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  • In the Spotlight

    Government is listening to landlords

    Hot off the press from the RLA Future Renting Conference in Wales, MP Justin Tomlinson has praised the RLA and it's work on Welfare Reform and says that the government is listening to landlords.

    The Minister for Family Support, Housing and Child Maintenance said:

    "The RLA are one of the most proactive and structured trade bodies, and we listen to your concerns.

    I know from meetings with the RLA that they are a very constructive voice for landlords".

    Check back for an interview with Justin (picture of the recording below) and also we are currently filming his keynote address at the Future Renting Conference in Wales.

    I am sure you will agree that it is good to hear such feedback and for the RLA to be facilitating a platform for landlords to engage with policy makers.

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    This is welcome news


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    Govt. may be listening but it's not hearing or understanding.


    You might be right ... but listening is better than nothing at all.  If we have to work on hearing and understanding, then so we must - but that is what the RLA is good at.

    We've done quite a few interviews and meetings with Ministers and Government officials this year, and both Nick and I have noticed how the rhetoric has changed.  Change in politics comes very slowly, but we have noticed that the wind has shifted a bit and that is a good sign as we head into 2019.


    With respect this is one conservative MP, junior minister in the DWP, SAYING the government are listening to landlords.  He was presumably briefed to say exactly that.

    Many governments (all flavours) have asserted many times over the years they are doing whatever, but sadly all too frequently weren't.

    Aye, call me cynical.  I look forward to the interview with him to see what he has to say.

    NB His Wikipedia entry seems to indicate he's, what shall we say, perhaps not the pick of the crop...but a mildly amusing  read.


    Hey, we get the politicians we vote for: Nope, I don't live in Swindon.


    Didn't ex-Tory leader IBS also 'listen' recently?

    "I look forward to the interview with him to see what he has to say."

    I'd be more interested in what he's going to do, and when.


    Governments are good at giving the  appearance of listening hearing and understanding

    They will then though just act according to their needs not mine

    This is the same for all groups they encounter which  lobby them

    We are not singled out for preferential treatment any more than any other group .

    We are also not ignored or  sidelined more than any other group

    But we are individually and collectively a pawn in their game of chess

    This is mainly because many politicians have the traits of being psychopaths


    They lack guilt shame remorse or empathy but will be expert at pretending they do care

    They are attracted to positions of power and we allow them to have this role

    We sometimes are attracted to powerful individuals drawn in by their undoubted magnetism

    So its great that we are engaging with them but we should be ever wary of their true motives

    Any change will be because it suits them not us

    S24  was a political act of sadism .

    Hurting us is seen as ok ,  especially after such a good run since 1996

    And I can agree with that and live with that

    But the Homeless didn't deserve the kicking that S24  metered out on them

    Forcing more on the streets and into food banks was sadistic

    And they had  worked out that impact on the Homeless before S24 was introduced

    Homeless figures have rocketed recently because of Sec 24 and other welfare cuts

    But they turn a blind eye

    But we need government so we need to get into their faces to effect change

    Some are genial psychopaths and if pressed  will probably  happily admit they are one .

    They wear it almost  as a badge of honour

    Many are psychopaths , but not a danger physically towards us

    But  because they lack empathy  they can sometimes make effective, but cold leaders


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Hi Jonathan,

    I am sorry, but on this occasion, I cannot agree with you.

    Surely tarring everyone with one brush is not helpful?

    On your reckoning, detractors could say all landlords are psychopaths?  Actually, they are saying that. Doh!

    A big part of the problem with the current campaigning is making sweeping statements to suit an argument or view, rhetoric rather than factual reporting.

    As landlords with responsibilities of providing tenants with safe and compliant homes, we have to be seen to be leading by example, not racing to the bottom and handing even more ammunition to our haters.  People see us in a position of power - holding decisions about tenants's security of tenure - we need to show that we respect that power and do not abuse it.

    That is why I personally will support the work of such professional organisations of the RLA and iHowz.  They understand how to win hearts and minds, not create even more enemies.


    Yes agreed they are not all the same but the proportions of individuals with psychopathic tendencies  attracted to that profession are higher than average

    Then the culture within parliament feeds those traits . Note recent bullying allegations

    I see  inspirational and aspirational MP`s join but then succumb to the inherent culture within

    PMQ`s is a prime example of how not to showcase themselves

    Its disgraceful and primeval

    Its childish antics feed into the nations psychi

    It would simply not be allowed in any other respectable business environment

    Landlords will also have different collective traits no doubt some of which are psychopathic

    We will be higher than average no doubt in terms of greed , ambition , control etc

    Many though also have a great sense of pride in helping to house good people

    And I have never been to a LL`s meeting where everyone tries to jeer and belittle others

    At school that type of behaviour was cut out before it took hold and we were taught respect

    But in Parliament we see disrespect  for others  every day with adversarial put downs

    As you see I feel strongly about this subject

    Vote NOTA !


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    Ok, lets revisit this thread at the end of 2019 and see if IBS or this grunt have done anything shall we?

    Talk is cheap and politicians make a living from hoping/knowing people forget what they've said!


    The hard truth Boys and Girls we are seen a Spivs and Rouges

    By the Public Certainly Generation rent and the Govt Listens to them more than us

    Our service in reality is as welcome as a Rat Catcher But we are needed for now

    We operate in a market similar to the Spiv of the second world war

    We buy a product which is in short supply and sell it on for a profit either in rent or a Sale

    Very few Landlords add to the Housing stock a few will do conversions of a Pub or a old Library into a block of flats most don't

    Our world is seen a one of greed and sometimes exploitation Beds in shed HMO converted from family homes which is seen by the public as a modem Doss House Sharing a Kitchen and a Bathroom ect  I fully realise some will be of high standard but its still shared accommodation

    we are seen as out of control and unregulated can you imagine getting in a Taxi at and airport and being told I will be charged £150 for a five min trip ie no rent control

    Can you also imagine getting into the same taxi and finding the Taxi Driver has not got a licence or a CRB check

    The above is only a short list of the issues the Public and the Govt see

    All Business make a profit its the way of the world but we are not seen as a business even the fact of the way S24 was done highlighted this point clearly

    Our Profession is as old as a Prostitute and as a Prostitute is only welcomed for there service by there customers

    But most folk don't welcome us I have seen this with my own eyes when I have Bought a House and the neighbours face drops when I say I am a Landlord because they worry about who will live next to them

    I don't have the answers But I do see the problem

    So in the long and short term I don't see the Govt helping us

    Because we are detested and work in a dark world just like a Prostitute who works the streets

    Sorry if this upsets anyone but I think I am closer to the Truth  - We Do It For The MONEY!


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.