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  • past Events

    Thursday 12 September 2019, 15:00


    Franchise Partner Programme Webinar

    If you are thinking of running your own business and don't know where to start, start with Pass the Keys!

    Pass the Keys is a VC backed short-let management company with huge ambitions! We market and manage our clients' properties on platforms such as Airbnb and Booking.com. The services include property listing optimisation, booking management, pricing optimisation, cleaning, and 24/7 guest support. In short, we can double our client’s rental income without them lifting a finger!

    And we need you!

    As a partner, you can come from any walk of life but it all boils down to two primary ambitions an ideal partner should have:

    • Would you like to work within the property industry?
    • Do you wish to be your o...read more

    Harbour Hotel
    Thursday 12 September 2019, 11:00


    Southampton Property Show

    Southampton Property Show is returning for another year to the Harbour Hotel in Southampton.

    More than 1000 landlords, investors and property professionals from across Hampshire attended Southampton’s largest property investment, business & networking event: The Southampton Property Show, in 2018.

    Being held in Southampton’s prestigious AA 5 star rated Southampton Harbour Hotel at Ocean Village with its striking super-yacht inspired design, this phenomenal event will again provide a wealth of networking opportunities to all in attendance.

    The shows seminar programme is strongly grounded in current affairs, legislation and practical advice and also includes a ‘Live Deal Panel’. Taking place the day before the start of Southampton Boat Show, t...read more

    Thursday 12 September 2019, 2:10


    BodyStart Keto

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    read more

    Saturday 7 September 2019, 2:10


    Keto Pure Australia

    Keto Pure Australia The ones criticizing the detoxification diet regime kingdom that headaches and different undesirable symptoms display up on the primary stage of the food regimen program due to the meals deprivation. but advocates of the cleansing food regimen program argue that the headaches and different signs and symptoms are simplest brief and due to the frame being accustomed to the brand new method it is going through. The 3 men and women I invited to go through a detoxification food plan program all had the same bring about the fine of their urine and bowel excretions; they appearance clearer and had less scent. And although they did sense a few degree of headaches and fatigue, they did now not attribute this...read more

    Friday 6 September 2019, 2:10


    fajesijep na

    Ultra Fast Keto Boost To easily characterize a low-carb sustenance routine, it's miles a dietary programming this really is for the reason of limiting starch consumption. this demonstrates you should avoid dinners which have intemperate sugars comprising of bread, rice and pasta. diminishing one's starch admission is most straightforward the initial step, the subsequent advance is supplanting it with sustenances which can be protein rich and healthy fat much like chicken, lean meat, fish, cheddar, eggs, nuts, peanuts and seeds. vegetables and climax are pretty pushed as they incorporate various supplements, and are stacked with strands. Strands are significant considering they will in general be decline in calorie co...read more

    Tuesday 3 September 2019, 1:05


    Ultra Fast Keto Boost Weight Loss Pills

    Ultra Fast Keto Boost Weight Loss Pills evaluate OF numerous DIETS Low Carbohydrate Diets: Ketosis takes place, and this offers the same issues as fasting. as soon as glycogen stores are spent (which takes place fast with athletes and those who workout frequently), glucose should be crafted from protein resources, and there may be extra put on on the kidneys as a result. Even on a high protein food regimen, some protein could be taken from body tissues which will produce sufficient power for the frightened device and ordinary pastime. The onset of ketosis is an indication that this process has begun and it isn't a fine issue, regardless of what seasoned-excessive-fat government imply. incredible weight loss on a lo...read more

    Monday 2 September 2019, 1:05


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    ...read more

    Royal Institution of Great Britain
    Wednesday 28 August 2019, 18:30


    Advanced Rent Option Launch Event

    This exclusive event will be presented by the incomparable property industry commentator Chris Watkin. Hosted by Choices and Angels Media.

    Aimed at landlords, property investors and developers, as well as industry professionals, this will be an unmissable event and a milestone in the development of the PRS. Chris will give his unique take on where we as an industry are headed, highlighting the key drivers for change including tech, regulation and of course Brexit.

    The event will also provide you with all the information you need to know about how you can receive your annual rent in advance, in one lump sum. Considered to be an industry first, the Advanced Rent Option (ARO) is powered by Choices.

