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  • Community

    Holidays - How can you as a Landlord?

    My Husband manages our own property business and I have been bugging him for a holiday for the past couple of years. We feel we can't go away because we manage everything ourselves and I am wondering what other people do in this situation, do you just not go away like us? Or do you find some other solution that we haven't thought of?

    We didn't go away for years (about 12 years I think it was) and then in 2013 we went on a big family holiday to France with extended family members. The whole time we were away, my hubby had to deal with e-mails and issues raised by tenants and he just couldn't relax and enjoy himself.

    This year I am trying to persuade him again, but it's like the minute I mention it, fate knows and there are suddenly 2 boiler issues to deal with and a tenant given notice! Then it's the "There you go we can't go away!" moment and he's right!!! What would happen if we were away and these things came up?

    I have tried to persuade him that it would only be for a week, that these people are grown ups and we are allowed to have a holiday even though we are landlords....but it is like everything is conspiring to prove me wrong! Just wondered if other people in our situation just don't go away like us, or what other people do in order to give themselves a break?



    How awful for you. There must be a point to what you are doing and if you can't get a family holiday at least once a year I would have to question that point. Sorry I  don't have an answer  but I am sure some seasoned landlords will offer you some advice.

    Is it time he employed an assistant? What would happen if he became ill if the whole thing depends on him. Could he put the boilers on cover so that the tenants contact the boiler firm direct? The work he's doing seems excessive.


    I`m a bit like him.  i don`t really like holidays. They seem like  stress and hassle  to me

    Why go all the way  to the Grand Canyon when you have Google Earth  :-)

    I self manage but see my whole life as a holiday . Its an attitude of mind

    But if I want total downtime then  there are several ways around this if you get organised

    Let  all  tenants know  and get systems in place and pay for a stop gap temporary solution

    1) Link up with a local LA on a pay as you go basis

    2) Virtual answering services

    3) Trusted friend to hold the fort

    4) Trusted tradesman who can act as a link to your other tradesman

    Or let him Deal with enquiries for say 9 - 9.30 am and 5pm - 5.30 pm each day

    then turn the phone off and have an answerphone message in between .Thats what I did

    Most things can wait a week but emergencies do happen and have to be dealt with by someone that day

    As I grew I then  linked in with an agency and paid them a basic sum to hold the fort plus a fee if they get calls in

    So it works on a pay as you go basis . Its totally worth the cost for peace of mind when you are on the beach

    Being self employed means you can have a mobile office and take 10 holidays a year if you want

    He is making excuses though and is wedded to his job more than you it seems

    You will have had numerous rows about it . he should pay attention to your needs

    He is being selfish and needs to break the cycle . He is not indispensable but probably thinks he is

    Workaholics need help . This wont be easy. Treat him like a drug addict

    Being not in control of his business even for a day will send him into a cold sweat.

    Its a real fear and he may need additional help if he continues to stay  in denial

    Show him this thread . He has to admit hes got a problem first before you work together on a solution.


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com

    How many properties do you own?



    A blog and information source for buy to let landlords

    I travel the world 6 months of the year and have a home in Gibralter  which I adore

    I relised that for 95% of all issues to do with Management that I don't need to be in the NE of England

    with a Laptop and Mobile phone I can do most things

    I think I have had 99% of the issues from Broken Boilers to a  Fire  and every thing in between

    I have a good team around me who I can call for most events

    I have Land Agent who runs my agriculture Business and he steps in for me when I am away from the NE

    95% of my call outs are to do with plumbing so I employ a large Plumbing company to deal with the issues

    You just need to organise and take a step back

    Today I am of Touring in Europe in the car and I have my Laptop and my Phone as I type this I am waiting for the Channel Train to France

    Being a Landlord /Investor should give you freedom try and let go

    Best of luck


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Interesting.  I share his predicament.

    I understand the boiler emergency type issues well.  I have always had cover of one sort or another eg British Gas, Homeserve etc and yet somehow I always have to get involved when things go wrong.  If with the HMOs I have for example I have barely ever found a tenant capable of:

    1) Explaining a fault accurately

    2)  Calling the cover company

    3) Being prepared to wait for an engineer

    On a single let house there always seems to be another complication. The comedy sucking in of air followed by "what cowboy put this in etc?".  Gas engineers always have a way of finding something they don't like about the last chap's work,  Only this week a boiler sprung a slight leak and after being stuck at the end of the phone whilst various leaks were described on 2 seperate engineer visits I have now had to book a day next week to have a new boiler installed,  I think it could end in disaster if I wasn't there while an engineer I have never met fits a boiler in the house of a couple aged 70 and 80 who have English as a second language. I just hope the old one hobbles on until that point because I don't want them to get cold.  I think if these were international mobile calls I would probably tear my hair out.

