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  • Community

    Guide to using new Property Tribes on mobile

    The new Property Tribes site is now fully responsive on mobile creating a much better user experience than the old site delivered.

    As you look on the main screen on your mobile, you will see that the search box is at the top, similar to the desk top site.

    Underneath you will see the highlighted articles, again like the main site.

    Beneath that you will find "Trending Topics" and "New Content" and videos and events below those, again mirroring the desktop site.

    Another way to access the information is to click on the "Hamburger" - three lines, top right.

    That will bring out a "drawer" that allows you to access content and start a new topic.

    The "Tribes" button gives you a list of the individual Tribes, which is the same as the "Browse all Tribes" button on the Desktop version.

    Next, if you click on your avatar, it opens out another "drawer", this time where you can catch up with your "feeds" and "notifications".  These are the activities you are involved with on Property Tribes and give a view similar to the "Home Page" but specific to you.

    Feeds = the topics you are involved with or following.  This has three "Silos" of curated information and you can choose your view.

    Notifications = Individual up-dates specific to you.

    Last reply:

    To reach the last reply in the thread*, you need to click on "Feeds" and access the "drop down menu" which gives you the option of going straight to the last reply.

    *Please bear in mind that the "last reply" may be a "nested" reply within the thread, and not the last comment on the thread.
    This is exactly the same as how Facebook operates, so should not be too unfamiliar.

    If you want to go to the last reply on the thread, click on the main thread, and then use the "drop down" menu to take you to the last page.

    Once into a discussion, you can "pinch" to enlarge the view.

    You can reply to the thread by pressing "Comment", the same as the main site.

    You can reply to a specific comment by pressing "Reply" underneath it.  This will "nest" the reply underneath the one you are specifically replying to, again, just like Facebook.

    We hope this helps you find your way round, and if you have any questions, please just ask. 

    If you have any issues with using the mobile site, please report them here.

    Please also share any neat features that you like or find for the benefit of the community. Smile

    See also - Guide to using new Property Tribes