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  • Advertise

    Advertising on PropertyTribes.com

    As the U.K.’s most engaged landlord and property investor community, you should consider advertising your property-related product or service with us to reach targeted landlord eyeballs and create brand awareness.

    People only become ‘experts’ when they need something. That something may only be something that they need once or twice a year. However, when they are not being experts in that specific ‘thing’ they still are part of the information world at some level and visit shared-interest social networks like Property Tribes on a regular basis. That level will be as part of the ‘communication’ or as part of the receiving of the communication. However, the desire to learn, grow, and connect in any field never ceases.

    With access to information on the web being as accessible as it is and as instant as it is, the need for your ‘brand’ to be part of the ‘answer’ has never been so important.

    Powering the answer via PropertyTribes is powering your brand, via powering the human need for information.

    Every day consumers use the web to find content relevant to them (which is represented by the smaller circle ). This is ‘curation’ and holds the attention of the consumer. The circle will extend as and when the consumer is ready to take action and the day that they do, your brand is just one click away (which is represented by the larger circle). PropertyTribes curates the information which then gives you massive opportunity to validate your product and/or services.

    Powering a PropertyTribes category is similar to having your own social media hub curating material about the topic that your product/service can add value to. If your company does not have time for a fully-fledged social media content production, then this is an alternative solution – to leverage our massive content generating machine that attracts relevant eyeballs.

    In summary, PropertyTribes delivers the three most important components of business on the web (according to Google):

    • Mobile
    • Video
    • Social networks

    We are looking for strategic and non-conflicting partners to bring knowledge, expertise, and value to PropertyTribes for the benefit of your company, the community, and PropertyTribes.

    It can be as simple as “powering” a category (with click throughs to your site), or a more bespoke solution to leverage more of PropertyTribes.

    Powering PropertyTribes is easy, we have made it so. And it works.

    At the time of writing (April 2017):

    • 4,000 visitors per day
    • 25,000 page views per day
    • 6.5 minutes (on site) per visitor, per visit.
    • 8 pages per visitor, per visit.

    There are a number of options to choose from or we can work with you to create a bespoke solution to achieve your objectives:

    Category/Tribe sponsorship

    This is where an advertiser “powers” one of our categories/tribes and can work well if you have a proposition specific to the discussions in that forum.

    You will get a banner at the top of each discussion with a click-through to your website.

    These banners can be changed as often as you like, to make special offers, promote an event, or some other objective.

    All our advertisers get rotational inclusion in our bi-weekly emailer to our landlord database.

    We can record a video interview with you to launch your category.


    Category sponsorship starts from £150.00 plus VAT per month.

    Sponsored post

    A sponsored post is a one-off post to promote your product/service to our community in a manner that is acceptable to them.

    All sponsored posts remain in our Directory of Products and Services in perpetuity.

    All sponsored posts are aggregated by our bi-weekly emailer to our landlord database and also via our 30K twitter following.

    A sponsored post costs £295.00 plus VAT.

    Sponsored video post

    This is the same as a sponsored post, but we record a video to go with it.

    The video can be used elsewhere on social media including your website, twitter, Facebook etc, so you have a tangible marketing asset to use outside of Property Tribes.

    A recent example of a sponsored video post:

    The cost for this starts from £500.00 plus VAT but will depend on where you are located in the country, travel time, and expenses.

    Discussion sponsorship

    If there is a discussion particularly relevant to your product and service, there may be an opportunity to sponsor it.

    You will get a banner at the top of the discussion with a click-through to your website.

    This works particularly well if a topic is “trending” on our site.

    A discussion sponsorship costs from £150.00 plus VAT per month.

    Sponsorship of the entire site

    You can sponsorship of the entire site with your logo and messages in the header, side bars and emailer.

    This costs from £750.00 plus VAT per week and £2,500 plus VAT per month and could be combined with a themed week of content powered by your company around your domain expertise - see below.

    Themed Weeks

    Advertisers can “power” a week of niche content to create awareness of their proposition.

    This takes the form of the home page header “Property Tribes powered by …. (your name and logo here).


    Property Tribes works with advertisers to create 5 tranches of content, one to be published each day as branded content in the “promoted” box on the home page of the site.

    This contented is the featured content in that week’s emailer to our list of 8.5K landlords.


    Sponsored Weeks cost from £750.00 plus VAT and can be combined with video production, costing from £1,750.00 plus VAT.

    The video production themed week can feature an advert for your product/service on your videos on YouTube.

    Video production

    Our YouTube channel has over 500 videos and landlords (at the time of writing) spend 33 days per month watching our video content. With over 6 years on YouTube, and with a TV production background of over 20 years in broadcast TV, we know what works!

    We offer full service “branded content” video production as part of the above packages or as a stand-alone service.

    This content is branded with your logo and is for the purpose of enlarging your own digital footprint. However, the videos can also be shared on Property Tribes and elsewhere, delivering eyeballs to your content.

    We offer a monthly and quarterly video production day where we come to you and record 12 - 15 “branded content” talking head videos that can include industry commentary, FAQs, news, case studies, information and guides to your product/service, and much more.

    With video giving you a 73 times greater chance of a Page 1 organic result on google, it is Google’s belief that video should be a prime mover in your web & overall digital strategy.

    See our interview with Scott Sinclair of google on this topic.

    We offer the option to spread your video production costs over 6 or 12 months, making this affordable to even smaller companies and creating a large tranche of video content in a very efficient and cost-effective manner.

    Please contact us for an individual quote depending on your requirements. We work closely with you to create a bespoke solutions that delivers a tangible ROI

    Mobile video advertising

    New to Property Tribes in 2017, this highly effective method of reaching landlords can now utilised.

    Advertisers get a video advert on the mobile version of Property Tribes with a click through to their site. This is proven to produce high quality leads.

    It is paid for on a “per impression” basis, so you only pay for actual eyeballs.

    The supplier of this service is Ash.tv

    Ash.tv is a multi award winning mobile ad tech platform, delivering video content via their extensive publisher network. They segment & distribute mobile video to their client's relevant audience: age, gender, interest, location & occupation. To further delve deeper, they utilise their propitiatory algorithm & AI, machine learning to capture markers in areas such as follow-on page visits & buying pattern to enhance re-targeting to their perfect customer profiling.

    Ash.tv's primary focus is deliverable ROI on any marketing spend to which a full client dashboard gives minute by minute usage & trends.

    Case Study


    To enquire about advertising on Property Tribes please contact Vanessa Warwick on 07918 684598 or email her on [email protected].