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  • All Videos

    Landlord Investment Show - Founders Interview

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 143 views

    Get ready for the Landlord and Investment Show morning panel debate on 5th November at London Olympia!The 'Fireworks of Brexit: the UK’s Divorce from the EU'. It's going to be a fantastic debate where you can ...

    Zero Deposit - benefits for landlords - part 2

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 235 views

    Zero Deposit, the UK’s leading deposit replacement provider, announces the launch of its new “unlocking deposits” initiative.Tenants who purchase a Zero Deposit Guarantee mid tenancy or at renewal can release their ...

    Positivity for landlords

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1605 views

    Happy World Entrepreneurs' Day to all my landlord colleagues! ? You're resilient, resourceful, innovative and are making waves!!Every year, August 21 is the WED : World Entrepreneurs’ Day.The purpose of the World ...

    Section 21 up-date - court reform with David Smith of the RLA

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 311 views

    Landlords are being urged to back a legal case to protect their rights to repossess properties.This follows a recent court case in which a landlord’s attempt to regain their property was deemed invalid due to a dispute over a ...

    Testimonial - London seminar - May 2019-

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 29 views

    Property Tribes would like to draw your attention to the next property training seminars with high profile developer, John Howard.Earlier this year, we had the privilege of meeting John, an investor with four decades of experience, ...

    5 ways to take on rogue landlords

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1365 views

    The Labour Party appears to be entering the arena of organising private rental sector tenants who have grievances against "rogue" landlords to start taking action themselves. Party leader Jeremy Corbyn tweeted over the ...

    Is Buy to Let still viable for a first time landlord?

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 22378 views

    Half of current landlords would not enter the buy-to-let market for the first time now. Rather than invest, they would stay out of the market, citing government intervention, regulatory changes, economic uncertainty and a lack of returns.  ...

    House Prices After Brexit

    Added by dislexic_landlord 8204 views

    From PensionCraft youtube channel:What will happen to UK house prices after Brexit? We consider the price drivers for UK property such as GDP growth, interest rates, supply & demand, wage growth vs inflation and affordability. We also  ...

    How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

    Added by youngjoe80 9102437 views

    There is an astounding lack of knowledge amongst property investors about economic and property cycles and how the economy works.Knowing about these 3 things will help you grow your portfolio and ensure you pay a lot more tax because  ...

    Property Breakthroughs | Fergus Wilson | Britains most controversial landlord?

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 134 views

    An extensive interview with Fergus Wilson, often called "Britain's most controversial landlord".Fergus takes part in many TV interviews and documentaries but claims that his content is often manipulated to make him/landlords  ...

    Tips for landlords marketing a rental property | buy to let | upad

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 211 views

    Responding to official figures published today showing that private rents are falling in real terms, David Smith, Policy Director for the Residential Landlords Association, said:“Today’s figures show that the market is ...

    Crunching the numbers to identify a deal | purchasing property

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 4081 views

    There are a number of local housing markets where homes cost far less than they did ten years ago. In one part of Liverpool, for instance, average house prices at the end of 2008 were £116,821, but by the end of last year were ...

    Business Risk Mitigation - Richard Bowser, Property Investor News

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 277 views

    Investors who threw their cash into a peer-to-peer scheme offering returns of up to 15pc are facing major losses after their loans turned sour. Users of the FundingSecure platform poured thousands of pounds into loans made against ...

    Zero Deposit - smart product for smart landlords

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 770 views

    It took an average of just 20 days to let a property between January and July this year according to a survey by Countrywide’s high-end brand Hamptons International. This is three days quicker than in the first seven months of ...

    Exclusive - Section 21 up-date - direction of travel of consultation

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1277 views

    A letting agent has said there may be a silver lining to the abolishment of Section 21:“Many in the industry are horrified by the prospect of the abolition of the Section 21 notice, but we feel there is a more balanced view on the ...

