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  • Landlords in Distress

    Cristeun Gartman - Creative Property Partners


    Ok thought an update on progress for this would be appropriate, as I have since received some communication from the course provider, which was received by myself on the 17th July.

    The course provider did outline that they would be investigating the matter, which seems to be a fairly normal procedure/response, however I have since updated them with information relating directly to Cristeun Gartman and his wife Natalie, which makes pretty interesting reading (please see letter below), I might add that I was requested to provide documentary evidence to support my claims, which I have done. However 1 month later... There has been zero response or investigation and it has also come to light that Cristeun Gartmans Father, Brad Gartman is now working the PIN Network in Cristeuns place, no doubt with a view to enticing more unsuspecting victims into their web of lies and deceit.

    Good Afternoon Simon,

    I trust you have now had an opportunity to speak with Cristeun Gartman with regards to our claims?

    Just to keep you in the picture, their home/office was raided last week by Devon and Cornwall CID and much in terms of documentation, laptops and phones were seized, I am kept regularly updated by the Officer in charge of the case and consider it appropriate that you be kept in the picture, as after recent events, I’m not convinced of the integrity of Cristeun Gartman to relay accurate information.

    It has also come to light that several other local investors have made allegations against them, and that these will be investigated as part of the ongoing investigation as a whole.

    In the forth coming weeks I will be seeking to publish another article, on various sites which will outline some of the most damning evidence we have gathered against Cristeun Gartman. Again, this will be with a view to raising awareness about this type of behaviour in our industry and will hopefully deter rogue Agents from this type of activity. It will highlight the weaknesses and flaws in our business model and how Cristeun Gartman was able to skim huge amounts of money out of our business without our knowledge. It will also fully evidence all of the instances and amounts that were taken and also how Cristeun Gartman has now utilised the funds stolen from our portfolio and others, to invest in his own properties, which were bought and are now held in his Father’s name, Brad Gartman. 

    One can surmise that this would be to avoid any Civil claims against himself as on the face of it, it would appear as though Cristeun Gartman does not own any assets, which is clearly not the case, they are merely held in his Fathers name. We will be pushing for a seizure of all assets and also a Proceeds of Crime charge against Brad and Maggie Gartman, as they all have a level of involvement in his operation. 

    It has also been brought to our attention that Brad Gartman is a continuing attendee at PIN Meetings (Exeter and others) and is seeking to gain potential investors attention, to invest in their lies and deceit. I am extremely surprised that given the current investigation the Gartman’s are still allowed to attend PIN Meetings and that genuine investors and attendees are being exposed to these people, through the PIN Network. There is a clear motivation with Cristeun Gartman and his family to entice unassuming and innocent people into their web of deceit and are using your Network as a platform to do this. We appreciate that Cristeun Gartman has been temporarily suspended from PIN, however this has not stopped the infestation of his other family members seeking the same goal, ultimately they are now networking on his behalf.

    I’ve endeavoured to supply you with some of the evidence from our growing dossier of information against the Gartman’s. The evidence folder attached is just some of the information we have gathered, all further evidence has been supplied to Devon and Cornwall CID and cannot be shared as it forms an integral part of the investigation, which we will not compromise. 

    Much of the evidence attached also relates to information that was submitted as a means to win the Property Mastermind 2016, which contractually outlines a 10% commission to be charged to Eclipse Property SW Ltd (there are other Companies/properties also involved also at a 10% commission) not the Rent to Rent that was claimed by Cristeun Gartman to win the award. 

    We are seeking to have Cristeun Gartman stripped of his 2016 accolade due to the factual evidence provided, the fact that his claims were completely false and the Rent to Rent he drew reference to was in fact our portfolio, which he was Managing (please see Management Agreements). I have also provided you with an End of Month Statement which clearly outlines the 10% Management fee deducted for services, the Statement equates to around 10 properties, however as mentioned there were other Companies/properties involved and there was also the promise of an additional 10 to 15 properties which were to be managed in due course.

