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  • Insurance

    Portfolio insurance insights - Alan Boswell

    Welcome to Day 3 of themed content here on Property Tribes where we are delighted to present a week of video content shining the spotlight on the world of portfolio landlords.

    The week came about because we believe that the gap is widening between small landlords (3 or less properties) and portfolio landlords (4 or more properties) in many areas including tax, finance, and mindset.

    Property Tribes will be presenting a week of content exploring these issues, powered by Less Tax for Landlords.

    This is how the week is shaping up:

    Monday - Launch of "Portfolio Landlords Week" with Tony Gimple of Less Tax for Landlords and we meet Robert, a portfolio landlord based on the south coast to hear about his property journey.

    Tuesday - Finance for portfolio landlords with Shawbrook Bank and Property Tribes Financial Services. (Video in footer).

    Today - Insurance for portfolio landlords with Alan Boswell Group and we meet a husband/wife portfolio landlord team JP and Angela Barakat. (Video in footer).

    Thursday - Tax for portfolio landlords with Tony Gimple of Less Tax for Landlords and we feature Tony's presentation from the Spring Property Investor Show.

    Friday - Portfolio landlord with four decades of experience, John Howard, shares his tips and we meet Chris, a portfolio landlord based in St. Albans.

    Today we are joined by Steve Cox, Portfolio landlord Manager at Alan Boswell Group, PT's insurance partner, to discuss portfolio insurance:

    Property Tribes would like to thank Less Tax for Landlords for powering this week of content. 

    A reminder that it is thanks to the support of our partners and sponsors that Property Tribes remains as a free-to-use community resource.

    The Alan Boswell team are on hand to support the Property Tribes community with all your landlord insurance needs and can be contacted on 01603 649736 .

    In the footer, you will find an interview with husband and wife portfolio landlord team 

    Tune in all this week to look at property life through a portfolio landlord lens - "Portfolio Landlords Week" here on Property Tribes!  

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    Wanted to ask the tribe of the different recommended brokers available in the market for Portfolio Landlord Insurance.

    I know Alan Boswell comes recommended by PT but as we anything, it's good to do some comparison and I wanted to see who other experienced landlords use?

    - Do landlords with 6+ properties go with Portfolio Insurance or do you still find it better to work with each property insurance individually?

    - What are the benefits and drawbacks you've found with Portfolio Insurance. For example does making a claim against one of the property effectively mean you lose any no claims against the whole policy?

    - What are up to top 3 sites / brokers Landlords would recommend in addition to Alan Boswell?



    Disclaimer: I have no legal expertise nor am I a qualified advisor on any subject. A humble landlord using an open forum to exchange ideas and experiences.