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  • New Members

    Newbie ex-pat - best way to invest £100,000?

    The idea is sound but it feels you are rushing somewhat to acquire

    You ask the question on the 26th September as a total newbie

    By 12th October though you have bought but still have lots of unanswered questions

    That worries me

    You are buying something at 115 which nearby are selling for 150

    When you spend 2500 do you feel it will also be worth 150

    If so you have bought very well and that is where your value is - not in the yield so much

    Or does bringing it up to letting standard not mean its a as nice as those 150 ones still?

    130 is too much for a gas cert . I pay 50

    Family is best and they should have your best interest at heart

    Your yield for a property in the north does not excite me

    Are you buying the right property in the right area

    I`m in the SE and bought in the last year a 110 flat with a 725 rent pcm

    A 105 flat with 725 pcm . a 117K flat with 725 pcm

    I`m currently  looking at a 90K one for 550 rent

    So 625 max for a 115 property  (equivalent maybe of a 150K property ) is not that good

    If I spent 150K I would be looking at  800 pcm

    So my feel is you should not rush in until 90% of your strategy and education is sorted

    Prices are going nowhere for the moment in many regions so there is no rush I feel

    I would aim to get your ROI up to 200% minimum over 10 years

    But yes stick with property not shares 

    Give stocks and shares a fleeting glance in the rear view mirror as your properties race away


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com