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  • All Videos

    15 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t

    Added by dislexic_landlord 3054733 views

    Watch the video how did you score? I got 9 out of ten.  I had my son when I was 24.

    Landlord of 50 years shares his wisdom

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1325 views

    The Welsh Cabinet Secretary responsible for housing policy, Carl Sargeant, will be the headline speaker at a new conference on the future of the private rented sector in Wales.With over 16 per cent of households in Wales expected to ...

    FSE London 2015 - What is the future for buy to let?

    Added by dislexic_landlord 3242 views

    Just watched this about Solicitors not doing there Job 46.52 she agrees

    FSE London 2015 - What is the future for buy to let?

    Added by dislexic_landlord 3241 views

    Kate also agrees that Solicitors are not providing the service to Landlords when they purchase a BTL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMB_5cJHBOc check out 46.52 she is so correct why cant others see the issue

    Anatomy of a property fraud & how to protect yourself from it

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 166 views

    Property Tribes partner solicitor, Anthony Gold Solicitors, have announced victory for people who were involved in the Property Assets case.This has taken around four years to reach a legal conclusion.Investors typically paid £25K ...

    Housing White Paper 2017 - industry reaction

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 723 views

    A call for evidence into the letting and managing agency market that has been issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government, via a new paper.Launched today, it will run for six weeks until November 29 and is titled ...

    Landlord insurance - how to beat your existing renewal quote!

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 118 views

    Forecasters have issued a “danger to life” warning as one of the biggest storms in years crashes into the UK and Ireland. One woman has died in southern Ireland after a tree fell on her car amid high winds while Cornwall ...

    Property strategies for 2017 - Buy to let property investing | private landlord

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 7045 views

    Renters are moving out of London at the highest rate since 2007, pushing up rents across the south of England, ­according to new research. Unlike a decade ago, the vast majority of those leaving the capital are continuing to  ...

    Rob Moore Interviews Paul Smith: Progressive Property Community And Education

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1276 views

    It has been brought to my attention by a number of people that Paul Smith has been removed as a trainer and mentor from the Progressive Property Network.Property Tribes contacted Progressive Property this morning for confirmation and Rob ...

    Advice to avoid losing money to "get rich quick" schemes

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 318 views

    We are pleased to report that another property scammer that Property Tribes carried a warning about has now been jailed for two years after perpetrating a scam on UK investors.A few years ago, Sameer Beydoun looked like an urban pioneer ...

    Landlord interview - Andrew Southwood

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 10 views

    Today at the Property Finance Roadshow in Reading, we bumped into Landlord and PT member Andrew Southwood.We took the opportunity to talk to Andrew about his 25+ years in property and why he thinks 80% of property is psychology:This seems  ...

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 0 views

    With so much conflicting data and reporting of it, it's hard to know what to believe.The HomeLet data has been interpreted differently by two separate media outlets.Property Industry Eye have used the headline that rents have ...

    Enfield Council desperately seeking landlords!

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 147 views

    Hot on the heels of Croydon Council looking for landlords for their waiting list of 726 tenants, Enfield Council was at the Property Investor Show, searching for properties for 1500 tenants.I spoke to Head of Temporary Accommodation, Nick  ...

    Enfield Council desperately seeking landlords!

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 141 views

    It seems that, increasingly, local councils are so desperate for landlords they are offering a variety of schemes such as a long lease, guaranteed rent etc.If you have let a property to one of these schemes, please could you leave your ...

    Serviced Accommodation - insights

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 14 views

    Serviced accommodation is an increasingly growing trend in the property sector, and, as such, is attracting many trainers and mentors who claim to know how to generate massive cash flow.The bottom line is that serviced accommodation is ...

    Landlord Investment Show - Iain Duncan Smith

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 160 views

    I am delighted to report that I have been asked to sit on an expert panel with Iain Duncan Smith to discuss issues affecting the private rental sector.The occasion is the National Landlord and Investment Show at Olympia on the 7th of ...

    Enfield Council desperately seeking landlords!

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 95 views

    Dame Kate Barker, author of the highly influential "Barker Report" in 2004 while a member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, which has set the tone for house-building targets ever since, has ...

    Non-portfolio landlords vs. portfolio landlords - how the PRA impacts

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 19 views

    In our new interview with Stephen Johnson, M.D. of Shawbrook Bank, we cover a lot of ground.Stephen talks about the wider implications of the PRA, how landlords need to adjust to the new environment, and why they should be feeling ...

    Michael Kalisperas - my "why?" for becoming involved in property

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 2 views

    Property Tribes is proud to bring you an interview with Michael Kalisperas, someone who inspires anyone who has the privilege to meet him either on-line or off.Michael's son Vasili was his motivation to enter into property ...

    Landlord's Debate - Panellist de-brief

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 6 views

    The Autumn Property Investor show this past weekend was a melting pot of trends, opinion, and debate.In this exclusive video, I speak to the Panellist's of the Friday "Great Landlord's Debate" to mull over some of the ...

    Housing White Paper - Ian Fletcher, British Property Federation

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 419 views

    The UK’s Build to Rent sector has risen to prominence over the past three years. As investors increasingly look for opportunities beyond London, a new report by Lambert Smith Hampton entitled "Build to Rent: Reaching out to  ...

    Section 24 - landlord perspective

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 635 views

    Tax relief changes coupled with rent controls could trigger the next property crash. The warning has come from Gary Heynes, a partner at tax and business advice firm RSM. He says that as tax relief changes are increasingly phased in, ...

    Ending a tenancy correctly reference deposit

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 122 views

    Property expert Kate Faulkner has called for greater education of tenants and landlords of their respective rights and responsibilities in the rented sector to minimise conflicts.The founder of PropertyChecklists.com and ...

    EPCs and energy issues in rented property

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 188 views

    According to a new study by AXA*, the private rental sector has seen a rapid improvement in energy efficiency over the past two years.The number of worst-rated properties has halved, and rentals come out better on boiler upgrades, ...

    Low risk way to start out in BTL

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1280 views

    After more than a decade of sluggish output in the housebuilding sector, England faces a growing gulf between new build completions and new households being added to the population. England is on course to be lacking more than one million  ...

    Buying investment property in a limited company structure

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 5706 views

    London Central Portfolio has carried out a detailed analysis of HMRC’s Annual Stamp Duty Statistics 2016-16, published on 30.09.17Residential Stamp Duty receipts increased 17% to £8,590m in England and Wales due to the ...

    Housing White Paper 2017 - industry reaction

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 684 views

    The Conservatives used their party Conference in Manchester to unveil a whole new approach to the private rented sector.Details are sketchy at the moment, but will likely be fleshed on in the Budget on 22nd November.This is what we know ...

    Buying property below market value (BMV) - dispelling the myths | buy to let

    Added by nick tadd 1685 views

    Investing in the buy-to-let sector has proved a shrewd move for many private landlords, with fresh research revealing that they have earned returns of more than 1,000% since 1996, trumping the performance of shares, bonds and ...

    Interview with Andrew Holgate M.D Assetz Capital

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 357 views

    Assetz Capital, one of the UK’s fastest growing peer-to-peer finance platforms and the largest property backed peer-to-peer lender, has lowered its entry interest rate for commercial mortgages from 7.9% to 6.9% in an ...

    Landlord of 29 years reveals strategy for private landlords against Section 24

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 3898 views

    Following on from recent reports that private landlords are in decline, it seems that the BTL mortgage market is offering up further evidence of this trend.High street banks approved 11% more mortgages for home buyers during August ...