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  • Entrepreneurs

    Aran Curry advice

    Dan, if it is the same Aran Curry as the one who did the webinar I was on, he takes a cut of your rental income and also equity (25% on the webinar I was on).

    The figures of rental income he achieves are so poor, drawing equity is definitely necessary.

    I would check the contract you will sign if you engage with him, as he offered little clarity on any exit strategy he offers people who use his services.

    What appears to be the case is that he encourages people to take as much equity as possible (as he needs this to take his 25%) every year (if there is any).

    I wonder what would happen if you refused to draw equity - whether the contract obliges you to pay Aran Currry the equivalent of what his 25% would be, had you drawn equity. I also wonder what the exit strategy would look like.

    In 25-30 years when the mortgages are due for repayment and when you are in you 50s, 60s etc so at an age when you precisely will need rental income, you will be handing property keys to the bank, as you will have mortgaged the properties to the roof.

    Hopefully any excess of money from sale will cover the tax you will need to pay?

    There may well be more to this than what I know based on the webinar, but if I were you I would be careful. He apparently sells this way of "investing" based on the promise of completely passive income as he manages properties and does everything.

    My view is that the price you will be paying for being completely passive is prohibitive, if you do want to be completely passive, that is.

    I personally need to fill my time with something worthwhile, and I would prefer to manage my own portfolio and make my own decisions, rather than give all the profit and power to decide to Aran Curry.

    I think the only person his offering is good for, is himself. These are solely my views based on the webinar I attended, assuming it is the same person you are talking about.

    Far too simplistic and not enough detail to have any comfort over where this leaves you / the investor who will work with him.


    As a previous tenant of this company, I would strongly advise looking at the letting services reviews via google and Facebook. The ‘done for you’ service appears very poor with the website of The Property Coach being aimed at investors.

    I urge you to check what you are investing in thoroughly and be very careful.

    I feel I must share the experience I had with Aran Curry's organisation;-

    I went along to one of their 'Property Success Summits' earlier this year.

    As many people have said, it was presented in a very persuasive and positive manner, making it look an opportunity not to be missed.

    So I signed up and paid just under £2,000 for their 3 day event in the knowledge that I had a 5 day cooling off period to change my mind and receive a full refund as stated in the terms of the agreement.  But I did come away feeling I'd been manipulated by their high-pressure pitch.

    I took a couple of days to consider my choice and ended up deciding not to go, so I contacted them by email and cancelled within the required 5 working days.

    To cut a long story short (I'm happy to provide more details if anyone wants it), I didn't get my refund without a fight!

    Dozens of phone calls (most to an answering service) and several emails later, I was informed that my money had been refunded.

    It hadn't.

    This happened 3 times.

    It was only able to get a refund when I threatened legal action.  All in all this took just over 4 weeks!

    Clearly, none of my money won't be going anywhere near Mr. Curry again!


    Dear PT

    I just wanted to share my experience with Aran, and his team at Property Insight. I have to warn everyone that this is a positive posting. I have been a bit warry of posting in the past as I've noticed that those who have posted positive comments on other threads have been accused of being plants, or in some other way conflicted.

    So to be completely clear, I am an independent London professional, and investor who for the last two year has been a client of the Insight group. I am happy to be contacted, as per the forums rules on such matters, or via the moderator. I have no conflict of interests, and only wish to share my experiences, and not to question or devalue anyone else's posts or experiences.

    A few years ago, having become an accidental landlord, I realised that I wanted to add more property to my portfolio. After getting educated, I realised that I was time poor, and needed a more outsourced model as opposed to hands on, for which I would of course have to pay. I did my due diligence on a number of portfolio companies, and choose to build my portfolio with insight. So far I have added four properties to my portfolio, and things are on track. I have found the insight team to be helpful, diligent, well informed and professional. From a rental perspective I have had no voids, urgent repairs have been actioned immediately, and routine repairs actioned within 2-3 days.

    My advice to anyone thinking of using a company to help build your portfolio (More of an investor mind set than hands on business), is as follows:

    -Get educated. (This bit you can never out source).

    -Do your due diligence (Interview the MD/CEO, pull their company accounts, ask for their personal accounts, visit their offices, review their processes, etc).

    -Speak to existing clients (Ask for a list of x10, and choose who you want to speak to).

    -Build a good professional team around you to sense check your decision making, and support you. (Accountant, IFA, Broker etc).

    -Understand the risks. 

    I just want to thank anyone who might have taken the time to read this post, and once again I entirely accept that other peoples experiences may be different. But I think the take home message is do your due diligence on whom ever you indent to work with, and build a team around you that you can trust.