    If you are interested in coming along to this exclusive event, please book...read more

    Monday 26 August 2019, 13:25


    Thursday 22 August 2019, 0:00


    Real Estate Agents Bundaberg

    Looking for Buying and selling house at Bundaberg queensland Australia, Here we are to help you in this and no charges for Market Appraisals. You can visit us and find the area specialist here at our website. Our Real Estate agents will help you throughout the complete procudure and will make you feel free from all the tensions.

    ...read more

    Guildford Holiday Inn
    Monday 12 August 2019, 6:30


    Surrey Property Exchange

    We've got another top rate programme lined up for our Summer BBQ event on Monday 12th August!

    Peter Littlewood will be our main speaker for the evening. Peter runs iHowz, formerly known as the Southern Landlords Association, and he is one of the most informed people on the UK rental property scene. His analysis of government plans and national agency decisions will be well worth a listen for all of us involved in property rentals.

    James Hutchison will be back with us to host a Planning Clinic, and we hope to have some more Hot Deals for you from around the South. There will be lots more time than usual to network, and plenty of first class food to enjoy from the hotel.

    ...read more

    Monday 5 August 2019, 2:10


    Keto Fit Pro

    Keto Fit Pro It additionally limits water consumption to avoid ketones' dilution and punctiliously controls calorie intake. The weight loss plan has been in life since the Nineteen Twenties, whilst it became taken into consideration to be a step forward in the treatment of youth epilepsy, however turned into usurped by way of artificial medicinal drugs in the Nineteen Fifties. Now it's miles utilized in neurological remedies. The clinics that prescribed the Ketogenic food plan followed their patients' progress for decades, accumulating and documenting many instances. None suggested any severe facet outcomes and none concluded the food regimen to be unsafe. Does a Low Carb food regimen paintings? Many people are a succe...read more

    United States
    Saturday 3 August 2019, 2:15


    Amayze Life Keto

    Amayze Life Keto It is not a magic cure for every ailments or illnesses. Although most individuals may report improvements in their health conditions, it may not be able to partially or completely have an effect no already existing diseases in the body. For example, cancer cells cannot be eliminated by undergoing a detoxification diet. Although they have been due to toxin build-up, they are made up of cells and not something you can just flush down the toilet. A lot of people experience significant weight loss during detoxification diets. This is just normal as calorie intake is greatly reduced, which also causes water weight reduction and flushing out of fat cells. Some people say this is just temporary, but the weight loss eff...read more

    Amayze Life Keto
    Saturday 3 August 2019, 2:10


    Amayze Life Keto

    Amayze Life Keto preferably, a very good plan will also include an workout aspect, were created through someone whose credentials you could check out and could consist of at the least small amounts of favourite foods. You have to additionally pick out most effective plans that have an choice for renovation to hold weight from coming again. avoid any healthy eating plan that is predicated heavily on dietary supplements, even safe food regimen tablets, on the grounds that those may be expensive and are designed for use most effective for a short period of time. remember Your consuming style different human beings eat in extraordinary methods, and that impacts the diets in an effort to work great for them. as an instance, at the sa...read more

    The Wheatsheaf, 19 West Street, Farnham, GU9 7DR
    Thursday 1 August 2019, 20:00


    Property Meetup - Farnham

    Come along and meet like minded people who share a common interest in Property investing.  We are a friendly group of people with a wide interest and varied levels of experience.  Pop along for a drink and a chat, you never know what you'll learn.

    ...read more

    The Windsor Castle
    Tuesday 30 July 2019, 14:00


    Fire Risk Updates

    Fire Risk Updates
    Held at:
    The Windsor Castle, 54 Upper Bristol Road, Weston-s-Mare BS22 8DP (Parking available).
    read more

    rubyina12 na
    Monday 29 July 2019, 1:05



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    Los Angles
    Saturday 27 July 2019, 1:05



    Genbrain groups. Each group had to recall as much information as possible from two paragraphs. The first group received the information after exercise, the second before exercise, and the last completed no exercise. The exercise consisted of 30 minutes on a cycle ergometer. The group that was exposed to exercise before being given the information performed significantly better at recall than the others. Resistance exercise is any form of exercise that forces your skeletal muscles (not the involuntary muscles of your heart, lungs, etc.) to contract, eg weight-lifting. Episodic memory is the memory of past personal experiences that occurred at a particular time and place. A study published in Acta Psychologica in November 20...read more