    We will continue to give you full transparency on the current investigation and given the light of evidence attached and held, ask that you remove the Gartman’s from the reputable PIN Network and strip Cristeun Gartman of his 2016 award. Clearly the longer that the Gartman’s are allowed access to the PIN Network and as long as Cristeun Gartman holds his 2016 Property Mastermind award, there is a level of false credibility which many people will find alluring. This in itself must be addressed before there are further victims of their activity. The PIN Network and the award being held is currently acting as a platform and badge of credibility, allowing the Gartman’s access to potential further victims, surely there must be a level of responsibility by yourself, to protect the people that attend PIN Meetings around the country from these individuals, now that you have been made aware of the evidence against them?

    Should the level of disassociation requested by ourselves be actioned, we will stop all further publishing of any further articles in connection with the fraud, deception and theft, connected to the Gartman’s and their direct involvement with the PIN Network, this email is sent without prejudice and is an opportunity for you to view the evidence for yourself, before we publish further information which will be extremely damaging for them and anyone associated with them. 

    Please also note I have copied in some of the investors who work with myself, that have also been affected by the Gartman’s fraudulent activity, as they have requested to be kept updated and are understandably curious as to how you intend on dealing with this matter.

    Kind Regards

    Jonathan Field



    Hi Jon,

    We have also had dealings with this company which has left one of our Landlords with significant rent arrears. Have you had any luck with your claim against them?



    Hi Robert we are seeking both civil and criminal action against Cristeun Gartman his Wife Natalie and their associated Companies. I've been contacted by at least 20/25 people from around Exeter and Torbay, who've had dealings with them and have handed over large sums of money, to which none/very little has been returned.

    The issue is that Cristeun Gartman has bought properties in other peoples names and then utilised other peoples funds to develop them, his interest is then secured through a Declaration of Trust, which the Police will have no knowledge of.

    However we will be pursuing every avenue until this rogue and his Wife have been brought to justice. I'm staggered at the reluctance of Simon Zutchi to out this type of behaviour from his Network.

    On the flip side of this though, the lack of action by the course Mentor speaks volumes, which at some point will be heard.


    Hi Jonathan, when you made your initial post on PT I was on holiday in Italy so I was not aware of it. However, you did also contact me through LinkedIn to let me know what was going on and we took action straight away.

    I was shocked and surprise to read his allegations about Cristeun and Natalie Gartman but we always take these things seriously and look into them as much as we can. I responded to you by email and explained what we would do in response to his claims and also how someone is awarded the title of the top performer of their particular 12-month Property Mastermind Programme. (They are voted for by their peers in the group).

    You have mentioned a number of times in your updates to me that the reason for going public on PT was because you wanted to protect other investors from making a mistake of working with the Gartmans and you reached out to me because you felt they had a platform to reach people through the property investors network meetings and the YouTube video of their presentation at the end of their 12 months on Property Mastermind.

    If there has been any wrong doing, we would also want to make sure that no one else is effected. So as a result we immediately took down the YouTube video. I find that some and made sure that Cristeun was not speaking at any pin meetings. The local pin host also suggested that Cristeun and Natalie did not attend any meetings until this is all cleared up. So their platform was removed. That was back in July and I don’t think there is anything else we can do at the moment.

    Was there malicious intent, or did the Gartmans simply expand too fast and lose control? Who knows! However, as you have made a complaint of fraud to the police, they are now investigating. I think it is probably best not to speculate online, which could prejudice a future trail if it ever got to that stage, but instead let the police get on with their job and find out what has actually happened here.

    You have made it very public that you think Cristeun should be stripped of his title of the top performer, but I am not sure how we would actually do that and who would really care even if we did. If all of the allegations are true and fraud has been committed, then of course we would need to look at this, but in the UK people are supposed to be treated as innocent until proved guilty. As I have said before Cristeun does not have a platform in pin and we ned to wait to see what unfolds in the investigation.

    Kind regards,



    Hello Simon,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to me through Property Tribes.  I have emailed you personally (please see most recent email to you) on several occasions regarding Cristeun and Natalie Gartman, however you have only emailed me a response on one occasion, this more public channel would be my preferred route with any exchange, as I believe the more awareness that can be achieved in highlighting this type of behaviour within our industry can only be a positive, wouldn’t you agree?

