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  • Buy-to-Let

    Best strategy for £140K capital for income

    Looking for the best location to maximise income in the relative short term based on 140000 Capital to invest. 

    We are thinking of purchasing x2 HMO in the liverpool L6/7 area but would be open to hear any thoughts on better options

    Hi MPW, and welcome to the tribe!

    More prescriptive advice could be given if you could give a bit more detail.

    For instance, are you a new or experienced landlord?  Are you based near Liverpool?  Are you just using cash to buy, or do you have access to BTL finance?  Why are you on investing in the "relative short term" and how long is that?

    As a general comment, certain postcodes in Liverpool are so over-saturated with HMOs that some lenders are refusing to lend there.

    You need to be an expert at due diligence and do a great deal of research to ensure that you do not end up buying a pair of pups!

    ​What research have you undertaken so far?


    Hi MPW

    Welcome to PT, great response from Vanessa and hopefully I can help slightly.

    I'm approached with a similar goal in mind quite often (income maximisation) but I always like to dig a bit deeper to determine if that is the right goal for the person's situation. Ie are you retired or close to retirement and do you have sufficient income from elsewhere and/or a sufficient asset base elsewhere for income to be the main goal.  My concern when I hear that income is the main goal is that a lot of people fail to recognise that without a substantial asset base, it's going to be very difficult to get the income required to live comfortably. Therefore when the asset base still needs to grow to generate sufficient income, then growth is just as if not more important than income. Income doesn't grow income, it's often fixed (as a yield on the asset) so the only way to grow income when investing just for income, is investing more cash, a slow way of doing it. Also be very wary "paper yields" in cheap areas which often have higher vacancy rates and lower quality tenants which can result in much lower reality.

    So, in short, my first question would be, is "income maximising" actually the best goal for you and your financial situation? If the answer is unequivocally yes, then we can move onto the strategy and location most suitable

    A book you may want to consider is my recently published Amazon #1 best-seller, The Property Pension Plan, Financial Freedom Through Buy to Let Investing;


    This explains what I've aid above in a lot more detail.

    Don't follow the hype that BTL is no longer profitable because that simply isn't true, of course in some cases it is but with the right strategy, there's still a lot of money to be made.

    Nova Financial Group is my business and this is exactly what we assist clients with such as;

    • Goal Setting
    • Strategy
    • Implementation (sourcing inc research and due diligence)
    • Finance
    • Management

    I'd like to offer you a no-obligation and free consultation with one of our qualified advisors to help you understand your options.

    To take advantage of this, simply email me directly on pm@nova.financial or call our office on 0203 8000 600. You can learn more about us here; https://www.nova.financial

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

    Paul Mahoney

    Founder & Managing Director

    Nova Financial Group


    Hi mpyyoung,

    Welcome to Property Tribes!

    I’d agree with Vanessa a bit more information is needed about you circumstances and area.

    May I ask why you would choose HMO over a standard BTL, and what is drawing you to L6/7 area?