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  • In the Spotlight

    Home Office seeking input for Right to Rent

    The Home Office has contacted Property Tribes asking for landlords' input.

    Help the Home Office to develop an online right to rent checking service

    The Home Office is developing a new online service to make completing Right to Rent checks quicker and easier. In this phase of development the service will apply to landlords or agents checking non-EEA nationals who hold biometric residence permits or biometric residence cards plus those granted status under the EU settlement scheme.

    We want to ensure our new service meets the needs of landlords and agents, so we would like to talk to you to understand your experience of conducting checks.

    Taking part in this research provides a great opportunity to help shape and improve services.

    Who can take part?

    We would like to talk to private landlords and agents who have experience of checking tenants with a:

    • biometric residence card (BRC)

    • biometric residence permit (BRP)

      We are also particularly keen to understand your experience of doing checks if you find it difficult to navigate online systems.

      We are particularly keen to hear from landlords who may think of themselves as not being confident with IT or computers.

      Going forward we will be looking to do research with other groups, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to participate.

      What does the research involve?

      We will be running through a prototype of the new online service and asking participants to give feedback on the service to assess its usability.

      How to get involved?

      The first round of research will be between 8th and 22nd February, but we are interested in hearing from people even if they cannot make those dates.

      Locations include London, Sheffield, and Liverpool.

      The Home Office will be offering a small incentive to show their gratitude to those who agree to take part.

      Please email rtr.research@digital.homeoffice.gov.uk or call Ella Botting on 07776 808144.

      Protecting the people who take part

      The research is confidential. It will only ever be used improve Home Offices services, never for anything else.