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  • Deal Finding

    Launch of new Deal Finding Tribe and sponsor

    Property Tribes is pleased to announce the launch of a new Tribe called "Deal Finding" which is going to be sponsored by deal sourcing/identifying software OneAndOnlyPro.

    Four years in the development, OneAndOnlyPro is the brainchild of a number of property investors, one of whom is Henri Sant-Cassia.  Their proprietary algorithm and data inputs assist investors in identifying properties with the biggest future potential gains and the highest yields.

    OneAndOnlyPro asked Property Tribes to create a new "Deal Finding" Tribe to curate all our discussions around this topic so that they could power these discussions and conversations.  

    Property Tribes caught up with Henri Sant-Cassia to learn more about this exciting deal finding and identifying platform.

    OneandOnlyPro are currently offering a 7 day FREE trial to experience the software before committing to the £15.00 per month subscription.


    Up-date:  As at 1/10/19, OneAndOnlyPro are no longer a commercial partner of Property Tribes.

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    In response to Murray Kerr's comment on youtube:

    "I took the 7 day trial and was immensely impressed, so signed up for the monthly subscription. One suggestion, it would be very helpful if there was a way to save properties you're interested in. Also, just a question but it seems every property here is being sold through Yopa, is there a reason it's not working with any other agencies? Just curious as I can't find these properties on Zoopla or Rightmove so was wondering where they're coming from. Thanks :-)"

    Thank you for your feedback and the kind comment.

    We will look at adding a "Save Favourite Properties" feature.

    Yopa are one of the biggest estate agents so therefore may have appeared with the majority of properties in your search.  We have properties listed from many other estate agents.  We are adding estate agents weekly.  Our aim would be to have all estate agents from Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket eventually on One&Only because that would be the ideal platform for investors like yourself and us.  There are now a lot of quality listings that come on the UK property market which are not even listed with Zoopla and Rightmove we would like full market coverage.

    Never made sense to me these "portal wars" for ease of the purchaser everything should be on one website.

    We have some very talented developers so suggestions can be built.  Our success relies upon collaboration in order to build a platform around investors like yourselves.

    We currently are working on:-

    1) Adding more estate agencies

    2) Making the listings page more user friendly

    3) "Calculator's" able to be accessed quicker.


    Great! Another possible tweak for you... Updates. Quite a few of the really promising properties seem to already be sold when following links to Yopa. If you could take down properties that have sold it would certainly speed things up.



    Thank you for the additional feedback.

    We are already aware of this but can now prioritise based on repeated requests.  We will complete within a month.

    The bad news is that the really promising properties "10s" do naturally sell much quicker than other properties.  The good news is it shows the system working correctly.

    A long term goal is a system where One&Only members will be alerted and then be able to reserve good deals as soon as they come onto the market.


    Hi, I'd like to give some constructive feedback and ask a few questions:

    Just skimming through your site and found this property for £625,000, yielding 3.26% @ £1360-£1700 per month. I notice you guys take the highest figure for the yield, so why bother putting the lower figure on? Should'nt you put the yield at 2.61-3.26% as well? https://www.oneandonlypro.com/Herne-Hill-...Walk267786

    Anyway, my point is that I'd like to know why this property was picked up by your software and what makes it so special?

    To illustrate my point here's a very similar property for sale in an area I know very well, but is much cheaper: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-...64837.html

    And here's an example of the rent achievable in the same area: https://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-r...html 

    So in this example a £215k property will rent for £825 per month, in a sought after area with decent price growth - with a yield of 4.60%.

    Why is the one in SE24 such a good deal compared to the one in MK45?


    I am a human bean.

    Thank you for the feedback and an excellent question.

    In regards to property


    It actually has no score on our website so there is nothing special about it.  The properties scored "10s" are the real opportunities.  Sorry about the confusion.

    We have a white paper back testing and demonstrating why our system works.  We have only shared with a handful of people so far including Vanessa.  We will share with a wider audience soon.  At this time we could email this to you.

    We display as many properties as possible.  That above property may be perfect for someone who lives in the local area who are not too concerned with a high yield.  They are happy with a monthly income of £1360-£1700 per month from one property.

    We could put a yield range of 2.61-3.26% but felt this would confuse members further?


    Can you explain why the software chooses the properties displayed on your website? Some of the properties for instance say 'POTENTIAL DEAL OF A LIFETIME' how is this the case?


    Hi David,

    Thank you for your question, and we wish you all future success in your investment journey.

    We account for both macro level events like interest rate rises, fiscal policy and local level events like nearby comparable sales to accurately predict which properties are most likely to rise in value. Our platform enables investors of all types to gain an edge, and minimise the time and hassle involved in searching the market.

    "A Potential Deal of a Lifetime" in our opinion is just that.  An opportunity that needs to be looked into further as it most likely to be profitable.

    We have been very busy in the background creating new features for investors and have delayed releasing to the public our "Whitepaper" which shows us back testing the system with some "10s".

    We will add a thread today with a link to the whitepaper.  Which would better answer your question.

    If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask.


    Whitepaper Backtesting One&Only's System

    We attach a link to a report which up until now we have only shared with certain property professionals and the media.  Outside of this, the first people to see this would be yourselves, members of Property Tribes.

    We want to work closely with landlords to provide the data and metrics we need and continually improve the user interface based on feedback from early adopters.  As with any propriety software constant tweaks and improvements are required.

    We have added a feature to "Save Favourite" properties which was requested by a Property Tribes member.  We are currently working on some exciting additions which have been heavily influenced by the main Property Tribes contributors who share their years of experience daily on this site.  The "Save Favourite" feature is free for everyone to use along with the new feature which will be released soon.


    If there is anything that you guys want us to improve or build to assist your journey as property investors we would love to give it a try!


    I took one property and tested it

    Its an area I know very well as I own or manage 11 of the same type

    You show a rent range of 880 - 1100 pcm

    The yield stated is set against the 1100 figure

    1100 is simply not achievable though . Even 880 would be really  pushing it .

    The top rent shown as achievable  I found extremely misleading

    I looked at a one more and it had a  similar flaw

    Sorry but the site does not offer value for me


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I had same result a month ago in an area i know quite well and rents were just not achievable.  Wishful thinking from oneandonlypro!