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  • Buy-to-Let

    BTL hotspots go regional in 2018?


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

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    Sounds like Scotland....



    LETS MAKE HOMES by treating landlords as partners, tenants as customers & every property as our own."


    lol @ that Hammond statement! These people really do believe what they say don't they?!


    Thanks for the share DL, it is a good read!  It is interesting Withers mentions Halifax, Wakefield, Bradford and Doncaster - I hadn't really considered these areas before but might take a look, do you know any of these areas?


    The latest LendInvest buy to let report, which ranks 105 postcode areas around England and Wales based on a combination of four critera, has been released.

    The criteria are capital value growth, transaction volumes, rental yield and rental price growth.

    These are the top 10 postcodes:

    1. Luton 

    Yield 3.91%

    Capital Gains 7.29%

    Rental Price Growth 3.7%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.15%

    2. Colchester 

    Yield 3.63%

    Capital Gains 6.33%

    Rental Price Growth 4.77%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.73%

    3. Romford 

    Yield 4.09%

    Capital Gains 4.99%

    Rental Price Growth 5.28%

    Transaction Volume Change -7.84%

    4. Birmingham 

    Yield 4.55%

    Capital Gains 5.00%

    Rental Price Growth 3.66%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.46%

    5. Manchester

    Yield 5.36%

    Capital Gains 4.38%

    Rental Price Growth 3.71%

    Transaction Volume Change -7.35%

    6. Cambridge 

    Yield 3.26%

    Capital Gains 4.57%

    Rental Price Growth 4.76%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.63%

    7. Northampton

    Yield 3.99%

    Capital Gains 6.59%

    Rental Price Growth 2.17%

    Transaction Volume Change -7.36%

    8. Bristol

    Yield 3.83%

    Capital Gains 5.51%

    Rental Price Growth 2.75%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.2%

    9. Ipswich

    Yield 3.42%

    Capital Gains 5.77%

    Rental Price Growth 2.76%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.16%

    10. Southend-on-Sea

    Yield 3.62%

    Capital Gains 6.05%

    Rental Price Growth 2.53%

    Transaction Volume Change -6.93%


    The latest data released from Private Finance has shown that Nottingham (6.4%), Edinburgh (4.9%) Manchester (4.8%) and Liverpool (4.6%) all made it into the top 10 thanks to strong rental demand and yields of 6.4%, 4.9%, 4.8% and 4.6% respectively, but one location beat them all.

    According to the research, and with an average rental yield of 6.6% once mortgage costs are taken into account, Southend-on-Sea is the UK’s number one buy-to-let .

    With an annual rental income of £23,280, landlords in Southend enjoy a lucrative return for a relatively small upfront investment, with house prices in the area only slightly higher than the national average (£279,358 vs £231,000).

    While a seaside town takes the top spot, UK cities dominate the rest of top 10. Nottingham (6.4%) takes second place, while Edinburgh (4.9%), Greater Manchester (4.8%), Liverpool (4.7%) and the London boroughs of Westminster (5.1%), Tower Hamlets (4.5%) and Camden (4.5%) all enjoy some of the UK’s highest net yields. Home to a significant population of university students and young professionals, these urban areas have a strong rental demand helping to bolster rental prices.

    Full/source article


    According to the latest data from specialist buy to let broker, Commercial Trust Limited, the popularity of the North West, as a target for property investors from around the UK is increasing.

    In stark contrast to the rest of the country, investment in buy to let property in the North West has seen a significant shift in the location of investors over the past couple of years. However, forthcoming changes in legislation could potentially see rents in the North West soar.

    In 2015, 40% of investors in the North West buy to let market, lived outside the area.

    By the end of the third Quarter of 2018, the number of investors in North West rental property, who do not live in the region, had reached 62%.

    Full/source article