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  • In the Spotlight

    Cameron resignation presents new opportunity

    An important message from the Tenant Tax campaign:

    The impending resignation of David Cameron presents us with a new opportunity.

    As we have mentioned before, we have two routes to defeat the Tenant Tax; legally via the courts, or by the government scrapping or diluting the tax so that it has no retrospective/retroactive powers. If this happens, then anyone who bought property in personal names prior to April 2017, would not be affected by Section 24.

    We believe that a new conservative party leader, cabinet and, we hope, a new Chancellor, are much more likely to be able to take a different view on the Tenant Tax than the departing regime. This is a view that is also shared by our experienced communications agency, Westbourne Communications.

    Now, more than ever before, it is vital that we really step up our PR, communications and lobbying efforts and bring our sector together, so that we can maximise the leverage from the rapidly unfolding situation.

    From the start of our campaign, we have been supported by and met with a former front bench conservative MP. He outlined a plan that that involved us mobilising landlords so that we could have a real influence on who becomes the next leader of the conservative party. This is where it starts to get interesting...

    Once the conservative party have agreed on just two candidates, the vote then goes out to the conservative party membership.

    To become a member costs just £25 per person, it takes about two minutes online and there is no qualification criteria - anyone can join.

    Conservative Party membership is close to a record low point - just under 150,000 in total.

    Any contest is expected to be a close run thing, so a relatively small number of landlords (circa 1,000 our supportive former MP has told us) could make a real difference and have strong leverage in the leadership contest.

    Whilst we are not yet advocating a mass rush to join the conservative party, this is just one example of how by working together and making our voices heard in the corridors of power landlords can Stand Together - Be Inspired and Make a Difference.


    It is worth remembering that more than 1,500 people have donated an average of around £100 each to date and we haven't even got into third gear yet. Mobilising more than 1,000 individuals to invest £25 each could be a very realistic possibility.

    However, to be able to consider and execute ideas like this and lobby effectively in the corridors of power we need a plan and a team to be able to execute this plan. We created a Ten Point Plan, which came out of the Tenant Tax Summit where many of the ideas from the 600 people who attended have been included. This plan can be found in the link below, along with a request for donations, so that we can raise the funding needed to turn this plan into results:


    Whilst we really wish we didn’t have to keep asking for your help in funding our mutual cause, the reality is that money is the difference, that makes the difference. 100% of the funds raised go towards either the legal challenge or the communications campaign, depending on where you chose to donate. We have no organisation to support, no overheads to pay and everyone involved behind the scenes are either giving their time for free, or the companies that they work for are paying for their time. We (Steve and Chris) personally receive no financial reward and have donated significantly, both in terms of time and money. We will continue to do so but need you to help us by doing as much as you can.

    Lord Howard Flight told us that we have a very limited window of opportunity to bring about change to Axe the Tenant Tax. He, along with Cherie Blair MBE QC and others, have said right from the start that alongside the legal challenge, we need to have highly-effective, professional and well-funded communications, lobbying and PR campaigns running alongside the Judicial Review.

    Property Tribes EXCLUSIVE:  Interview with Lord Flight

    We now have an expert team assembled who can deliver on these campaigns and they have a proven track-record in getting a range of bad tax policies scrapped.

    It should also be noted that an effective communications campaign will have the added benefit of raising awareness and will lead to more funding for the legal challenge.

    If like us, you are very serious about really winning this fight, and we truly believe that we can win, then please dig deep and empower us to engage a world-class team, with a proven track record, to support us over the coming weeks and months ahead.

    There is only so much that a small group of committed volunteers can do on a part-time basis. We all have day jobs and we need the support of professionals who know how to get results.

    Please be as generous as you can. We thank you in advance for your ongoing commitment and financial support to the cause.

    It takes no more than two minutes and you can donate via a debit or credit card.


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    George Osborne’s allies are taking soundings this weekend among Tory MPs on whether the chancellor should stand against Boris Johnson to be the new Tory leader.

    Senior Conservative MPs were contacted on Saturday to gauge the level of enthusiasm for a leadership bid by the chancellor, who has been all but silent since the country ignored his advice and voted to leave the European Union.

    The moves by the Osborne camp came to light as parliamentary colleagues of Johnson, the leading Brexit campaigner and former mayor of London, said they believed he would declare his candidacy early this week.

    While his aides said he had not made any decision and was focusing on reassuring people after the referendum result, it is likely he will make his announcement after the executive of the 1922 committee of Tory backbenchers meets on Monday to determine the rules and timetable for the contest.

    Osborne and the home secretary, Theresa May, are now seen as potential “stop Boris” candidates after David Cameron announced on Friday that he would step down in the autumn.

