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  • Entrepreneurs

    Benefits of informal landlord networking

    We all network together as we all work in the same Post Codes

    we share info on bad Tenants by text message and we share thoughts on the BTL in general

    Last nights meeting was really interesting we chatted about S24 and its impact and we also talked about company formation

    Three out of the four have done the Landlord Shuffle

    The general feeling is we are not purchasing more property at present and we are not selling either

    we all plan to keep what we have and only buy if a very good high yielding purchase comes along with a yield over 7%

    We intend to upgrade the property we own and attract a better customer who are working

    The opinion on UC is low and we do not see it as a way forward in the coming years

    we have all agreed not to take UC

    Our feelings are that if we can give the Council a bigger problem with homeless folk

    I would say between us we own around 750 dwellings in the Post code area

    I find working with other Landlords works well it has such a lot of advantages

    I would urge other Large Landlords to come together in small groups and network and build relations

    This is not a formal arrangement its just friends who share the same interests and goals

    I think we all depend on the likes of the NLA ect to do our bidding for us

    But they have no power

    The Power lies with Large Landlords working together in local areas

    The council take notice of us and I we are happy to advise the council why we have the policy we have

    This message will travel and maybe someone in Govt will realise we have power

    To use a Union phrase UNITY IS STRENTH

    so my advice is get to know your local landlords and work together

    Don't do it formerly you don't need a group name you just need to talk and agree your own policy's

    My own guess is larger landlords will become larger and we will have strength if only we channel it in the right direction

    Next Mafia Meeting in three months time but we communicate by phone Text and write nothing down

    especially when we reference Tenants

    You can get a lot more info from a phone call than you can from a Email

    we should not see each other as competitors we should see ourselves as friends who share there views and goals

    Give it a try and its great meeting over a dinner table for a chat

    we have more in common than we realise.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    HI DL,

    I agree that networking is very valuable for landlords.  One of the things I noticed with the young entrepreneurs that we interviewed this week, is that they were all excellent and natural networkers, having grown up in the digital age.

    When I started in property in 2004, the thought of networking off and on-line filled me with horror.  I did not see the point in attending events and talking to people and I had to force myself to go.

    No, of course, you can't stop me! Smile

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    Its realy good

    we share project stories and rent strategy

    Last night I showed the guys Two Projects I had done

    Both we ex LHA homes and with a little bit of work how I had achieved 25% increase in rent above the LHA currant rate

    Its really nitty gritty stuff which is missed at NLA meeting and I may add I am the only NLA Member there ???

    The Tenant Referencing is powerful  It has saved us all a lot of time and effort

    Our views on UC were all the same we will keep what we have but are not taking LHA unless the tenant is a low paid worker on top ups

    I know its going back to the old days before PCs ect but you cant beat meeting others who are renting in the same streets and have such simmer views

    The key is keep it off the record and just talk

    Your not breeching Data Protection ect and its uncomplicated

    we don't need to reinvent the wheel we just need to use it Vanessa to our advantage

    The Big NLA meeting just don't cover this sort of thing But we do

    we even share names of council dept workers who are helpful and some who are not.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    """The key is keep it off the record and just talk

    Your not breeching Data Protection ect and its uncomplicated"""

    Aye, right.  (Scots example of two positives making a negative).

    DL: You've helpfully (to the authorities) provided evidence of you & your chums sharing data unlawfully:  You must know the Police & other authorities have ways of getting 'phone records (where 'phone is, what 'phone numbers called, contents of TXTs sent...etc etc..).  The mobile 'phone companies have specific suites of programs classified as "Police systems" just for those purposes.  You've clearly laid out how you have breached DPA 1998.... "" we share info on bad Tenants by text message  """.  You've even helpfully described the group as "mafia meeting". And on a public, open to all, forum.

    And if required PT would need to give up details of posters on these forums...

    Unwise, perhaps.  I'm sure the authorities are already alert to this - perhaps, to many - conspiracy.

    Dunno about you guys but I wish to have law-abiding tenants of mine: And agents:  Landlords blatantly ignoring the laws is a great way to encourage more cracking down on rogue landlords - and many would include law-breakers amongst the rogues:  IMHO, wise, well done DS!


    you are going over the top

    We only share reference info when we talk

    If MI5 ect wish to know what we are talking about they can come to our dinner party anytime as long as they pay for there dinner

    we do not brake any laws in point of fact we follow them 100%

    when we text each other we ask other landlords do you know this Tenant

    if the other landlords know the tenant we ring each other and express a view

    Its friendly chat with friends

    and nothing more your reading a lot more into this than is required

    If you were part of our group I am sure you would be grateful to any fellow landlord for info on a bad tenant

    would you not

    When I have a new Tenant  I ask for the old landlords name and number so I can ring them is this not good practice.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Its good to talk . I`ve been talking for a long long time. I`m pretty much talked out these days

    My list of landlords is about 200 that  I`ve talked to.

    My brain buzzes each time. You pick up a gem each time sometimes from the most unlikely source

    But DL I`m not sure about calling it a Mafia Meeting!  The Mafia is an organised crime syndicate

    I think it sends out the wrong message to tenants and the public if you took off and more came along 

    If the press ran a story on you guys because of your influence collectively it might harm reputations

    750 between you carries significant weight and you will have a significant voice

    Im sure the intention is good but maybe pick another less controversial softer title 

    Also Data Protection Act is wide ranging . Check that out 

    You say off the record but there is no such thing really as off the record

    Especially as you are a limited company now.

    But keep talking - Much good will I`m sure come of that


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    I think the things we talk about are quite minor

    I am quite sure Boardrooms do very similar  in large business  but just not talked about

    If it catches out bad tenants and saves a landlord grief its a job well done  in my opinion

    The title was eye catching and now its changed

    I do feel we have strength in small groups and if more landlords did come together and show unity we may not be such easy targets for govt policy

    I think it may be wrong if groups of landlords started rent fixing and that has never been mentioned.


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    The title has been modified to better reflect the subject matter.


    [Image: 4995468760_6be86655d4_t.jpg]
    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com

    I am sorry for the title but it got attention

    Its good to talk


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????