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  • Property-a-holics

    Generation Rent launch campaign to end S21

    Generation Rent held an event in London tonight to launch their campaign to end Section 21.

    From the Generation Rent website:

    A little-known law lies at the root of everything that is wrong with private renting. It's called Section 21.

    It lets landlords evict tenants without giving a reason.

    It's why a tenant can do everything that is asked of them and still not feel like they have a home. They can be asked to leave with two months' notice.

    It's why investors have been so eager to put all their money into property. If they want their money back, they can just evict the person who's been paying their mortgage off.

    It's why there is so much bad practice and shoddy conditions in the private rented sector. If a tenant makes a fuss, they're out.

    It's the Number One cause of homelessness.

    Renters are not just a convenient source of income - they are people who need a home. If the government scrapped Section 21 and gave more protection to the tenant, it would discourage landlords from selling up or churning their properties, give tenants more of stake in their home, and provide compensation for blameless tenants who are forced to move out.


    Read the website and the many comments being generated by it

    You can see how false information and emotional rhetoric has been used to incite people against private landlords.  They perpetrate the myth that a tenant can be kicked out of their house with an S21 landing on their doormat, which we all know is completely untrue.

    Recent "retaliatory eviction" law means that tenants cannot be issued a Section 21 simply for asking for a repair.  They can contact the local authority if they need a repair undertaking and the landlord is refusing or threatening eviction.

    Most landlords issue a S21 notice for rent arrears or because they need to sell the property and want to sell it with vacant possession.

    Here are some of the comments from twitter on the #endsection21 hashtag:

    It will be interesting to see how this campaign develops.  The spreading of mis-information is certainly very frustrating.

    If Section 21 gets binned, it will affect landlords and lenders alike and may discourage both!  This is at a time when local authorities are so desperate for private landlords that they are incentivising them!  There are over 1 million people currently on housing waiting lists and being housed in temporary accommodation, which is costing the tax payer billions.

    Perhaps Landlords should launch a campaign to encourage each other to use Section 8 for rent arrears, and then it will be clear why landlords are evicting tenants?

    I urge every single landlord reading this to join a landlord association!  Tenants are taking action and landlords can no longer be apathetic or inert.  If landlords do not make our voice heard at a political level, then we only have ourselves to blame.

    If this Generation Rent campaign succeeds, will the last landlord turn the light out as they leave please?

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    If S21 goes it will be game over for the PRS.

    BTL LL rely on S21 to recover a property.

    Though it could be LPA receivers are used more.

    So if GR succeed leaving only S8 would it be possible to be a LL.

    I can't see it myself.

    So LL will sell up resulting in a smaller PRS.


    The new lease in Scotland doesn't allow eviction for no reason and landlords aren't leaving because if it. You can still evict if you are selling or renovating among other reasons.

    It is still S24 that's the killer, not changes in lease.


    Hi Carole,

    That's reassuring to know that under new rules in Scotland you can still evict if you are selling or even renovating, among other reasons...

    Thanks for posting this comment.  It would be interesting to know more about 'other reasons'.



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    You clearly have no understanding of LL issues.

    S8 simply would be insufficient.

    You are falling for GR propaganda.

    The only tenancies I have used S21 for was when evicting rent defaulting tenants.

    I am selling up using S21.

    If I can't use S21 how may I sell my properties?ⁿ


    You will be able to evict because you are selling.


    The Government is already working on that.  (longer tenancies).

    The irony is that landlords generally want tenants to reside in their properties as long as possible.  It really is a myth that landlords issue an S21 willy nilly. 

    The stats suggest that social landlords use S21 far more than private landlords anyway - but that conveniently gets forgotten in the anti-landlord rhetoric perpetrated by the likes of Shelter and GR. Sad


    You misunderstand why lenders have these tenancy length requirements.

    It is all to do with the eviction process.

    As you suggest it would be great if the UK adopted the Oz eviction process.

    But if LL cannot do what they want when they want with their own private assets then they simply won't bother being a LL.

    It is usual that S21 is used for tenants the LL wants to get rid off for whatever reason.

    That is why S21 is so useful.

    It gives the LL eventual control.

    But if GR win this then the PRS will further reduce.

    Can't see how that helps tenants.


    The new norm will be to sell tenanted property as a going concern to other investors rather than evicting and selling with vacant possession. Lenders and Landlords will just have to factor this in as part of doing business.

    But I don't think this will reduce the PRS much as long term hold landlords can live with this.