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  • Landlords in Distress

    Ben Rogers is back in action

    Despite being subject to a 9 year Bankruptcy Restriction Order

    from the Official Receivers site

    Individual Details

    Date of Birth08 January 1971
    Last Known Address38 Whiffen Walk
    East Malling
    United Kingdom
    ME19 6TZ


    BRO Start Date24 November 2016
    BRO End Date23 November 2025
    BRO Duration9 years
    CourtCounty Court at Medway

    and also , being banned as a company Director for 6 years

    Benjamin ROGERS

    Date of birth
    8 January 1971


    Undertaking (12 November 2015)

    Address provided by the disqualifying authority
    38 Whiffen Walk, East Malling, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6TZ
    Start date
    3 December 2015
    End date
    2 December 2021
    Case Reference
    Disqualified for conduct while acting for
    Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986 (Section 7): Disqualification order or undertaking; and reporting provisions

    He is now touting his world class expertise via email to find just 3 lucky people who he will mentor for £7000 each.   The insolvency practitioner allocated to wind up Ben's affairs found that none of his " hundreds" of lease options ever came to fruition. He didn't bother collecting £40,000 of rent arrears from his tenants. He was operating as a slum landlord and the IP had to spend thousands on new boilers and other repairs to get the houses that he did own into reasonable condition for sale.

     I would suggest that anyone tempted to take up Ben's offer consider that there might be a pause in the mentorship should he go to jail next year.  The police have been informed of his resurrection as the UK's leading Lease Options guru and I think any Judge will view this latest effort as an aggravating factor when sentencing.

    The email that is currently being circulated is below ( italic bold bits are mine). The final figure regarding his bankruptcy is going to be well in excess of £2 million when all of the claims are in. He obviously still thinks he's really good at doing lease options.

    Hi Sucker,

    First things first…

    Spoiler alert: If you are happy where you are in your property journey right now, if you have enough property or don’t need any help and you are working the right strategy and plan moving forward, then this e-mail is not for you.

    Don’t read any more.

    Delete this e-mail.

    Have a great Xmas.

    All the best,


    However, if that is not you Sucker and you are still reading, then the headline for getting in touch with you today is that for the right 3 people, I will be working with them closely and handholding them to get a bunch of profitable Lease Option property deals during the first half of 2017.

    Don’t want or need that?

    Cool. Don’t read any more.

    Delete this e-mail.

    Have a great Xmas.

    All the best,


    Ok, you are still reading this…

    Perhaps this is for you…

    Well, it is going to cost you.


    I need someone who has enough money to invest in themselves, and for it to be enough for them to really “have” to do something, otherwise they have wasted a chunk of change..!

    Haven’t got that type of money?

    No worries.

    You don’t need to read any more.

    I am not being rude, but it just isn’t for you right now. Sorry.

    Delete this e-mail.

    Have a great Xmas.

    All the best,


    Ok, you are still reading so I am guessing you have got some money to invest in yourself and property?

    And you’re still interested..!

    Right, read on and I’ll tell you what we will be doing, what I will provide you with and how we will work together. This is going to be fairly detailed, but I am going to assume that because you are still reading that you are interested.

    By now most people will be getting into the Xmas spirit with parties and organising family get-togethers over the festive period.

    They will also be thinking about what “didn’t” happen in 2016.

    And what they are going to “do different” next year – you know, those “new years resolutions” that most people have given up by the 21st January…

    We all have dreams, plans & expectations at the start of the year, but there are very few people that actually turn that “goal” into a “plan” and then into “action”.

    I am sure you will believe it if I tell you that I have done exactly the same many many times – I am far from perfect myself..!

    Well this is your end of 2016 “wake up call” for a successful 2017.

    In a nutshell, I am offering you “me” for 6 months (providing I don't go to prison).

    I am offering you everything I have learnt (good and bad) over the last 19 years of buying and investing in property.

    I am going to handhold you through at least your next 4 successful and profitable property lease options.

    If at any stage you are struggling to do them “with” my help, I will do them for you.

    I will be giving you every tool that I have developed, got hold of, tweaked and used, to transact lease options.

    I will be perfecting your “language”, to negotiate deals

    Some of the tools that I will share with you are:

    • Working with Estate Agents
    • How to find lease option deals
    • How to set up a leafleting team & campaign
    • Videos of me negotiating with Sellers
    • 10 week training programme to view at your leisure
    • Access to the recordings of my 3-day property bootcamp
    • The ultimate “Q&A” document on LO’s

    And look, the above are just “tools”.

