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  • Landlord Resources

    Deal and strategy critiques - curated!

    We have an ever-growing number of discussions about critiquing deals and strategies.

    That is why we created four important discussions:

    Property strategies going head to head

    How to determine your personal property strategy

    How to create a property business plan

    Quick turnaround ways to make money in property

    I have therefore curated all discussions on these topics in one place for ease of reference:

    Critique my strategy - aiming to generate £24K per annum from property

    Critique my deal > Leamington Spa

    Critique my deal > Zone 3 London

    Critique my strategy - buy one property under £50K per year

    Should I buy this property? > How to apportion available funds.

    Bargain house > but leasehold could be an issue.

    Help with my life/property plan

    Building an HMO portfolio - strategy

    Bargain basement strategy - bringing a basement into use

    What to buy and how much to spend?

    BTL property - my options?

    What would you do?

    Deposit: buy one big one or two small ones?

    Assess my BTL strategy

    Looking for advice on this deal

    Should my parents buy cash or get a mortgage?

    First foray into BTL - plan made - please critique

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    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com