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  • Landlords in Distress

    How do you cope with landlord stress?

    I go through cycles of depression and elation and gradually get a little wealthier (hopefully), and older, so care less.  My father is in his 70s.  He also has properties.  He likes them empty so he can visit them and tinker with them and never be bothered by them.  It's a strategy that works really well for him!

    I hope you have a good Christmas too and remember that in years to come, today's problems just become party anecdotes.


    Sorry to hear of your ongoing hassles James - sounds like you could do with a career break from LL'ing!

    Re your points:

    I am currently dealing with:

    1) Empty house that I am having to refurbish due to the usual crappy state the tenant left it in.

    How did the tenant come to you? Was it your own advertising or a LA? If the latter, get shot! What was the status of the tenant? Professional?

    2) A tenant who was buying a house from me calling up today to tell me that they had just changed their plans and were now relocating and will be leaving over the Christmas holiday - cue number 1 all over again

    Hopefully it won't be as bad as you think. It's out of your control their plans changing.

    3) Another tenant sending me an image of their boiler leaking this evening telling me that it loses pressure and then cuts out and that it has been like it for ages and apparently I knew - I didn't.  This sort of bare faced lie is like a little kick on the end of what is already a punch in the face and really infuriates me.

    Tenants telling fibs is part of the game. Some are better at it than others. Don't take it personally, but be pleased that at least you now know about it. This is what the likes of British Gas is for. One call (hopefully) sorts it all!

    4) A benefits family that haven't quite yet managed to sort out their October rent yet due to a cut over from HB to UC which simply meant that their payment stopped - thanks Government.

    Ok, you're going to have to decide if this situation can continue with this tenant or cut your losses and sell or get a replacement tenant.

    5) HMRC are now investigating me.

    Nothing you can do about that but good luck. If you're an NLA member apparently they have HMRC investigation insurance? Hand it over to your accountant and let them earn their money which you can claim back on your next tax return.

    A lot of these problems James are probably not of your doing. If it's not pulling in the cash that makes it worthwhile and there's no alternatives to each of the situations happening again then maybe time to start selling up.


    Re 1.  She was professional but seemed to consider that as she had been there 5 years everything was just wear and tear - including the thick layers of grease and the cobwebs everywhere.  I am always too nice so I just take it.  I am taking this opportunity to turn a 2 bed into a 3 bed anyway so it's no biggie.  Probably working 12 hours a day 7 days a week for weeks on end is turning me pessimistic.  I am only on here today because I took my first day off in ages to take my daughter for an interview to study medicine.

    Re 2.  It will work out, but they put me to trouble and expense and kept assuring me that they wanted to buy the house.  They had the mortgage offer and everything.  My landlord 6th sense told me they wouldn't go through with it but it is annoying all the same.  No landlord weants to be told that their tenant is moving out around Christmas/ New Year at the same time as their house sale has just fallen through.  Their change in circumstances was just a lie to save face - I don't even care.  It's their loss, just a hassle I didn't need today.

    Re 3  It is probably simple.  Apparently it is pouring out water and has been for 2 days.  They told me about this problem 3 months ago apparently.  I just can't even be bothered with the lack of logic in that.  We have never even discussed a boiler issue - never even a mention of a leak of any sort whatsoever.  Hey ho.  I feel that people just add bits like that to their messages in case you are slow to act and then they can start making official complaints and you look bad.

    Re 4  I don't even chase them.  The Govt did this to them.  I was going to chase them but I happened to see my tenant from my van at 7.15 am one morning and he looked broken.  He was overweight,walking with a stick, slow and stooped over.  I have never seen such a sad looking man and he is only mid 40s, a year younger than me.  Physically I could still give a 25 year old a run for their money, so I found this image very shocking.   He had absolutely no idea I could see him and he wouldn't even know my van so I knew he wasn't faking anything. At that moment I decided to cut them a little slack.  They know they owe.  I am pretty sure that if they had it they would pay.

    Re 5.  I am a member of NLA and they said they would cover me, but my wife isn't a member and they are investigating her too - I guess that was a mistake, but my wife isn't interested in anything property related these days, I get landed with the lot, so only I registered and got accredited etc. I am also my own accountant.  I am happy to deal with the enquiries but they are a time consuming pain as they relate to CGT and amounts spent up to 15 years ago.

    In summary, the good used to massively outweigh the bad.  A lot of the good has been removed now though and yet still more is being taken.  I still love houses, I hate landlording - if that makes sense?


    I’ve had over 30 years as a LL. seen it all, done most of it. The stress and agrivation as a newbie was gradually replaced with the more balanced and cynical approach of the professional. Now I am fed up with the whole shebang and selling up. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s the latest government attacks, certainly I’m not so keen to go climbing into dirty lofts and cleaning up after blocked sewers.

    I reckon I can live off the capital until I die

    as long as I die next year, that is!


    I'm glad you brought this thread back to life as I remember feeling really low when I commented a month ago.  Since October I have worked long hours, 7 days a week (including a painful 5 hours on Christmas Day and 5 hours in Boxing day on the tax investigation) and all the issues I listed in early December have turned around.  So my answer to coping with landlord stress is dive in, get your hands dirty and face any issues head on.

    Don't blame you for selling up.  I think 30 years will be the turning point for me too, all going well of course.


    It’s not easy Life as a Landlord is stressful a

    since November I have a great amount of stress

    1 Tenant Dies and left me to deal with her estate dealing with solicitors and funeral

    2 Tenant was a hoarder and the amount of rubbish I have had to get rid off is unreal

    3 Tenant has done a flit abandoned property

    4 Non Payers due to UC changes

    5 Property flooded totally written off no rent since September full rebuild with insurance company

    6 Dealing with S24

    it all mounts up in terms of time and stress I know it will come right but it is stress full and I don't mind admitting I have lost sleep

    My advice to any landlord is just keep going and try to ride the storm

    On a Plus point because my expenses and costs are up The tax man is carrying 40% of my lost

    and the other plus point is every time I get an empty property the rent is higher than it was when my old tenant moved out

    what you lose on the swings you get back on the roundabouts

    I am starting to see the sun light but my life has been very cloudy


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

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