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  • All Videos

    3 things: Paul Shamplina of Landlord Action

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 281 views

    This week, BBC Panorama (Wednesday 21 February at 20:30) investigates the widely debated Section 21 no-fault eviction procedure and whether tenants deserve more protection, or whether new rules would make the housing crisis worse.The  ...

    What are the signs of a typical property fraud Scam?

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 110 views

    On Monday 29th January 2018, following a private prosecution, Andrew John Camilleri was unanimously convicted by a jury at Manchester Crown Court of making false representations in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) ...

    Leasehold properties - a landlord perspective

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 873 views

    A student development firm that was building a block in Everton has gone into administration – leaving investors from abroad uncertain what will happen to their money. Pinnacle Student Developments (Liverpool) was building the ...

    Housing White Paper - Ian Fletcher, British Property Federation

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 439 views

    Another sign of the times of the PRS.  While landlords are hammered and deterred by Government, institutional investors are raising money hand over fist for Build to Rent.PRS REIT, the closed-ended real estate investment trust ...

    Section 24 - Residential Landlords Association perspective

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 390 views

    Plummeting rates of homeownership among young people demonstrate the folly of choking off investment in private rented homes says the country’s largest landlords’ organisation.The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) today shows  ...

    EPCs and energy issues in rented property

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 214 views

    For the past three years, Property Tribes has been alerting landlords to the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards for rental properties which come into affect on the 1st April 2018.The following is a post courtesy of mortgage ...

    EPCs and energy issues in rented property

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 214 views

    Research carried out by arbnco has found that energy efficiency standards have dropped in nearly 1 in 5 commercial properties ahead of the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation hitting in April.Almost 20% of commercial ...

    Councils desperate for landlords and properties

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 351 views

    In a sad indictment of the state of housing in this country, a homeless man has sadly passed away on the steps of Parliament.The Huffington Post reported that shocked politicians say the death of the suspected rough sleeper just ...

    EPCs and energy issues in rented property

    Added by Community Communications 214 views

    ​Property Tribes is pleased to announce the launch of our new nationwide on-line EPC ordering service in partnership with EPC On-line, one of the major suppliers of EPCs across the UK.It takes less than a minute to order an EPC through ...

    Section 24 - landlord perspective

    Added by Community Communications 609 views

    Most buy-to-let landlords who took out mortgages on rental property between 2014 and 2016 will be unable to fully service their loans using income generated by their investment, according to research looking at the impact of property tax ...

    Tenancy Deposit Protection - did you know?

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 5 views

    Although tenancy deposit protection came into effect in 2007, there is still a significant number of landlords who lack awareness of the process and also some of the important details of compliance when protecting a tenant's ...

    Lets with Pets at the Landlord and Letting Show 2013 (Barbican)

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 100 views

    Labour are planning a 50 page draft policy document outlining plans to give animals greater protection and rights. These include giving tenants the default right to keep pets in rental homes, banning foie ...

    Financial Literacy Video with Robert Kiyosaki - Live

    Added by dislexic_landlord 278536 views

    A financial literacy video with Robert Kiyosaki.This is a montage of Robert Kiyosaki appearing on; CNN, KTLA, TODAY, The Early Show, FOX News and many others. He talks about debt, education, predictions, and also talks with Donald Trump.

    3 Things: Sean Hooker, Property Redress Scheme

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 141 views

    Proposals to link rent increases to inflation would leave tenants worse off according to official data published today.According to the Office for National Statistics’ rent index, private sector rents across Britain increased ...

    Sourcing a property suited to being an HMO

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 407 views

    I've created this post because we seem to have had a lot of newbies coming to Property Tribes recently, expressing an interest in HMOs.With all the big claims about HMO yields, it is easy to become dazzled and over-whelmed by all  ...

    Councils desperate for landlords and properties

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 320 views

    The Government has been urged to think strategically in its approach to the private rented sector.The call was made during a meeting the Residential Landlords Association held last week with the new Minister for the Private Rented ...

    Councils desperate for landlords and properties

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 219 views

    Section 24 is increasingly responsible for the growing homeless problem in the UK.This onerous and unfair tax makes it unprofitable for landlords to offer accommodation in the private rented sector.Local Government is already feeling  ...

    Robert Kiyosaki's How to Get Rich and Get Ahead Financially in 2018 | Message of Robert Kiyosaki

    Added by dislexic_landlord 46954 views

    Robert Kiyosaki has up-dated his seminal "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" teachings for 2018.

    Psychological and emotional aspects of property - Landlord interview - Andrew Southwood

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 521 views

    As we have stated many times, landlords often work in isolation, perhaps working from a home office or a small rented office.In all businesses, there will be a day when sh*t happens, when your desire to continue on is sorely tested, and ...

    Section 24 - Residential Landlords Association perspective

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 337 views

    Regulatory intervention has led to a huge 80% slump in buy-to-let investment. That’s according to the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA), which has charted a steep drop from £25bn of net investment in the sector ...

    Landlord Denise Naylor with her "strengthen and protect" strategy against Section 24

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 446 views

    This post has been inspired by Zoopla who I give a hat tip to at the end.With more and more challenges facing landlords, I thought we should set up a fitness regime, a bit like going down the gym with your finances.Focus on debtCheck what  ...

    3 things: Martin Skinner, Founder and CEO of Inspired Asset Management

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 228 views

    Housing Secretary Sajid Javid yesterday (4 February 2018) confirmed government backing to create a new generation of town houses in cities like London and Manchester to ease pressure on valuable open spaces and help growing families.  ...

    Immigration Act 2014 from a landlord/agent perspective - Interview with Solicitor, David Smith

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 607 views

    The country’s leading landlord organisation is supporting efforts to overturn a flagship immigration policy.Under the Right to Rent Scheme landlords are responsible for checking the immigration status of their tenants with the ...

    New HMO legislation - 2018

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1 views

    The Government has had HMOs in its sights for a while now, and a number of changes to legislation are in the pipeline that will effect a significant number of existing HMOs.In this interview, David Smith, partner at Anthony Gold ...

    Interview with Iain Duncan Smith MP about Section 24

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 405 views

    Jeremy Corbyn has accused the government of being “in the pockets of rogue landlords” and unable to fix what he called a “crisis level” of squalor at the bottom of the rented housing market. More than half a ...

    Councils desperate for landlords and properties

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 129 views

    Housing commentator, Joe Halewood has published a new blog pointing the finger at social landlords for contributing to the housing crisis and homelessness:Private rent levels in England increased 36% more than inflation from April 2010 to  ...

    Is this the MOST VILE tenant Buckets of excrement found

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 54 views

    A video has gone viral on social media following an inspection of a rental property where the tenant had left.A horrified landlord returned to their property to find an appalling state inside, after a tenant left buckets of used toilet ...

    Councils desperate for landlords and properties

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 65 views

    An article in the Guardian today claims that building more homes will not solve the housing crisis.The author says that "speculation" is the reason for all the woes in the housing market.The article mentions the "shrinking ...

    Becoming Warren Buffett 2017 HBO Documentary Films

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 86015 views

    Welcome to the final day of our "3 things" landlord navigation campaign.All this month, Property Tribes has been presenting content to help landlords get 2018 off to a flying start!To close out the campaign, we are going out on ...

    Local authorities desperate for landlords & properties

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 169 views

    The private rented sector remains a vital part of the housing market, providing homes to a fifth of the population and nearly 2 million families with children, today’s English Housing Survey finds. The latest figures show that ...