    Full/source story


    Remember, though, that Conservative Party rules as they currently stand require someone to have been a member in good standing for 3 months before being allowed a vote. I found this out personally a couple of years ago when I joined to have a vote on a local matter, which I did not get.


    we only have just over 1150 who have made a contrabution to the Teanat Tax so far ??? how can we ever think that getting Landlords to Join the Tory Party is going to

    be any easier  I love the effort but I just dont think it will work I am very sorry to say

    I dont give this a hope in hell



    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    PLEASE PLEASE PROVE ME WRONG it would make my day xxxx


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    You will be proved wrong, Osborne is hated


    belive me  i want that so muchthx mark


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    To all we all agree that Osborne should be gone

    The dream team of Boris and Gove are needed

    I simply can't see Osborne standing or even winning

    I was going to join the Tory party if Osborne stood but if the TT campaign wants me to join so as to assist the campaign then I will

    I would be perfectly content in being directed by the campaign to vote for who they think I should

    Though I have to say my prejudice is for Boris, but I will do as the campaign requests.

    I see little point in joining unless Osborne stands

    Essentially my joining was to stop Osborne at any cost.

    But if joining is required by the TT campaign then I will irrespective of whether Osborne stands

    It would of course be great if all mortgaged sole trader LL joined the Tory Party.

    That would be at least 500000 members

    Essentially such sole trader LL could be a bit like the Labour Momentum movement

    Momentum is just a rehash of the old Militant Tendency and is the only reason dopey Corbyn became leader.

    Which is another reason why Labour will never gain power again

    They need to radically change with a return to Blairite values if they are ever to stand a chance of winning power again

    Labour needs to attract Tory and UKIP votes if it is ever to stand a chance of winning power again

    Currently they show no signs of going down that path and consequently they will remain an irrelevance.

    They also need to win back Scotland which looks pretty nigh impossible

    Without Scottish Labour MP's Labour would never have won power.

    So sole trader LL joining the Tories could be a sort of Tory Momentum

    Momentum has clearly shown how it can influence and effectively choose the Tory Party leader

    Effectively if all sole trader LL joined the Tory Party we could control the Tory Party.

    150000 Labour Party members control  the leadership

    We LL could control the Tory Party leadership!

    Obviously it would be great if all LL joined the Tory Party

    2 million LL would ensure that no longer would we be discriminated against compared to other sole traders and corporate businesses.

    We seek no favour or advantage

    We just want to be treated fairly

    We need to stop the hate campaign against LL which inspires politically motivated policies which have the distinct possibility of causing massive detriment to the UK economy

    LL and their capital are desperately needed to provide the accommodation needed

    Housebuilding can never hope to meet demand

    Only LL can meet the demand and the last thing that is needed is to disincentivise LL!!!

    LL could attain real influence

    The Labour Party Momentum has shown want can be achieved

    We could have a Tory LL Momentum!

    So perhaps this TT campaign could be the catalyst for LL to permanently have influence on what will be the governing party for decades.

    Political party membership has been considered as rather old hat

    It seems that based on the Labour Party experience a very small number of people can have enormous influence.

    About time I think for LL to stand up and be counted.

    Joining the Tory Party would seem to be one important way of doing so!!

    However whilst it remains disappointing that so few LL have engaged with the TT campaign if just a few LL can influence things as shown by the WBBS legal case then surely just a few good men might change things for the better

    So even though it seems we protesting LL will remain a small active number we could still influence events

    We are a hard fighting and tenacious demographic group.

    We musn't roll over for the sake of a few quid.

    So it looks like a small number of LL will have to dig deep again in the absence of most LL participating.

    It remains a fact as proven in the WBBS case that a small number of LL coughing up have saved many LL millions of pounds in losses and future horrendous ongoing costs.

    They took a financial risk and those LL that chose not to contribute to the legal campaign have now come in the coat tails of the winning legal action

    This is obviously very annoying for those LL that contributed quite large sums to the winning campaign, but that should not put off anyone from contributing to other campaigns such as this most recent TT one.

    The point being that winning is the game here.

    If others also benefit without contributing then so be it.

    The point being that the contributors win as well and potentially recover their costs!!


    I've already joined, been to 1 meeting, everyone (8 of us) were planning to vote leave and support Boris.

    I am in a solid Labour consituency, that supported Leave.


    Hopefully a Boris premiership will widen the Tory mandate

    There definitely needs to be a widening to the left to encourage potential Labour Party MP's to join and even become Cabinet members

    A far wider One Nation Toryism is needed

    Currently it is seen as too right wing

    The Thatcher voting Tory needs to attracted back to voting Tory again

    Whether there us a place for UKIP voters in the Tory Party is questionable

    It seems many of the UKIP demographic is made up of disenchanted Labour voters

    Somehow these voters need to be prevented from returning to the Labour fold

    It seems the old party lines are dissolving.

    I can see a new party evolving like the SDP