    Your email to me on Property Tribes gave me a level of reassurance that some measures would have been taken, however I must say I am somewhat perturbed and disappointed at your more recent defensive stance on this matter, given your previous ethical and empathetic view towards our allegations. Allow me to elaborate.

    When you were initially made aware of the Gartmans conduct and the fact that there was this type of allegation being made against them, you endeavoured to make contact with myself, for which I am grateful.

    In your email you stated that you “take it very seriously and always investigate as much as we can” you also state that you have removed YouTube videos, “while we are investigating” and that any talks at PIN Meetings have been suspended “until we can verify your claims”.

    You also asked whether information could be provided to assist you “If I need some supporting evidence from you, would you be able to provide that information?”.

    I can confirm that 2 folders of evidence were emailed to you on the 11/8/2018 to help assist with your own, in house investigation.

    The document folders contained clear and indisputable evidence which prove that Cristeun Gartman lied about his case studies, in a bid to win the Property Mastermind Award 2016. In your email you mention that the “decision is based on a form which they complete to explain all the deals they have done whilst on Mastermind”, do you have a copy of this form please and would you be prepared to publish this on Property Tribes for the benefit of the thousands of people that are now aware of this situation?

    I am more than happy to give full transparency on any and all documentation I have in my possession (after the Police investigation has taken place), to give you and anyone else the clarity they need to make an informed judgement on this matter.

    I believe it is imperative that all the facts are brought to light and that will include all information submitted by the Gartmans, as I know that the information submitted was indeed false.

    After three months, can you now confirm how the in house investigation (that you refer to no less than 3 times in your email to me), is progressing?

    Your email gave me some confidence that you would be looking into this matter more deeply, given the fact you requested documentary evidence.

    Now that you have been in receipt of this, is there any further information that you may require to help further assist in your enquiry?

    You do also mention that by law, people are considered innocent until proven guilty and this would be correct in a Court of law, however in a bid not to conflate the two entities, thereby creating a haze of confusion between the two, there are two enquiries here.

    Firstly a Police investigation into fraud and criminal activity and then there is your investigation into whether the information provided by Cristeun Gartman was indeed false.

    There are two very different matters to be dealt with and both should have consequences, your attempt to conflate the two as one, to be dealt with solely by the Police, is a clear ploy to avoid what you should have been doing for the last 3 months. Therefore I ask the question again.

    How is your investigation proceeding with regards to the false information submitted by the Gartmans? Also when will you be in a position to publish this false documentation submitted by Cristeun Gartman to win the Property Mastermind 2016?

    In your email of the 17thJuly you claim to have “reached out to Cristeun and Natalie Gartman to find out what they have to say about your claims, now that three months have passed, they have shut down their offices in Teignmouth, moved house out of Newton Abbot and essentially gone to ground, due to the number of people trying to recoup huge financial losses (again I can supply details of local suppliers and trades people who are owed thousands of pounds), can you now tell me exactly what their response has been?

    So far there has been zero communication publicly or privately from the Gartmans, which would suggest that there is no defence that can be made against the allegations I and several others make against them.

    You also state that “if what I state is correct” then you “would strip them of the award they were given”, however in your most recent post you appear to have backtracked on this critical point, “I am not sure how we would actually do that and who would really care even if we did”.

    I am utterly astonished at your level of disregard and clear complacency towards this matter in light of all of the evidence that you have clearly not taken the time to consider.

    The fact that you are now questioning how you would remove the reward, (surely that’s fairly straight forward, considering you are the one who awarded it) and then questioning “who would really care?”

    Forgive me but please let me remind you that we are suffering losses of over £185,000 (so far), so allow me to reiterate an important point to you Mr Zutchi.

    I care. I care about the people that Cristeun Gartman is currently grooming with his Property Mastermind accolade with a view to having them part with their life savings, I care that there may be other victims out there who have unknowingly invested in Cristeun Gartmans lies and are unaware of this situation, my investors care, as they have lost thousands to the Gartmans and their dishonest tactics, local trades people who are owed thousands of pounds (we have evidence to back this claim also) who are currently taking First Rate Rooms and Creative Property Partners to Court, care.

