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  • Buy-to-Let

    Guidance needed to grow a portfolio

    I would agree with you previously; but the possibility of rent controls throws the argument if such controls unduly restrict or reduce existing rents.

    All academic I know as we don't have a Labour Govt ................................yet!

    As for properties which I was unaware of is that no more than 3 MORTGAGED properties should be retained to not be affected by the PRA to a large extent.

    But we could find the Tories stealing Labour clothes.

    They are to do so with energy charges albeit supposedly on a temporary basis.

    Very simple to move to capping rents!!

    It would electorally very popular.

    The Tories are desperate to achieve more votes.

    They don't care where they come from.

    LL will be their sacrificial lamb.

    2 million LL compared to 9 million tenant households.

    Who do you think Govt will appeal to!?

    I just think it is wise to consider these issues when investing now.

    The old certainties are long gone.

    The Govt cares little for LL.

    Despite S24 etc we are not seeing mass homelessness.

    So Govt doesn't need to concern itself if LL leave the PRS.

    There seems to be new lambs to the slaughter wanting to be LL as evidenced by the many newbie posts.

    They simply don't understand what is going on.

    We even had one asking what was the PRA!?

    Such poorly prepared aspirant LL need to be prevented from self inflicted wounds.

    If that means advising the game is over as was then that has to be advised.

    It is clear that even with all the issues assailing the PRS if you are rich then residential property must be part of your investment mix.

    But the days of 75% LTV are gone.

    It is just too risky now that rent controls are a distinct possibility.


    Even Labour aren't proposing to reduce existing rents, just to limit rises. The worst I could see happening is Corbyn taking us back to the 70s and regulated tenancies. which would wreck the PRS but only slowly. It would certainly allow time to sell up as properties come vacant.

    The PRA for portfolio landlords would involve a bit of extra paperwork, but then so does using a company. It doesn't look like a major issue.

    The days of 75% LTV have not gone, if you are buying properties with decent yields. That might not be possible in the South but there are places where it can still be done.