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    Samuel Leeds mentee blackmail and threats.

    As the owner of this site, I have been advised by our legal team to make the following statement.

    As from yesterday evening (19-5-19), this site has been subjected to a negative propaganda campaign perpetrated by certain quarters of the industry that do not like this site and do not want Property Tribes to provide the service to the public that it does.

    Yesterday afternoon, I received what amounts to a blackmail threat from an individual who appears to be within the Samuel Leeds inner circle.  This individual claims to have the ear of Samuel Leeds.

    This insidious and unfounded attack took the shape of an out and out lie that we (myself and Vanessa) have personally started threads against Samuel Leeds and that if we did not take all threads down that he would spread lies around the web.

    On top of all that it was stated that we HAD to interview Mr Leeds or delete the thread - or else.

    Here is a screenshot of the threats, the first one being sent in response to my email to "Mark Stephens" letting him know that he had been banned for breach of our Terms and Conditions:

    The individual then carried out his threat, and has done this by creating an unsubstantiated stand-alone site and published the link to the stand alone site on Samuel Leeds facebook page.

    Furthermore it has been stated that I/we create false avatar/names/accounts on Property Tribes and, indeed, even review sites to pass off fake and negative reviews - this is utter nonsense and completely unsubstantiated.

    Nonsense of the highest order.

    This was brought to the attention of Mr Leeds last night, but, despite being sent copies of the blackmail emails, he confirmed that he was happy to allow the threats and blackmail to continue on his facebook group.

    I also offered to go through the thread with Mr Leeds in person and deal with his concerns, but he refused my offer.  He intimated that, if we were to delete the thread, he could stop the activity against Property Tribes.

    Whilst Mr. Leeds might claim that he cannot control his fans, he can control content on his Facebook group.

    On top of all this, yesterday evening, a personal telephone number was given out via an on-line advert, offering services as a sex worker, subsequently resulting in harassment and abuse.

    Although Mr Leeds did state during our phone call late Sunday evening that this was unacceptable behaviour, the timing of said behaviour works in conjunction with the attack - so much so that we have handed the matter over to the police, who have linked the two activities via a crime reference number.

    This stress caused by this abuse has led Vanessa to seek medical help, such are the malicious events of the last few hours.

    The stand alone site contains a list of some PT sponsors with the insinuation that the perpetrator would contact them and spread the lies further with the implicit intent of harming the PT business.

    This again was endorsed and indeed has been acted upon.

    This is a very serious matter, and anyone endorsing any and all of the above behaviour would seen to have lost any direction of morality.

    This morning, one of our sponsors has received a blackmail threat, saying that if they do not discontinue their sponsorship of Property Tribes, the blackmailer will start posting negative reviews about them.  (Screen shot below).

    All of our sponsors who receive these malicious communications will be given a crime number, and the police have advised that they report it, so that the malicious activity can be linked.

    I apologise to anyone, especially to any sponsors, that have been caught up I this. But it is an unacceptable circumstance and Property Tribes will not bow down to such despicable and underhand behaviour.

    Property Tribes has a fair and proven complaints procedure which is open to all.  Should that line of redress be exhausted, then there is the legal action route.

    Although Samuel Leeds has contacted me about the thread in the past, and I took the appropriate action for his concerns at the time, I confirm that I have had no communication from him in recent times.

    To resort to blackmail to get a thread removed is underhand and shows that the individual doing it does not believe that professional and legal means can be utilised or cannot be bothered to use them.

    Robust and substantiated debate online is a right. No one has to like everyone all the time for any reasons, but to sink to this level of threats and blackmail just because they just don’t like the way a conversation is going or couldn’t be bothered to respond through the correct channels is disgraceful.  

    It is also a reflection of the morals and values of some of those in the “wealth creation” industry, who know that they operate in a completely unregulated sector, and can act without recourse to shut down debate about them, and that is what Property Tribes will stand against.

    The only victim off on-line bullying here is Property Tribes and Vanessa.

    This is a clear and co-ordinated attack on Property Tribes to get threads removed.

    I am the sole moderator on this site and I am the only person who has admin privileges to delete comments/threads, ban individuals etc.  We set these protocols in place specifically to ensure that such claims could not be made against Vanessa, her being more visible on Property Tribes than myself.

    I can confirm that I have not done any of the things claimed by Mark Stephens et al on his defamatory website to "manipulate" the commentary on any Samuel Leeds thread.

    This behaviour of Samuel Leeds' associate using harassment is contemptible. I will not tolerate it and we ask all our sponsors and friends of Property Tribes to stand against it.

    If anyone else has been affected by this announcement, please mail me for the crime number - nicktadd@mac.com

    Kind regards


    [Image: 4995468760_6be86655d4_t.jpg]
    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com

    Hi Nick,

    Thankyou for keeping us informed with this post.

    Please note that a post has been posted on the SL group asking why VW has blocked Mark Light. - I believe this post in self explanatory in regards to why she has removed connection with him.

    What a shameful and inconsiderate thing to do. I currently feel like we are in a playground with children. PT opened my eyes to the *moderator content removed* SL and his munchkins and I thank you, Vanessa and the community within PT for that. It has saved countless people spending ££££'s on courses run by SL.

