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  • Buy-to-Let

    I thought Fergus had sold up months ago?


    So are you saying that a lot of BTR is for HB/UC tenants?

    That's not what I'm seeing.


    I didn't say that.

    You said that there wouldn't be any BTR for Battered Wives & I linked to a big initiative doing exactly that, and a guidance document on BTR. I think that there is already a lot of women's refuges, and I don't see why in the future some can't be BTR. Further, were I (or more likely female members of my family) in need of such a refuge, I would be happier to see them in a BTR than renting from Fergus Wilson. 


    Ah I see Nick.

    Agreed re family and BTR v FW!


    More Fergus antics

    "Millionaire landlord Fergus Wilson has offered to fight a Kent Messenger journalist for a £10,000 purse.

    The 69-year-old former professional boxer suggested the bout after becoming enraged by an error in a report about one of his race horses.

    The 22-stone tycoon said if senior reporter Ed McConnell, who weighs in at a measly 15 stone, can last one bare-knuckle round he will receive the prize money."



    I think he needs to consider a new PR setup


    "Britain's biggest buy-to-let landlord has allegedly banned 'coloured' people from his properties because he claims they make the houses smell of curry.

    Millionaire Fergus Wilson, 70, issued the new rule via email to Evolution, a company which manages the rentals of hundreds of his homes.

    In an email, which was leaked, he reportedly wrote: 'No coloured people because of the curry smell at the end of the tenancy.'"


    This man has done Good Landlords no favours

    Is he like this just for publicity ????

    The BTL Hate Brigade must love his views and the Govt get a bigger stick to hit us with


    Learn Change and Adapt ?????

    I'm certainly not a FW fan.

    For once, I can sympathize with him with regard to strong cooking spells.

    I've had my share of problems with this issue.

    Last year a landlord in Wandsworth was taken to court by an owner occupier over this problem.

    The case attracted a lot of interest in the press at the time.

    The result was never published, which makes me suspect it was settled out of court with a NDA.

    However, I'm totally against tenant selection based on ethnicity etc.

    I will be checking my standard Tenancy Agreements to see if this is mentioned.

    I think FW is just controversial for the sake of it and likes to see his name in the press.


    Fergus' latest media appearance has attracted some attention, the equalities & human rights commission is investigating with a view to prosecuting him if appropriate



    As far as cooking smells are concerned

    With our multicultural society and the changing tastes of the public no longer can a certain ethnicity be accused of bring soley responsible for certain cooking smell.

    Tenants of all sorts of ethnicities cook all different foods

    An Indian might like a good bland English, meal

    Smelly of soggy cabbage and overcooked food

    An English person might like a good Indian!

    Quite frankly if you have a decent kitchen extractor then there should be no issues regardless of the type of food cooked.

    If there isn't an extractor the LL should install one.

    But FW is certainly a bit of an unreconstructed dinosaur

    But this sort of comes with the territory when you reach a certain age

    It can mean cringeworthy things being said.

    Certainly a bit of modern PR advice could soften what FW states

    He clearly comes from the time when you could call a spade a spade.

    This is simply not acceptable anymore

    There is now expected to be respect for all parties especially in choice of language.

    I share a lot of FW ideas.

    I would just put them a different way so as not to offend

    An example would be for FW benefit claiming single mothers

    I would put a different way

    Perhaps no HB tenants receiving CB and being a sole carer.

    That says it so much better.

    This on the basis that very few males are sole carers and receive CB!

    99% of such applicants would be allegedly single women who FW doesn't wish to let to.

    But LL are entitled to make business decisions as to who they let to.

    They just need to do so in a courteous fashion.