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  • New Members

    Expat - New UK Investor - Ltd Company

    Hi All,

    Ive just started listening to the property hub pod cast and they recommended this website as a great source of information and hopefully share ideas with like minded investors. Where i am at the moment:

    1) Currently an expatriate working in the Middle East (last 2 years) after leaving the Army.

    2) Currently rent our home in London (small 2 Bdr flat in Brixton).

    3) Have recently opened a Ltd Company in order to build a property portfolio as part of a long term strategy, no interest in 'get rich quick' schemes and no plans to take money out of the business in the short - med term.

    Im sure there are plenty of people on here in a similar position and new to property investment. As a start up going down the corporate route it would be great to hear any advice from people in a similar position or were in my position and can offer any advice.




    Hi Mitch,

    Welcome to the tribe. Smile

    Unless you are a cash buyer - and forgive me if you are - getting finance is going to be your biggest hurdle imho.

    There are only limited expat mortgages and they tend to be around the 50% LTV mark.

    As you are going to be lowly leveraged, then S24 might not be such an issue for you as you at first imagined?

    The first thing you must do, before anything else, is get a team of people around you to support you.

    A trusted team of advisors can be found here. 

    Hope that helps for starters and good luck!

    ​See also - Advice and resources for expat landlords 


    Hi Vanessa

    I just saw your reply to Mitch with a link to the thread "Advice and resources for expat landlords" which is really relevant and useful to me. I wish I'd found it earlier having moved to Norway in 2004 and been self-managing my London portfolio since then!

    I've been a member of PT since last year and just wanted to say thanks for creating the great concept that is PT. I've made a New Year's resolution to stop being such a "lurker" and to contribute more.

    With kind regards,



    Hi Mitch

    Welcome aboard PT! It's nice to hear from another ex-pat landlord. I live in Bergen in Norway and own 4 flats in Ealing (which I manage to self-manage from over here).

    There's a load of great threads with advice and free resources for new investors on PT. A great thread here posted by Vanessa (not sure I've managed to insert the link correctly below but if not just search "Top 10 Property Tribes resources for novice landlords and BTL investors" in the search box at the top of the PT home page).

    One point I would make is that you need to think very carefully and take professional advice when deciding whether to purchase (or indeed transfer) BTL properties in your own name or via a limited company. There are a whole host of factors to consider and which route to go down depends entirely upon the individual's personal circumstances.

    If I can be of any help (particularly from the expat side of things) please don't hesitate to let me know.


    P.S. If you liked The Property Hub it's worth checking out Rob Dix's website https://www.propertygeek.net/ (and in particular his podcast and books). (BTW I'm not commercially affiliated with Rob in any way).

    Top 10 Property Tribes resources for novice landlords and BTL investors

    Replies 10 Views 11.9K Activity 1 year ago Users 1

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    Vanessa Warwick 7 Jan 2015 at 19:38

    We've had so many newbies joining of late, that I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of the top 10 resources on this site when starting out:

    1. How to determine your personal property strategy.

    2. How to create a Property Business Plan with Steve Bolton.

    3. How to get started in BTL ... in 10 easy steps.

    4. 100 questions that every landlord ought to know to ask

    5. Property Tribes Essential Book List

    6. Ten new rules of property investment

    7. "Must read" discussions for novice investors >> warnings, pitfalls, advice, and more.

    8. 10 reasons to start investing within a 10 mile radius of where you live

    9. Understanding the basics of landlord and property tax - 10 articles by Rental Income Tax Advisors

    10. The wisdom of Jonathan Clarke



    Vanessa Warwick Landlord and Co-Founder of PropertyTribes.com **5 reasons to get your FREE portfolio review NOW**



    Hi Richard and Vanessa

    Whilst I am not an official Expat (I am seconded and pay UK tax and get paid in sterling) I live in Amsterdam and have a couple of off plan BTLs competing this year,  making my portfolio a total of 4.

    I use and will be using a managing agent for these.

    For my next investment (realistically next year) I am considering a bold move of trying to do a refurb and then re-finance and let out.

    Have you had any experience or can you point me in the right direction of resources etc. for me to educate myself to establish if this is a good idea and do-able.

    I appreciate it wouldn't be easy which is why I want to plan and do as much research as possible.

    The frustrating thing is that I can't attend any UK property meet ups etc. To start meeting people and building relationships. Is there a limit to meeting people through forums without actually meeting face to face.

    Thanks in advance and really loving property tribes ?? Can't get enough.