    I know the tenant issue too.  The "I'm sorry, I have suddenly got a surprise new job and I am emigrating next week.  I know I have to give a months notice, but do you think there is anyway you could get someone to take over sooner?"  Well maybe you could, but you also know that you will want to freshen the place between tenants etc and you already have other things planned.  It's hard to manage from a distance,

    I wonder if there are other things going on here too though?  Are there financial concerns?

    What does your planned holiday cost?  Perhaps it is several thousands and your husband is concerned about money?  Heaven knows there have been a lot of changes which will severely affect a landlord's bottom line eg wear and tear allowance going, s24, potential rising interest rates, increased legislation and licensing etc.  Do you get involved in these things or does he deal with them alone?  He may be worried and just not telling you?

    Do you have any empty properties?  I have a property worth just under £1m which I am paying out on and is empty because we can't find tenants that we like and I am thinking that we need to sell it.  I know I wouldn't relax going away if I had that.

    Have you had any big spends recently that he is reeling from?

    I know that 7 weeks ago I just bought a massive dream house in the country in 8 acres of  landscaped grounds, with a pool and tennis court and that even though it was very expensive it will cost us quite a few hundred thousand more to make how we want it.   I will be watching every penny for a bit while the dust settles on that.

    Anyway babe, you have come downstairs now, so...........


    Typing on separate laptops at the same time! I genuinely appreciate everything that you do and you are amazing!

    I tell you this and you probably don't take it in, or don't believe me,  so I'll put it here. I am happy to discuss everything further, not on a forum, I was just genuinely interested to know what other people do. I know I don't get involved enough and that is something for us to talk about. 

    My attention is always being dragged away from the things that you are trying to talk to me about and you are so amazing at what you do and so able, it feels like there is no room for me to add anything worthwhile. I suppose over the years, because you manange things so well and there seems little I can add, I have drifted further from our business while your concerns have grown along with financial issues and worries.

    Thinking more about it, I am just concerned that by the time we get to do the nicer things in life, the chicks will have flown the nest and I won't get to enjoy them with them as well as you, but perhaps that's just how it is. And it seems you don't get much down time or relaxation, but I appreciate a holiday is probably not the answer for you as it will not give you these things! Not sure what the answer is, but I hope we find it together! x


    The most poignant couple of posts I've ever read on PT, and with more than a few parallels to my adored husband's and my life.  Interestingly enough though, nothing to do with property!  Open communication, a bit of give and take, and a lot of love and respect for how each other feels wins the day, attributes I feel the authors of these posts have in abundance  xx


    To be honest, I feel like I am being a bit selfish. The truth is, I don't need a holiday,

    I have a lovely life and I am lucky enough to have lived in lovely big houses and get to spend a lot of time at home with my hubby and my family. So in a way my whole life is a holiday! I really don't begrudge how he feels and I completely understand.

    There are a number of reasons I would like to go away and I suppose one of the main ones is to spend quality time with my children and with him and to give my children another layer of experience.

    I asked the question about what other people do as I am genuinely interested!


    My sister who was married to a Manager of an Oil Rig

    He was away from home a lot of the time ?when he came home he did not want to go away but my sister did

    He Passed away aged 62 with cancer on his death bed he said to my sister I wish we had taken Holidays and I was wrong ?

    She now takes the holidays which she should have taken with her Husband

    Life is for living I wish you the best and I hope you find the Holidays you seek


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    Ok so hes a good man but he needs to get maybe a sense of perspective

    Find his Achilles heel. It will probably be your children   Be a bit sneaky. Get your children to do a lovely home made card to him. In it they can pander to his ego and  heap praise on him for how hard he works and isnt he clever etc etc but then in the card get them to  say that  this year ALL they ask for from their lovely handsome daddy as a present for their 5th / 8th / 10th /12th birthday is a 2 week holiday in the sun with him..

    Watch him melt when he opens it . Then put the card prominently on the mantelpiece so he sees it every day and you casually glance at it and read it out loud to him again a few days later so it stay uppermost in his mind

    They will do the work for you. . He will book you a family holiday before the end of Jan .


    Jonathan Clarke. http://www.buytoletmk.com