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  • Refurbish/Develop

    Exploiting planning gain and permission

    Property Tribes presents an interview with Semsettin Karahan, Founder of Zanoply, London planning permission experts who assist in securing planning permission for residential developments.

    I talk to Sem about how planning gain and permission can force the appreciation of a property and strategies that work well in the current market conditions.

    The info-graphic below shows how to maximise permitted development rights (PDR).  These can also be used when converting commercial property into residential:

    In the interview, I mentioned the infographic that demonstrates potential return on investment for planning gain:

    We have a series on the planning process by Ian Gracie which is a really valuable resource:

    Consultants for your planning application

    Getting the most from pre-application advice

    How to find property value through planning 

    What happens to a planning application? 

    How to negotiate with a planning officer

    Alternative ways to planning permission

    Receiving your planning decision notice

    Can you appeal a planning condition? 

    If you need assistance in financing your developments, which are typically undertaken with bridging finance and/or cash, then please contact the PT Brokers Team on 0333 363 6507 for service.

    What planning gain and permission strategies are you finding work well in the current market conditions?

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    What a great thread.

    Permitted Development is the secret weapon of developers and can turn an OK deal into a really good deal. Its all about finding the angles.


    Phil Stewardson.

    Stewardson Properties.

    Stewardson Developments Ltd.

    Burson Land Ltd. & Jennings & Gilchreaste Ltd.


    Follow me on twitter - @philstewardson

    That article is spot-on.

    I was refused for a detached 2-storey 3-bed house and I was subsequently was told by the Head of Development Control that, in strict 'Planning' terms, there was no plot, hence, there was no chance of winning on re-application or at appeal. So I studied Planning for about 9 months and I sat through every Planning Committee meeting for 6 months, during which time I learned exactly what the author of that article is saying, which is that in many cases these Councillors go with their hearts and not with the tecnical advice. I then sussed-out the various personalities within the 4 different Committees and I chose the one that I reckoned would go for my scheme. I redesigned the house as a larger detached 3-storey 4-bed house and timed the submission of the re-application so that in 8-weeks it would fall into the laps of my favourites. Obviously, the Committe Report came with a very strong condemnation by the Planners and their recommendation for refusal. But my carefully chosen Councillors did exactly what I hoped they would and permission was granted.


    not the person from property 118 I thought I was discussing covenants with then, not to worry