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  • Legal FAQs

    Contract with Letting Agent

    Hi hoping for little advise.... I have a multishare property in Stevenage. The fees in the contract are:

    Full management, 10% + VAT of the gross rent per month and this continues with tenants they found even if i cancel contract as long as the tenants live there.

    £150 tenant finder fee.

    I asked when signing the contract since maintenance and delivery not mentioned and was told that arranging things like maintenance are included in the management fee.

    Nothing about maintenance and receiving deliveries but I have just been told a new fridge is needed for £125 and want to charge £60 for arranging receiving it.

    Is all of this legal as none of this disclosed on their website and according to this article:


    They have to disclose everything on their website and nothing is on there.

    So my question is: Am I stuck with this charge and any others, should i complain to the council, do I have any way of getting out of this contract?

    Thanks for any help!
    Hi Edwin,

    You are correct that all lettings agents need to display their fees in their premises and on their website.

    You could point this out to them and express your concern.

    You do not have to accept their quote either.

    If you call Tim Stedeford of Property Tribes Appliances on 0203 488 1391, he will help you select a suitable fridge and arrange to have it delivered - saving you £60.00. He will liaise direct with your tenants to gain access for the replacement.

    With regards to ending the contract, you would need to have a look at the T & C's you signed up for and see what they say. You should also ask the agent for their complaints procedure and follow that to the letter.

    Hope that helps?

    Thanks for your reply Vanessa, I made contact with Tim.

    The agents have told me if I don't want to pay the fee I can accept delivery myself.

    I am looking for some clarification about the agents not having given their prices before I took on contract. I would not have signed the contract had I known. Since they have not done this is all I can do to complain to trading standards via local authority, which might make them change their website and premises to include prices but this wouldn't help my contract issues?
    They should have given you a list of charges before you signed the contract. If they haven't print the charges from the website (ice printed of this is evidence should they change it) Write to the owner/manager explaining why you are not happy giving them 7 days to reply. If you are not happy and feel if you are going nowhere complain to there ombudsman scheme of which they must belong and also trading standards.

    [Image: New-logo2.png] Manchester based investor. I buy, sell, renovate and rent investment property in East/North Manchester Wink email: mike@brentwoodinvestments.co.uk Call: 0161 681 3724

    I can't help saying that we as LL are not doing ourselves any favours when it comes to signing up with a LA
    I well remember dictating to a LA what my conditions were for prospective business with them
    Funnily enough they have never contacted me again!!
    Their loss as I have managed without them
    Surely every LL MUST presume that LA are to entrap a naive LL
    LL should always ask for the full set of conditions BEFORE they even contemplate signing up with a LA
    Surely it is behoven on LL to carry out full DD on a LA before they enter into a business contract with a LA
    It must be presumed that LA contracts are not in favour of LL
    Such LL should require such conditions that they find unacceptable to be struck out and if the LA finds that unacceptable to terminate any business dealings with that LA
    LA who think they should have some say as what happens after a tenancy has been arranged are the biggest thieves of all
    Effectively criminal business conditions!!
    Many LL suffer from these conditions
    Unfortunately they only have themselves to blame
    NEVER trust a LA UNLESS you have verified all you need to
    Remember a criminal can set up a LA
    Do you as a LL wish to trust such people with your properties!!??
    LL need to be very careful in deciding which LA they choose to use
    Eventually a LL will find a good LA but they are as rare as hen's teeth!!
    LL just must be very careful when entering into a contract with a LA!!
    I hear stories all the time of LL who have been mugged into some pretty iniquitous LA contracts
    It might be harsh but the only person to blame for any issues with a dodgy LA is the LL!!!
    Nobody forces a LL to sign up with a LA
    So LL I say do your DD BEFORE you sign a LA contract!!!!