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  • LHA/Universal Credit

    Great Yarmouth landlords refuse UC claimants

    Landlords are refusing to take on tenants who are in the process of claiming for benefits.

    At a meeting of the Great Yarmouth branch of the Eastern Landlords Association last month, members said they would not take on new tenants in the process of making a claim for Universal Credit.

    Chairman of the association, Paul Cunningham, said some claimants were waiting ten to 12 weeks for their first payment, forcing them to go into arrears. He also said there have been a number of evictions solely down to Universal Credit issues.

    He added: “The introduction of Universal Credit in Great Yarmouth last April has proved to be disastrous with landlords now refusing to take any such claimants and evictions rising due to arrears caused by the system.”

    Source article  

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    In other UC news ...

    The architect of the troubled universal credit (UC) system says it could take "decades" to get it working at its most effective level.

    Lord Freud defended the system to MPs holding an urgent session over fresh concerns many claimants were being pushed into rent arrears and eviction.

    UC collapses all benefits into one and is being rolled out in Britain.

    Work and Pensions Committee chairman Frank Field said some claimants were having their lives wrecked by UC.

    He challenged Lord Freud over his claim that many UC claimants who were in rent arrears after being transferred from old-style benefits had brought their arrears with them.

    Source article 

    For all your UC questions, we have experts on hand to answer them, namely Sherrelle Collman of Caridon Landlord Solutions* and Bill Irvine, UC expert and RLA trainer.

    *Commercial partner of Property Tribes.

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    There has to be system to advance DWP loans to LL to cover these UC delay issues.

    The loan would be clawed backed from tenants' other benefits

    Most tenants aren't interested at all in the mechanics of UC

    They just want their LL and other benefits paid like they always have been.

    If the UC process causes issues then it should be for Govt to cough up Cash flow monies until they have sorted everything out

    Surely a short term loan while the UC issues are resolved would be cheaper than the LL evicting and the tenant requiring TA

    Even use the DHP funds as they will be repaid by the tenant once the UC claim has been sorted

    Not paying the rent due to unacceptable delays in the UC process would not be allowed as an excuse for the council to state the tenant had made themselves intentionally homeless and that therefore there was no duty to house the evicted tenant.

    I feel sorry for tenants and LL alike.

    But mindful of all these issues I will not be taking on any tenants reliant on any form of welfare.

    At least not until these UC issues have been resolved, which by all accounts could take decades!!


    I cant blame Great Yarmouth

    Towns need to take a collective stance. Locally then nationally. We`ve been kicked around enough

    Its appalling the way UC has  been handled yet still the government  try to defend

    How many more landlords and tenants lives have to be ruined before they admit its a failed project and do a U turn

    Housing is priority.

    If they persist with UC   then at least get the rent element paid direct to the landlord so the roof over their head  is safe

    The rest can be sorted out slow time using emergency interim payments to at least put food on the table for the kids


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    The trouble is Govt has invested so much political capital in this UC that they can't be seen to admit problems

    In principle I totally support the UC idea.

    I don't ascribe any political failure to the Tories as regards this massive UC undertaking.

    Such a massive change to the UK welfare system would have caused any political party problems

    It is just the way it is being delivered that is the problem.

    The big problem is the HB element being considered as the last benefit to be factored into the OBC.

    It should be the first!

    There also needs to be a way that the UC HB element can be paid directly to the LL as a matter of routine with NO 'clawback' possibilities from the LL unless he has been proven to have been party to benefit fraud!

    It should have been a fundamental point that the usual largest outgoing of housing costs should be deducted from the OBC first.


    The more Landlords who say NO the better

    we provide the service at the end of the day


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Yes if we all start saying No, will someone then wake up?