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  • Judicial Review Event: Landlords Fight Back!

    Steve Bolton

    As a partner of the Judicial Review campaign, Property Tribes is pleased to give the tribe advance notice of an important event that is set to take place in London on the 9th June.

    The event is to bring together landlords, stakeholders, and interested parties to support the Judicial Review against Clause 24.

    The ‘Tenant Tax Summit – Landlords Fight Back’ will bring together hundreds of landlords, tenants, letting agents, industry organisations and luminaries in various fields. There will also be a very big national media presence on the day (and in the run up to the event).

    Some world-class keynote speakers are already lined up and there are three main objectives for the Summit:

    1. To raise further funds to allow the campaign to continue with the Judicial Review.

    2. To greatly increase the awareness and profile of the cause, through grassroots support backed by widespread national media coverage, with the goal of creating positive and lasting action before, during and after the event itself.

    3. To give landlords and tenants practical strategies and tools they can take home and action. 

    The aim is to make this a very enjoyable, inspiring, interactive, uplifting, informative, educational and motivational day. It is a unique chance for grassroots supporters to come together, support each other, share ideas and shout from the rooftops, with the national media and key players from across the industry present.

    We want to show politicians, the media and the country at large that we truly are a force to be reckoned with. The days where ‘nobody loves a landlord’ must come to an end. We need to unite to show that we will not accept the victimisation of landlords and tenants by the out of touch political elite, who are deluded if they believe they can go unchallenged when trying to reclassify mortgage interest as anything other than a normal business expense! 

    There will be no selling, no profiteering, no get-rich-quick nonsense and no boring monotone lectures that drone on for hours. The intent is to make this the best Property Summit the UK has ever seen and we would love for you to attend and bring friends, family and associates. 

    To be able to attend it will be necessary for everyone to make a donation, to help us continue to fund the Judicial Review.

    However, attendance is obviously optional and we aim to make the donation level required to give you a free ticket to the Summit, affordable for all. We also aim to cover all of the event costs (venue, AV, etc) through corporate sponsors and partners, so that 100% of all donations can continue to be channelled to where they are needed most – towards the legal challenge.

    Please share the event details far and wide. 

    Date:  9th June 2016

    Time:  8.00 to 16.00

    Venue:  ILEC Conference Centre

    47 Lillie Road, SW6 1UD London, United Kingdom

    In the first instance, please visit the event Facebook page to register your interest.  You will then be notified how to confirm your attendence.

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