membership of Property Tribes, you may like to show your appreciation buy using the "power team" of suppliers that Property Tribes curated.

    You can find all our suppliers, including lettings agents, solicitors, tax expert etc >>> here. These are trusted suppliers to the landlord community and meet all compliance standards.


    Dont waste your time trying to assemble a power team ! Just have a good list of contacts . Complacency can end up costing money. Use the market as every deal is different. Build relationships but dont be scared to go elsewhere .
    Hi Aron.

    I am based in Formby. I have assembled a "power team" that if I say so myself is second to none.

    I'm happy for you to give me a call and we can meet up to discuss. We also have an excellent return team, all the trades covered and management team.

    07980 761 473
    01704 808 550 (From 19.07.2019)

    I have loads of people  who I work with on an equal footing

    I`ve never called them my  power team though because i find the term grates

    If I called my plumber Pete part of my power team  it would make him gag

    But equally if he said I was part of  his power team  that would make me gag 

    Having a too small exclusive power team can isolate you somewhat and you  spread yourself too thin

    People get sick and people get busy and people leave to do other things

    So spread the load and have several in each field that you use. Competition is good

    The people I work with form  part of each others `Mutual Respect` Team

    But I guess that doesn't sound quite so sexy

    More power to your elbow to whatever phrase you use


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Firstly, the term "power team" is awful, it's a term used by sales Gurus.

    If you haven't yet bought a property, then a mortgage broker would be the place to start.

    Go by recommendation.

    But don't take recommendations from the internet, for example on here people will recommend firms because they sponsor the site, so it's not an unbiased recommendation.

    You're much better off getting recommendations from real people in your local business community.

    Think about the people in your close social circle who you've known and trusted for years. Ask them if any of them use a mortgage broker, IFA or Accountant who did a good job for them. From there you should be able to gain some financial contacts. 

    Always use a Chartered firm where applicable.

    Agree with many of the comments on here regarding the silly term "Power Team".

    My advice would be

    • Select the people that you are most comfortable dealing with.
    • Cheap is not always bad, expensive is not always good.......
    • Other peoples recommendations are other peoples recommendations......do your own due diligence.
    • Plenty of fish in the sea....there is no shortage of talent.
    • This isn't rocket science - don't fall for people that profess it to be.
    • YOU are the client - make sure that the companies you deal with actually understand that......else take your hard earned cash elsewhere.