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  • Deal Finding

    Being efficient in sourcing discounted deals

    Welcome to the final day of "Deal Sourcing Week 2016" - taking place all this week.

    The week has featured a whole raft of original content, added daily, to help you source discounted deals more effectively.

    The week has powered by Property Tribes RepoList, and, for the duration, we will be joined by Anthony Ayton, Founder of RepoList, landlord, and experienced property deal sourcer.

    Today, I talk to Anthony about how to be efficient in sourcing discounted property deals:

    Throughout the week, Anthony has been sharing insider tips and information, and there are some corkers in the pipeline!

    This is how the week ran:

    Monday -                 An overview of deal sourcing & the different channels

    Tuesday -                 Deal sourcing for newbies

    Wednesday  -           Looking for the angles

    Thursday -                Dispelling the myth about Below Market Value (BMV)

    Today  -                     Crunching the numbers & stacking deals.

    We invite you to tune in daily for this original content to give you the deal sourcing edge!

    Deal Sourcing Week has been powered by Property Tribes RepoList:

    Image result for repolist

    Use the promo code Propertyt0 to claim your 50% discount for a monthly subscription of £9.99.

    DON'T MISS -        10 tips for spotting property deals others might have missed.

    UP NEXT  -             BMV - how I research my leads

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