    The most important thing that you are “buying” is my knowledge and my time.

    One of the most “life-changing” trainings I bought, back in 2003 from a company that was then called “Whitney”, was a 3-day 1-2-1 mentorship that I did “on the ground” up in Liverpool. Now I didn’t end up buying any property in Liverpool in the end (it had just been named European city of Culture, and there were hordes of Irish investors buying everything&hellipWink, but those three days gave me the confidence to really begin my property investment “properly”…

    What I am going to do is give you the same attention, bespoke training, insight, level of confidence and ability that I have in doing lease options, so that you can build your portfolio to the level that you want too.

    You will also follow my own day-to-day journey of transacting on property deals too. By “looking over my shoulder” at all the conversations, negotiations and transactions I do in 2017, you will learn at an increased pace, and speed up your profitability too.

    As a one-off bonus, one of the three successful candidates that joins me on this journey, the person that I feel has put the most effort into the growth of their LO property portfolio, I will “GIVE” my ugly yellow car to..! ( he's recently been trying to sell this for £500)

    We will get it logo’d up with your marketing on it, and you can use it wherever you see fit.

    So, if this really is for you, your next steps are:

    1. Drop me a reply e-mail saying you are interested in being considered
    1. Confirm your telephone number and the best time to speak in the next couple of days
    1. We will set up a time to have an initial telephone conversation
    1. You will then complete an application form ( I will then take your £7000 and go skiing and you will never be able to contact me by phone or email again) 

    I look forward to chatting with you about this in more detail, but remember, I am only taking on THREE people to work with, and I won’t ever be doing this again.

    What I can tell you is that if you are one of the three people that I work with, your investment of £7k you will get back and at least DOUBLE again from the property transactions I help you do whilst we are working together.

    Here is to your awesome 2017..!!

    Speak soon,


    PS: I cannot stress enough, this is ONLY for you if you are serious about growing your property portfolio through LO’s and NOT for you if it is just a side-line hobby.


    Visit Ben At:
    Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/BenRogersUK

    (Previously trading as "HouseSale2day.com" and "OPM Property")

    Warning! If you click the link below you will be permanently unsubscribed from ALL emails. Proceed with caution, we'd be sorry to see you go... 

    Suite 2078, 6-8 Revenge Road
    Chatham, Kent ME5 8UD
    United Kingdom
    0808 192 0000


    Thanks for the heads up Bob.  Very much the same modus operandi as Phil Martin who carried on reeling in newbies despite having two police investigations on-going. We all know how that ended.


    It Is good to have police involved as we must use the system to get rid of these crooks out of the property investment market.


    Its just crazy that people can get away with operating like this. I hope the authorities take action quickly before anyone loses their hard earned savings, especially as its likely to be folks with limited funds who see this as a cheap way to get start their property journey.


    Phil Stewardson.

    Stewardson Properties.

    Stewardson Developments Ltd.

    Burson Land Ltd. & Jennings & Gilchreaste Ltd.


    Follow me on twitter - @philstewardson

    I am no expert but it sounds like he has a "Disqualification order" to prevent him from operating a company, yet here we are with him operating SellYourProperty2Day? wont that result in him wearing the Queens Pyjamas?



    My posts are not financial advice but often me rambling - passing time on a coffee break.
    Our team at Bespoke Finance offers Limited Company Buy-to-Let and Cheap Life Insurance.


    just found out that the Police still have his passport so the skiing holiday is probably off.


    Don't forget Scotland has skiing. We don't need a passport for Scotland (yet).


    He has been banned from being a company director. He is just offering a service here not part of a limited company. Anyone could do it. I could set up a website and offer such a service. It wouldn't be very good though. Much like his it seems


    That is interesting  or scary AE9876, " Yes. The Company Director Disqualification Act 1986 only applies to directors and managers of companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. You can be a sole trader or partner. "



    My posts are not financial advice but often me rambling - passing time on a coffee break.
    Our team at Bespoke Finance offers Limited Company Buy-to-Let and Cheap Life Insurance.


    Someone needs money for legal fees it seems. I honestly don't understand why people are tempted by such offers. I just hope he gets zero interest.