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  • In the Spotlight

    Ending Homelessness Together campaign launch

    A new campaign called "Ending Homelessness Together" launches today, started by landlords and supported by the charity Crisis.

    There are over 200,000 empty properties across England alone, yet according to Crisis there are 170,000 families and individuals who remain homeless.

    It’s a stark illustration of the scale of the challenge, which a group of leaders, influencers and organisations from within the property, finance and third sectors are meeting to discuss in London tonight.

    Homelessness is caused by a chronic shortage of social housing and a welfare system that doesn’t cover the true cost of renting which require pragmatic solutions. 

    There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ panacea, however other countries have made huge strides towards addressing the needs of those who find themselves without accommodation. Finland, for example has significantly reduced homelessness over the last decade, due to implementing their Housing First strategy in 2007.

    Compared to this achievement, the UK lags far behind. 

    However, inspired by the success of other countries, a dynamic group of individuals are collaborating to design and implement strategies in order to put an end to all homelessness in the UK by 2029. 

    The conference in White City, London tonight comprises leaders from the property, finance and third sectors, together with high net worth individuals and philanthropists. 

    The aim of the event is to share ideas and ‘best practice’ from their collective backgrounds and pledge valuable funds towards a 10-year partnership between Crisis and Newcastle City Council, who with other partners, will develop and deliver a strategy to end homelessness across the city.

    The "Ending Homelessness Together" conference is the brainchild of Steve Bolton, Founder of Platinum Property Partners, who is himself a high net worth property entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist with 15 years’ experience in the sector.

    Drawing on his vast network of contacts, Steve has created an inspiring line up of speakers at the event, including Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive of Crisis, Kevin Cahill, Former CEO of Comic Relief and Founder of Sport Relief, Jeremy Gilley, CEO of Peace One Day and Richard Lambert, Chief Executive Officer, National Landlords Association. 

    An Ambassador for Crisis, Ash, who has experienced homelessness himself, will also share his story on the evening and provide his first-hand perspective of the challenges he faced. 

    Steve Bolton comments: 

    “We already have an amazing ‘founding group’ who want to make a difference.  But with a challenge as complex as this to navigate, we’re seeking more individuals and organisations who are as passionate as we are about making a difference to homelessness in the UK to join us. The more ‘great minds’ we have available to contribute ideas and solutions, the better.”

    Steve continues, “Those within in the property and finance sector are probably more acutely aware of the challenges in terms of funding and providing the necessary housing to tackle this crisis than others.  So, we’re appealing for more leaders to step forward and work with us in order to achieve what we know is possible; ending homelessness in this country for good.” 

    Jon Sparkes, Chief Executive of Crisis adds:

    “Everybody deserves the dignity that a safe and stable home provides. But right now people are needlessly suffering life on the streets, waking up for work on sofas or living for long periods in hostels and B&Bs.

    The good news is we can fix this; it will take hard work and commitment to achieve but we know the solutions are there.  By working together with councils and other partners over the coming years, we can learn more about what works to sustainably end homelessness.  In 21st century Britain no-one should ever find themselves without the dignity and stability of a safe home.”

    Property Tribes is supporting the event through acting as a media partner and providing video filming facilities and we will be sharing coverage of the event and the campaign on Property Tribes over the coming days, weeks, and months.

    Please contact Steve Bolton and his team (http://www.stevebolton.com) for more information on how to get involved and pledge your support.

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    I think this is a great thing for Property Tribes to be supporting. Whenever I've advertised a property I've been overwhelmed with responses and it's upsetting to have to turn people down knowing that some of them will struggle to find anywhere at all. As landlords we get to hear lots of distressing stories from tenants and estate agents and government activity seems hellbent on making it worse for landlords and tenants alike, including those in the social sector.


    This is a great initiative  to help tackle this growing problem

    I`ve housed many homeless people over the years and its very satisfying

    Best one was giving the keys to someone who was living in a tent in a field

    It was a cold winter 2 days  before Christmas

    It was my smallest studio flat I owned . To him though it was a palace

    It ticks the `emotionally satisfying` box  to take someone in  and give them a roof over their head

    Its a complex problem but to get the agencies all working together it can work

    Landlord - Support Workers -  Councils - DWP  - Charities -  Trades

    Streamline the process and give 6 mths of follow up support

    The charities should set up a not for profit letting agency

    Reduce the fear factor for LL`s and put safeguards in place for them and then their doors will open

    Well done Steve and PT for getting involved


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com