    Naïve newbie investors who don’t carry out thorough due diligence will care, if this matter is not dealt with and looked into by yourself.

    I hope that answers your question Simon, as you awarded Cristeun Gartman with an award under false pretence, yet now you’re exercising a level of reluctance to remove it? Why? When you’ve been emailed evidence to support our claims.

    How dare you diminish our feelings of immense anguish, frustration and massive financial loss, as though they are nothing? Who are you to defend this type of individual given the fact that you have clearly not looked at any of the evidence provided to you? Your blasé attitude to our losses is staggering and quite frankly I’m flabbergasted that you have made a comment such as that publicly.

    However all of this information helps to paint the true picture of what is happening here and it will become clearer as we progress.

    You gave this individual the tools he needed to cause an incredible amount of damage, you provided the platform for him to access thousands of investors (his Father Brad Gartman is still networking on behalf of Cristeun Gartman through PIN). You awarded him an accolade of credibility which you now refuse to remove, as apparently you’re “not sure how”, your assurance to me and others an investigation would take place which it clearly hasn’t, you have not responded to any questions relating to your investigation, you have requested zero evidence from myself to assist you in your investigation to give clarity on this situation, nor have you published any of the information submitted by the Gartmans for the benefit of others.

    Will you now admit that you have carried out no investigatory work in regards to this matter, rather you would “instead let the Police get on with their job and find out what has happened here”?

    May I remind you that you have a responsibility to look into this matter as you have clearly indicated that you would on several occasions, now it would appear that you are content with sitting back and allowing the Police to investigate the matter, in the hope that this will simply blow over.

    Rest assured with the sums of money we have lost to your Mastermind Winner and your laissez-faire attitude to carrying out any respective due diligence, it will not blow over.

    As you rightly point out in many of your seminars, “you don’t know, what you don’t know” and I also refer back to your email where you state “who knows!”, on this occasion you couldn’t be more right.

    Why not make it your business to find out what has happened here and give myself and others the assurance we need, to move forward with confidence, that questions have been asked and action has been taken, firstly to ensure material submitted by applicants is accurate and true and most importantly to ensure that there’s never a repeat of this type of behaviour within your Property Mastermind Academy.

    The question which must be answered is this.

    Did Cristeun Gartman win the Property Mastermind 2016 with false information thereby manipulating your decision making process to his favour? 

    I and others look forward to your response.

    Kind Regards,

    Jon Field.

    Last email sent to Simon Zutchi. 11/Sept/2018

    Good Morning Simon,

    Following my email to you one month ago regarding Cristeun Gartman, it is disappointing to find we have had no response from you. We consider this matter to be extremely serious and the consequences of Cristeun and Natalie Gartmans actions against us will no doubt be felt, by many, for a considerable period of time given the huge sums of money that have been taken from us all.

    When you initially emailed a response 17th July, I understood that you would be investigating this matter and that you would "take it very seriously", however I am not convinced that you are taking this seriously, as in my last email I advised you that Brad Gartman had now replaced Cristeun on the PIN Network and was in effect using your network to entice investors to invest in their projects and lies. Upon making you aware of this a month ago, I also took the liberty of providing you with some evidence to assist with your investigation (on your request), this was to effectively start the ball rolling and I believe that this was an opportunity for you to step away from the Gartmans before they are officially charged with Fraud and Deception, at which point it will be too late, as I will be approaching as many media channels as possible to expose these people and also the platform which gave them the knowledge and tools to commit this level of fraud.

    Please do not consider this an attack on you or your Company, far from it. However I believe that we all have a responsibility to stop people like this from infiltrating our industry. As you are aware this is primarily an unregulated area of investment and the capacity to cause damage to individuals and Companies can be huge, especially when there is a combination of factors. Knowledge gained from your Property Mastermind education programme, credibility gained from the 2016 Property Mastermind award that was gained on lies, false case studies and finally, a national platform that allows access to tens of thousands of investors and eager Students, that may be prepared to raise or borrow cash to invest with someone such as Cristeun Gartman.