    Speaking on behalf of the community who can see the bullshit spouted by SL, we have your back and will not be silenced by morons.



    Hi Both,

    I’ve just been made aware of the issue that you’re currently facing.

    Whilst I’ve no personal knowledge on what’s been going on, I find it totally unacceptable that an allegedly aggrieved individual should resort to such egregious tactics to blacken your and the forum’s name.

    Sadly any public site is subject to trolls, but please take this post as my message of support for both you and Property Tribes for whom I have nothing but respect.


    Tony Gimple

    Founding Director, for and on behalf of

    Less Tax For Landlords

    0203 735 2940


    Hi, I was somewhat surprised last night to receive this bizarre threat against my free consumer site, I don't know why anyone would try and involve other companies/people that have done nothing when the beef appears solely aimed at PT.

    But anyone that does have an issue with another company should absolutely draw the line at making it personal especially in such an awful way. I am so sorry Vanessa and Nick as I know how upsetting this has been for you.  I have reported this to the police as requested.


    I personally experienced what I felt was unwarranted negative informations spread or allowed to be spread by the owners of PropertyTribes forum against Samuel Leeds - there are so many other 'Property Training ' Gurus in UK such as *moderator content removed* to name but a very few - why does Vanessa show a particularly personal misleading hate towards Samuel Leeds?

    It is absolutely not warranted and it is wrong for any forum to try to undemine someone as oppose to others. Vanessa and her threads are vindictive, relentless, and really annoying. I personnally follow each and every one of the big guys in the industry online because I want to keep well informed. I enjoy everyone of them. I have no preference and I would love PropertyTribes forum a lot more without having to read diffamatory comments.

    And if you want to refer this to the Police do not forget to add that this forum started it.

    Why would Samuel Leeds otherwise read this forum except that Vanessa never ceased to ask readers to ask him to respond - which he avoided for months so has to no get involved until he was tricked into participating in a PT filmed show which only purpose it was to show him as a bad landlord: that was vindictive! I personally was shocked at the extend PT hate beef!


    What an utter load of claptrap.

    Welcome to property tribes, it seems that your first post really nails your colours to the mast - you support lies, deceit, and disgraceful behaviour based on utter rot.

    There are no mis-leading hate threads started by Vanessa , NOT ONE!  This is bullshit and you are a troll.

    Also ref: the TV show, it's Vanessa that is being tricked into taking part in a TV show, not Samuel - don't you hate the truth getting in the way of a good lie?



    [Image: 4995468760_6be86655d4_t.jpg]
    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com

    Vanessa's comments are vindictive and hateful? Vanessa has not attended Samuel Leeds courses, she has nothing to be vindictive about. She only facilitates a discussion, when people who attended his courses start or contribute to a thread.

    I am entitled to my own opinion about Samuel Leed's courses I attended, but when I share those views, they are automatically removed from SL facebook page.

    People are actively encouraged to leave positive reviews by SL (I was a witness to this), but what if you have something less positive to say? Can you not say what your experience was? We have freedom of speech in this country.

    SL appeals to some and does not appeal to others, and we are all entitled to our own opinion.

    Forums like PT which promote objective, balanced professional approach to property industry education are needed by all of us.

    What is going to be next - is SL going to threaten Google because someone may post a negative review, so Google may be accused of being vindictive?

    The methods of SL acolytes targeting PT in this manner are shocking. Demanding that a negative thread is taken down even if it shows genuine reviews? That in line with SL's christian principles and beliefs?

    Believing that when people post negative views must be because PT orchestrated them is delusional. People have different opinions.

    If someone wants to post a positive review, they will be able to do that.

    Posts by Vanessa however, in facilitating discussions, were publicly available and verifiable facts, such as information from Companies House. People can see this information and form their own views on Samuel Leeds and his training.


    Why does Vanessa show a particularly personal misleading hate towards Samuel Leeds?

    VW does not show a particularly personal hate towards Samuel Leeds. Infact, she refrains from making it personal within her forum all together.

    What makes SL a reoccurring subject is the fact that more and more people are seeing through the bullshit he portrays so more and more people are joining in with the debates.

    Other Guru's do not show themselves to be deceitful and idiotic on the internet so are therefore far less likely to be discussed.

    Martina, you have single-handedly made yourself look like a complete idiot with your entire comment. As Nick pointed out, you've just joined PT just to make this comment. And oh look, it's all complete garbage.


    May be of passing interest but she appears to be the "Chief Executive Officer" of a rent to rent company set up in February of this year.  Also apparently (if it is indeed her) involved in "rent to buy" from the same date.  Taking a wild guess, but it may be the results of going on a course?

    She may also want to check the compliance of the websites she operates from, if indeed it is her.


    In what way does SL show to be "deceitful and idiotic"?


    It's worth noting that the investigation so far has revealed that the perpetrator of this crime against Property Tribes and Vanessa has more than two accounts on this site but this will probably increase.

    I would laugh at the irony of this but the seriousness of the matter negates it.



    [Image: 4995468760_6be86655d4_t.jpg]
    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com