    Boris Johnson's first Facebook Live broadcast from No.10

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 65 views

    Tenants in private rented housing are bearing the brunt of the Government’s focus on boosting homeownership at the expense of the rental market.According to the latest figures from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors ...

    Business Risk Mitigation - Landlord insurance

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 270 views

    A new survey has identified "water damage" as the biggest reason for a domestic insurance claim.Obviously, this covers a lot of ground including water leaks through pipes, water ingress via a roof, flooding, faulty dishwasher or  ...

    Tips for smaller HMOs - 4 to 6 bedrooms

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 979 views

    Leeds Building Society has announced a series of rate reductions by up to 0.45 per cent on large HMO products. Notable reductions include the 75 per cent LTV two-year fixed rate large HMO product reduced from 3.84 per cent to 3.39 per ...

    Grant Cardone & Cardone Capital Exposed

    Added by LandlordAgent 643459 views

    Interesting YouTube Video from Meet Kevin who shows you how Grant Cardone and Cardone Capital earn money and why the real estate syndication model of Cardone Capital is such a money maker for them. Alternative perspective breakdowns ...

    Portfolio Landlords - Robert Johnson

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 2544 views

    New research for Precise Mortgages shows more than half (52%) of landlords use letting income to boost earnings from a full-time job. The study found that even among landlords with bigger portfolios, many are still working full-time and ...

    Landlord death by 26 cuts

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 4325 views

    A record £8.2 billion was paid in Capital Gains Tax in 2017/18 - over £1 billion more than the year before. The figures comes from private wealth law firm Boodle Hatfield which has analysed HM Treasury’s CGT figures for ...

    Ending Homelessness Together - Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive of Crisis

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 100 views

    I was surprised and pleased to see that Shelter have taken to recognising that there are good private sector landlords out there!In a new article on their website, they recognise the work of Alison, who houses Syrian refugees:"I  ...

    Section 21 up-date - court reform with David Smith of the RLA

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 200 views

    A new analysis of stamp duty suggests that a cut of around a third in SDLT could produce a 40 per cent surge in transactions. Boris Johnson has made several broad claims that he wants stamp duty to be cut during his premiership, with ...

    HMO FAQ - What is Article 4 in the context of HMOs?

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 52 views

    A reminder that Birmingham City Council is proposing to introduce a city wide Article 4 direction.This means that if a private landlord wishes to convert their property into a House of Multiple Occupation-they would first need to seek ...

    Landlord death by 26 cuts

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 4294 views

    Just under half, 49%, of millennials (ages 23 to 38) say social media influenced them to spend money on experiences, according to Schwab’s 2019 Modern Wealth survey. And 48% say they’ve overspent when sharing experiences ...

    Exclusive - Section 21 up-date - direction of travel of consultation

    Added by Paul Shamplina 1252 views

    Firstly, let me repeat the words I said to Richard Bilton in a TV interview I did with Panorama at my office two summers ago (an interview which lasted just seventeen seconds): “There is no such thing as NO-FAULT Eviction under ...

    Positivity for landlords

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1489 views

    I thought I would start a thread for members to post what makes them feel good about being a landlord or property investor.  Even though we are facing challenging conditions, there is always something to be grateful for!There are ...

    Landlord Talking Points #3 - Brexit and the London Property Market

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 876 views

    According to new research, the slump in house price growth in London may be slowing. In October 2018, the level of house price falls plateaued and the number of areas in London registering a drop in prices has since fallen from 80% in ...

    Deposit replacement schemes - landlord/lettings analysis

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 3173 views

    Zero Deposit today announces that it will be the National Landlord Association’s (NLA) exclusive deposit replacement partner. The NLA is the UK’s largest landlord association with over 41,500 landlord members across the ...

    Section 21 up-date - court reform

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1 views

    Seventy nine per cent of private landlords with experience of using the courts to repossess properties are dissatisfied with the way they work.According to one of the largest ever surveys of landlords and letting agents, 91 per cent ...