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  • Technology

    Does anyone include broadband in their rent?

    I recently spoke to a landlord who had just found tenants through us when they had previously used a lettings agent. When the new tenants moved in, they found that the previous tenants hadn’t cancelled their phone line or broadband services. The service provider couldn’t take over the old line, and even with the landlord asking the agency to get the previous tenant to cancel the line led nowhere. Understandably the landlord’s new tenants didn’t want to pay for a new line (in the £100’s) when there was an existing one but it took weeks to sort out because the provider couldn’t take over the line with it active. This landlord told me they would put broadband in their own name from now on to save the same situation being repeated.

    Are there any other landlords that do/ would do this?

    If you do provide broadband, is it difficult to deal with providers on behalf of tenants?


    I have obtained bband in my name for tenants

    Usually I offer an all inclusive package

    The issue with broadband is no supplier will offer 6 month contracts

    So for those not bothered by credit rating they just leave the property with the contract outstanding.

    What I normally do is transfer the broadband around.

    It is perfectly possible to require the existing broadband supplier to cut off the service and release the line once you advise them their client has vacated and won't be paying the remaining contractual bill.

    All you have to remember if you have the contract in your name is to bar all outgoing calls

    I have recently obtained broadband for a tenant which after going through a cash back site is costing me £9.11 per month!!!

    Talk Talk.

    The tenant pays £15 per month due to advance line rental payment.

    Having said that for £24 pm month for a SIM only contract with 3 you can get

    Unlimited data

    30 GB of tethering data

    200 mins

    Unlimited texts

    There is no other mobile contract in the UK that offers all this for the price

    Get yourself multiple freedom pop SIMs for extra mins

    I have 8 of them

    2000mins free per month

    2600 mins pm. In total

    More than enough!!

    You would need a dual sim mobile or carry another mobile for the freedom pop

    Plus get the 3 deal now and you get 3 months free line rental and 200O 323 mins

    Go via cash back site and it brings the cost down to about £15 pm for the year.

    I advise my tenants of these circumstances.


    Another option could be to consider Mobile WiFi with regard to avoiding any requirement for new phone lines.

    - Achieves 4G network speeds (location dependent)

    - Monthly rolling contract (My allowance is 15gb for around £10 p/m - so can't binge out on Netflix but for those prices it's more than sufficient)

    - Portable with no cables (plug and play to charge)

    - Could put it on the inventory and ensure it's returned at the end of the tenancy?

    (See devices such as EE's 'Osprey 2 Mini')


    Kind regards,


    TenancySafe - Rental Reassurance For Landlords & Tenants

    For £24 or less when you factor in cash back the 3 deal I mentioned is better than the mi fi deal.

    If a larger mobile is available one can watch anything with unlimited data on this contract

    There is no better deal in the UK than this one.

    The only real issue is such a system cannot support realistically more than two users at a time or speed will be very slow.

    Basically I believe it is preferable to allow tenants to damage their credit rating by leaving before the year contract has expired.


    Dear lucieupad,

    I'm replying to this thread from Landlord Broadband. A lot of our customers used to operate with the tenants contacting the landlord about Wi-Fi issues (e.g. calls at 1am in the morning if the Wi-Fi drops etc.)  which took up a large amount of their time.

    Where we differ - we have a 24/7 support number for tenants to call and we operate our services nationwide.

    I presume this issue you're talking about is a one off, would that be correct?

    Please feel free to drop me an email - thomas.watson@landlordbroadband.com

    Many thanks,


    Landlord Broadband


    I found that offering it saves a lot of time and can save money, you can offer a set fee, and if set up correctly share it around multiple rooms