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  • Buy-to-Let

    Homelessness - you ain't seen nothing yet!

    I am just editing the video with Croydon Council and they said that they have 736 tenants on their books in desperate need of accommodation, many staying in B & B's.

    I wonder what this number is nationwide and how much it is costing the tax payer in emergency accommodation fees? Croydon Council are now having to incentivise landlords to bring properties to them.

    It is farcical.


    Maybe a request from the freedom of information act would tell us

    I know my City Council are having issues too

    I used to help out but I don't now


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    All comments are for casual information purposes only. If you wish to rely on any advice I have given please ensure you obtain independent specialist advice from a third party. No liability is accepted for comments made.

    I don't have a scintilla of sympathy for these desperate councils.

    They have arrogantly treated LL with disdain over the years

    Encouraging tenants to stay until evicted etc they have made many enemies  of LL

    Well now the chickens have come home to roost haven't they!?

    This is only the start they won't stop now as Keith Park stated in the Battle of Britain film!!

    The homeless figures will be gathering apace as S24; SDLT and EPC not forgetting the PRA wrought their destruction of small LL  rental properties.

    Apparently  there is a population  shortage  in Scotland.

    Can't the homeless be deported  up there!?

    Wonder what the tipping point will be for the Govt of the day to take some sort of restorative action?

    Will we have to be kneedeep in homeless  before Govt realises that their avowedly naked political  attack on small mortgaged LL  etc perhaps hasn't been such a good idea!?

    I guess it is a case of wait and see

    It is rough being a LL  currently.

    However that is nothing compared to being a tenant!

    They are and will have it far tougher!


    All the schemes in the world mean nothing if councils refuse to pay market rents on behalf of tenants

    LHA is no longer viable for LL.

    That is the crux of the problem

    HB tenants aren't needed anymore.

    There are more than enough tenants who are prepared to pay market rents.

    Why would a LL  bother receiving only a third of the market rent!?

    Councils are deluding themselves if they believe any number of disparate schemes will solve their homeless problem

    Councils should just pay market rates

    They are ALREADY paying far more in TA costs!


    Brilliant Video Vanessa.    As you've said and stated to them,   "OH THE IRONY".   They are begging for properties from the people the government has vilified and demonised.  As stated, this is the start, the tip of the iceberg.


    It's the children, the future of this country I feel sorry for.   If they worked with us instead of against us,  then the below disgusting stats wouldn't exist.

    • There has been a 60% rise in households living in temporary accommodation - which includes 120,540 children - since 2010/11, the NAO said
    • The Local Government Association - which represents councils - said local authorities were having to house "the equivalent of an extra secondary school's worth of homeless children in temporary accommodation every month."

    Kids brought up in this way will be the problems of tomorrow instead of the future of tomorrow.   A nice, clean safe home should be every childs right.


    You are totally correct about a child's right.

    The only way that can be sustainably be delivered is by providing  social housing.

    A low wage economy, which is what the UK is simply  cannot afford private sector market rents

    Govt needs to recognise  that for social cohesion etc it needs to provide  about 4 million social homes

    It needs to start building now to complete  the task in about 20 years!!!

    Govt has to accept the multi billion pound bill for mass uncontrolled immigration, not even including the massive organic population  growth!

    These immigrants etc  need housing.

    The PRS cannot do this.

    Govt needs to invest in mass social housing.

    It needs to stop RTB for a start!

    Just because you pay rent doesn't and shouldn't entitle you to a discount  on the purchase price of the rented asset.

    Private capital is simply  inadequate to house those that need subsidised rental accommodation.

    But that is academic as private capital is rapidly withdrawing from housing those that can no longer afford prevailing market rents.

    It is a simple reality, pointless denying it isn't the case.

    Govt just needs to start spending to provide the social housing required

    There is no such excuse that the Govt can't afford to do this.

    It can't afford NOT to!!

     It could be said that council housing and its associated  costs is a socialist response to a massive social problem.

    As someone who is violently anti socialist,  even I accept the pragmatism of a socialist response to some intractable social problems.

    Only the State can come up with the necessary  resources required.

    Forget the politics,  just build the damn council housing like a MacMillan  led Tory Govt once did.



    Paul, I think I've made myself pretty clear on your often abhorrent views towards tenants.  What pisses me off even more is the fact that you sometimes speak a lot of sense in between the vile rhetoric but this gets lost.

    There's not much in the above post I disagree with.  I particularly like the below comments.

    "There is no such excuse that the Govt can't afford to do this.

    It can't afford NOT to!!"

    I hope you learn from the above that if you want to be heard, don't let the message get lost in the noise.


    Curious response

    I can't recollect any abhorrent  rhetoric against tenants only

    There are some appalling LL  as well as tenants

    The vast majority  of either are good people

    It is the system which allows wronguns  to flourish.

    One cannot state true opinion is abhorrent if it is fact.

    My views on some tenants are formed by forever personally financially devastating effects of such wrongun tenants.

    That doesn't  mean they all are.

    It certainly doesn't  inform my opinion of the vast majority of tenants

    It cannot be denied there exists a vast socially dysfunctional element amongst tenants from certain social and economic  groups.

    A lot of them are assisted in remaining dysfunctional  due to the system.

    It certainly is not abhorrent to recognise such realities.

    The system just has to be changed  to prevent and eradicate  such  dysfunction.

    A tall order I know, but a start at least has to be made to stop it.

    Housing the lower orders in  social accommodation including their children is a responsibility  that I believe the State must take on.

    It is simply unrealistic  to expect these types to cope without assistance.

    I believe a society has a responsibility to encourage the feckless out of themselves  otherwise it will be society that will pick up the enormous costs of failing to address such problems

    Pragmatism is the only way and yes it will cost a bundle.

    Society has no other realistic options that accept the cost of fixing the feckless etc

    It Has been Tried For Over 40 Years And yet There still Remains A Hard core

    Apparently  there a 750000 NEETS

    This means an enormous  cost burden  for society.

    It cannot be right that this situation is allowed to persist

    It is failing a whole underclass who need to be assisted rather than importing immigrants  to do jobs this lot could be doing.

    I believe stable and affordable housing is the foundation for any person to pull themselves up by their bootstraps.

    This we do not currently have.

    It is hardly surprising we have so many of them and their children suffering

    Just giving them money is no solution.

    More thoughtful and conditional use of public funding needs to occur

    If done correctly we could eradicate the feckless as a class and make them productive members of society

    We can but try and hope

    But first things first

    A stable and affordable place to live is required.

    That inevitably  means subsidised social housing

    I don't see any signs that Govt has recognised the full enormity of what is required.

    Indeed they are actively  making things worse!!!