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  • All Videos

    HMO Compliance Week 2018 - management regulations

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 285 views

    Council exterminators aiming to kill off some bed-bugs were astounded to find NINE people at imminent risk of death – when a routine visit uncovered an illegal and dangerous HMO. At Willesden Magistrates Court, the ...

    "No money down" property deals are nothing more than marketing hype

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 2439 views

    Property Tribes would like to draw your attention to an event happening in London on the 13th May with high profile developer, John Howard.We recently had the privilege of meeting John, an investor with four decades of experience, at the ...

    Section 21 dilution - Industry reaction: Paul Shamplina

    Added by Paul Shamplina 3531 views

    For me, scrapping Section 21 could have an even greater impact than Section 24, particularly if the only alternative, the Section 8 process, is not fully reformed with updated grounds added. We have had numerous landlords calling our ...

    The end of Section 21 - insider insights

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 1436 views

    A quarter of private landlords are looking to sell at least one property over the next year according to new research published today. Of almost 2,500 landlords who responded to a survey by the Residential Landlords Association, just over  ...

    20190501 154145

    Added by Gary Hodge 0 views

    I finally got full access to my mixed use property today and was pleasantly surprised. Now I need to decide what to do with it View from the main street Short video from 1st floor down to ground floor Short video of basement  Other ...

    Smart Landlord 2019 - Co-living insights from Philip Moore

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 577 views

    Two rental indices have been released today by IdealFlatmate and SpareRoom and both suggest that room rents are on the rise.Ideal Flatmate’s Room Rental Index – Leeds is leading room rental growth, but London remains the ...

    Smart Landlord 2019 - Punk Takiar

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 683 views

    In a new report commissioned by the TDS Charitable Foundation, property expert Kate Faulkner provides advice for parents of students weighing up their accommodation options.Kate, who runs Propertychecklists.com and ...

    Section 21 announcement: Frequently Asked Questions | Residential Landlords Association

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 145 views

    With the consultation into the abolition of Section 21 being a major topic on Property Tribes and social media in general, I though it might be helpful to curate all our discussions and related videos on one thread for easy ...

    Viewber podcast - Ed Mead talks to Vanessa Warwick

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 558 views

    Following on from my thread about the 5 things I wish I had done differently in BTL, someone made the great suggestion that I should write about the 5 best things I did, so here we go:1.  Got started!I became an accidental landlord ...

    The health of the private rented sector in 2019

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 901 views

    A House of Lords committee has called for the government to reform stamp duty because it has “seriously distorted the housing market”. The committee on intergenerational fairness also recommended for the ...

    The health of the private rented sector in 2019

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 878 views

    I am starting another thread based on this comment by David Slater on a discussion about lettings agents putting up rents ahead of the Tenant Fee Ban.  I thought the comment worthy of its own thread as it identifies a possible ...

    New platform for buying and selling tenanted properties - Vesta

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 310 views

    This question was asked on facebook and I thought it a good one.The answer is ... it depends on a number of factors, including your personal situation.These are the following questions that you could ask yourself to help you reach the ...

    Zero Deposit - smart product for smart landlords

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 519 views

    Property Tribes recently welcomed Zero Deposit as a commercial partner.Deposit replacement means that tenants are able to buy an insurance policy in lieu of a deposit.Zero Deposit is the leading scheme and was formed by some ...

    The end of Section 21 - insider insights

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 790 views

    A new report from Moody's gives the first hint of how the removal of Section 21 will impact on BTL finance.Moody's say that, despite headwinds, landlords are very credit-worthy and BTL arrears are minimal.Coventry Building ...

    Landlord Investment Show, Aston Villa FC, May 15th, 2019

    Added by Community Communications 99 views

    ​The National Landlord and Investment Show is landing at Aston Villa Football Club, Birmingham, on the 15th May so now is the time to register for your FREE ticket!Agenda 9am - 10am - Networking Event 10am - Exhibition Opens ...

    Introduction to Ideal Flatmate - landlord perspective

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 208 views

    The latest research by Property Tribes' partner and leading flatshare platform, ideal flatmate, has looked at where is home to the least number of homes to support the local population across each London borough. Using data from the ...

    Short Term Accommodation Association - Chair interview

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 198 views

    The Mayor of London has released the following communication today:Mayor calls for registration system to enforce short-term letting lawSince 2015 the law has capped short-term lets in London at a total of 90 nights per year, which helps ...

    Crunching the numbers to identify a deal | purchasing property

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 3249 views

    This month, we are celebrating our 15th anniversary of being landlords, and Property Tribes is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, so, as part of our on-going celebrations under the banner of "Smart Landlord", I thought ...

    Co-Living development success story - courtesy of Shawbrook Bank

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 302 views

    We have just finished refurbing one of the lodger rooms in our own home after our current lodger left after 5 years due to work re-location.  I thought I would share the costs as we did it on a low budget but the end result is very ...

    Section 21 - RLA Survey - important call to action for landlords

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 0 views

    Landlords are being given the opportunity to shape their rights to repossess properties in a major new survey launched today.As the Government commits to consulting on the end of Section 21 repossessions, the Residential Landlords ...

    The end of Section 21 - insider insights from the RLA

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 3 views

    As Section 21 continues to trend across social media, ​Property Tribes is pleased to present this interview with David Smith, Policy Director of the Residential Landlords Association.David has spent the past few days ...

    Short Term Accommodation Association - Chair interview

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 180 views

    Back for another year, Sykes Cottages 2019’s Staycation Index takes a closer look at guest preferences when it comes to holidaying close to home.This includes the key findings from their booking data as well as insights ...

    Section 21 dilution - Industry reaction: Kate Faulkner

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 560 views

    Whilst tenant groups are hailing a victory and the Government may have won some voter brownie points, I think we now start to need looking in detail at the reality of ending Section 21.Section 21 is closely connected and interwoven with ...

    Business risk mitigation - Sean Hooker

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 154 views

    The Upper Tribunal has handed tenants an important victory concerning ‘common parts’ including roof spaces and airspace leases in leasehold enfranchisement.The Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) has held that a lease of the ...

    South East landlords incentivised by Croydon Council

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 868 views

    Legal & General announces an innovative partnership with Croydon Council to provide 167 homes for families on the housing waiting list.These homes, a mixture of houses and apartments in Croydon and neighbouring Boroughs, will be ...

    Business Risk Mitigation - Richard Bowser, Property Investor News

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 100 views

    Labour is proposing two methods of controlling house price rises should it win the next General Election with the ideas have provoking a furious response from some sectors of the estate agency industry. Under the proposals The Bank ...

    Section 21 dilution - Industry reaction: Paul Shamplina

    Added by Paul Shamplina 1055 views

    Yesterday (15th April 2019), the government has outlined plans to consult on new legislation to abolish Section 21 in a bid to end so called ‘no-fault’ evictions. Although this is not a surprise move, it is one that, if goes ...

    Section 21 dilution - Industry reaction: Kate Faulkner

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 439 views

    The Government is promoting outdated guidance on how to let and rent a property. Its How to Let guide for agents and landlords and How to Rent guide for tenants were last updated in 2018. But links to them were included in a Government ...

    Guide to Property Tribes home page

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 72 views

    We have so many new members joining Property Tribes, that we thought we would put a little video together to showcase the features of the Home Page and how to navigate your way around the forums.There are a number of different ...

    Added by Vanessa Warwick 0 views

    GOVERNMENT ANNOUNCES END TO UNFAIR EVICTIONSNew deal for renters to end unfair evictions – preventing private landlords from evicting tenants at short notice and without good reason;Step-change to create open-ended tenancies for all  ...