    All of these contributing factors have assisted in the level and capacity that the Gartmans have been allowed to propel themselves to and the damage subsequently caused. This must be addressed and these people must be stopped, before there are further casualties to their sinister and unscrupulous activity, which is why we have reached out to you. It is within your capacity to stop the Gartmans now, before there are more victims and more innocent people have lost money to their projects and illegal Management practices. In the forth coming months your early intervention will prove vital in limiting the damage that is being caused. We cannot and will not allow this type of behaviour to carry on, without trying to raise as much awareness as possible.

    We feel that this will be an on going struggle with myself, our investors and the Police. It is a shame that you do not feel, that this situation carries enough weight to give more commitment of your time, your lack of response and communication clearly reflects this, either that or there is a hope that this matter will simply blow over. The level of monies we believe have been lost through the Gartmans activity has now reached in excess of £175k, maybe from a moral perspective you will now be prepared to review the evidence I have emailed to you and act upon it.

    Kind Regards,

    Jonathan Field.


    Dear Jon

    i am so sorry to hear what happened.

    They approached us a few years ago to take a franchise of my business. They were very plausible, he won awards for sales at Volkswagen when he worked there If I remember correctly.

    However he had no funds and wanted us to take all the risk so did not make sense for us.

    I believe he was sponsored on the HMO course so never actually paid for it himself. I hope you get justice somehow as what he has done to you is a disgrace.


    Hi Fiona,

    Yes I was spun the very same yarn, that he was the top salesman at Volkswagen, the top negotiator at Bradleys Estate Agency, which also turns out to be another pack of lies.

    I was speaking with a previous Branch Manager of Bradleys where Cristeun worked and they were "more than happy to let him walk". He did also tell me that Simon Zutchi had so much faith in him, that he actually sponsored him/paid for his Mentoring out of his own pocket, because he knew Cristeun was going to be a star performer and had every confidence that CG would pay him back once he made his fortune.

    Looking back I'm staggered at the lines I was fed, to be fair though CG was likeable and I guess that's why he managed to get as far as he did.

    Since the initial posts there's been over a dozen people that have come forward who are experiencing very similar problems to myself, so I direct them straight to the Police.

    Hopefully in time we will have a resolution to this.

    Best Wishes,



    To follow on from our last post, we have now have had information that the Gartman's are still trading and their new office address is: First Rate Rooms/Creative Property Partners - Now trading under a new business name of Gartman Estates Ltd , Maddacombe Meadows, Maddacombe Road. Kingskerswell. TQ12 5LF

    We are continually bombarded by Tenants seeking their deposits which were never secured or paid back, small local Tradespeople who are owed thousands of pounds by the Gartmans and local Councils eager to catch up with them, there are also countless Bailiffs and High Court Sheriffs knocking at the door of every one of our properties. 

    This saga continues to blight us and our reputable name as credible property investors. The activity of First Rate Rooms / Creative Property Partners and the associated Directors has caused unfathomable levels of stress, worry and as further information comes to light the depth of their sinister activity becomes more and more apparent.​ Every other day we are contacted by a Tenant or a Tenants Parent seeking to find out where their deposit is and why it was not protected, it's a very difficult conversation to have to inform them that their deposit was stolen by the previous Managing Agent and that they are still trading, albeit from different premises, under a different Company name. 

    ​The investigation carried out by Simon Zutchi would appear that it involved nothing more than removing Cristeun and Natalie Gartman from the PIN Network, in an attempt to prevent him from causing further damage and to stop him from ripping off further unsuspecting investors. Hard evidence was sent directly by myself to Simon Zutchi to assist him in his investigation, as we fully expected him to remove the 2016 Mastermind award that was given to Cristeun Gartman. However it would appear that it is now acceptable to falsify information and documents to win such a prestigious award, which begs the question "what credibility does such an award carry"?

    The CID investigation into First Rate Rooms and Creative Property Partners continues and we are still working very closely with the Police to ensure a successful conviction of these people. There will be also be many further posts over the forthcoming weeks, as we will be forwarding this link to there Parents and Tenants who had first hand dealings with Cristeun and Natalie Gartman. 

    Kind Regards,