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  • Property-a-holics

    64% of landlords support the tenant fee ban

    Hey everyone! Wanted to share this with you all on PT.

    Support for the Policy of Banning Tenant Fees

    • 70% of adults in GB support the policy
    • 12% oppose
    • 17% undecided/don’t know
    • Tenants are more likely to support the policy
    • 81% of tenants support the policy
    • 9% oppose
    • Landlords also support the policy
    • 64% of landlords support the policy
    • 29% oppose

    These are the results of a YouGov survey from late September.

    What do we make of this?

    Firstly, it's great to see in real data what most of us always believed: the majority of landlords don't want tenants being ripped off by agents charging £300 per tenancy on average.

    Landlords get a lot of bad press, but really, they are often as appalled at the state of the PRS as anyone else.

    (No surprise that a large majority of tenants were against the ban, however!)

    What's most interesting, though, is why the lettings industry has lobbied so hard against the ban when the people it claims to serve and represent seem to be very supportive?


    The UK's largest letting agent. No admin fees for tenants, first listing free for landlords!

    Proud OpenRenter, reluctant lead tenant.

    TBH never gave this a seconds thought - until I came to rent myself and thought what a bunch of rip off sharks the EA's are on fees.

    It is our asset they are marketing - perhaps we should only market our properties with Agents that do not charge rip off fees to tenants!


    Doesn't surprise me. I've always thought it was shocking that some agents have been charging both the landlord and the tenant for the same thing and the fees are often a lot for very little. I don't use agents anyway except online ones to get the advert on zoopla so my tenants dont pay fees except for something towards the referencing and thats simply to discourage rime-wasters.