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  • Property-a-holics

    Portfolio landlord of 4 decades - John Howard

    We reached the final day of our themed content here on Property Tribes where we have been presenting a week of video content shining the spotlight on the world of portfolio landlords.

    The week came about because we believe that the gap is widening between small landlords (3 or less properties) and portfolio landlords (4 or more properties) in many areas including tax, finance, and mindset.

    Property Tribes has been presenting a week of content exploring these issues, powered by Less Tax for Landlords.

    This is the content so far:

    Monday - Launch of "Portfolio Landlords Week" with Tony Gimple of Less Tax for Landlords and we meet Robert, a portfolio landlord based on the south coast to hear about his property journey.

    Tuesday - Finance for portfolio landlords with Shawbrook Bank and Property Tribes Financial Services. (Video in footer).

    Wednesday - Insurance for portfolio landlords with Alan Boswell Group and we meet a husband/wife portfolio landlord team JP and Angela Barakat. 

    Thursday - Tax for portfolio landlords with Tony Gimple of Less Tax for Landlords and we feature Tony's presentation from the Spring Property Investor Show.

    Friday - Portfolio landlord with four decades of experience, John Howard, shares his tips and we meet Chris, a portfolio landlord based in St. Albans.

    Today, we have a fantastic finale to our week, as we meet high profile and renown landlord and property developer, John Howard, who has four decades of experience.

    John’s proficiency stems from the purchase and sale of over 3,500 houses, apartments and developments within the UK.

    With a rental portfolio similar to many investors through his numerous property companies, John’s experience is vast; including traditional houses, hotels and large scheme developments.

    Having worked in residential and commercial property for many years, John has formed many valuable partnerships with leading industry contacts, adding breadth and depth to his expertise and knowledge.

    The latest acquisition in John’s portfolio is a £26 million development, the Winerack, funded by Homes England.

    John has started undertaking some educational seminars - details here.  The next event is on the 10th June in Birmingham.  If you would like further information about John's events, you can email info@johnhowardpropertyexpert.co.uk .

    Nick and I attended John's London seminar on Monday and one of the delegates there was Property Tribes member and portfolio landlord Chris Ryder, so invited him on camera for an interview:

    Property Tribes would like to thank Less Tax for Landlords for powering this week of content. 

    A reminder that it is thanks to the support of our partners and sponsors that Property Tribes remains as a free-to-use community resource. 

    Below, in the footer, you will find an interview with Samy, a landlord from Bath who has diversification on his mind.

    We hope you have enjoyed this week-long look at life through a portfolio landlord lens - "Portfolio Landlords Week" here on Property Tribes!  

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    I thought it worth adding this video of John's current project, the Winerack:


    I found Johns video very interesting

    did you notice he never bragged ??? he was professional and business like turned out well in a shirt and tie

    In my opinion the correct image for a professional Landlord

    his view on taxation was an interesting one He is correct if you go down the company route you have to get things right

    He is the sort of Landlord I would take advice from

    A true Business Professional

    The truth is if you are really wealthy you dont need to keep mentioning the figs and brag

    I like his modesty

    I think we should all be more like JOHN


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    I can endorse what you're saying. I have a rule of thumb that I will only work with nice, honest people with integrity - and I work with John. He isn't at all egocentric, so you won't hear him bragging!


    Thanks you sharing Vanessa.

    Great thread really enjoyed Portfolio landlord week. Some great content and always nice to see what others have achieved, their views and experiences. John Howard, Lovely guy!