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  • Salisbury pin

    property investors network


    Just to be clear, the promo code of "tribes" is a voucher code for you to use to attend your first pin meeting for free, plus we can see that you came to pin through this forum. There is no affiliate connection between property investors network and Property Tribes. 


    Grow your network, meet new people and expand your knowledge and skills.

    Network with like-minded investors in your local area, no matter what your experience. Get the latest news in the mortgage and lettings markets. Experience highly inspirational case studies and learn from industry leading property speakers from across the country.

    6pm - 7pm - Networking and Registration 
    7pm - 9pm - Main evening

    At this month's meeting:

    Our journey into the world of Commercial Conversions.  If we can do it, so can you - Chris Hamilton & Aska Buzowicz

    Chris & Aska's experience is that commercial conversions are often misunderstood. It is a common understanding that only ‘the big boys’ can play in this gladiatorial arena. During their presentation, they will share their journey which demonstrate that what they are doing can be achieved by anyone else who really wants to be part of this so called specialised market.

    They shall also discuss;

    • What is a commercial conversion
    • Where/how to source these buildings
    • Some examples of our projects
    • How to evaluate the commercial aspects
    • Funding the deals
    • The up’s and the downs

    ALSO....How to transform your investors' lives through property  - Rowena Ganguli 

    Whether you’re thinking about working with investors, or whether you’re already using private funds for your property projects, this talk is for you.

    At some point many of us have felt that seeking funds for our projects and talking about money is awkward, embarrassing and even impolite.

    During Rowena’s presentation she will bring her own unique perspective on what it really means to be offering someone the opportunity to lend you their money. She will suggest that, rather than asking a favour, what we are actually doing is serving others by paving a path to their financial freedom.

    In this talk you will learn:

    • That most people don’t know how to invest their money effectively
    • That you can provide an invaluable service to anyone who’s earning a poor return on their savings
    • That your property projects can be the catalyst to creating financial freedom, happiness and fulfilment in your own life and your investors’ lives