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  • New Members

    I’m new, what do these words mean!

    Good Evening PT!

    Whilst I am still very new to property investing and feel like I don’t have much to contribute there is one thing I feel like I can help with.

    Confused by all these property terms? I know I have been!

    In this post i’ll list any terms I come accross if anyone has anything to add please fire it in and i’ll update weekly.

    BTL - Buy-To-Let

    ROI - Return On Investment

    Gross ROI - Return on investment before costs

    Net ROI - Return on investment after costs

    PRS - Private Rented Sector

    APR - Annual Percentage Rate

    JV - Joint Venture

    BRR - Buy Rent Refurbish


    Omega Property (Formerly SBS Ltd.)

    I am not professionally trained to give advice, generally posting for the benefit of the community or my own personal development.

    Hi Sam,

    That is very community spirited of you.

    The thing is, we already have:

    Glossary / Jargon Buster

    I would like to suggest that you post your additions there to avoid duplication of threads.

    On that basis, I will close this thread down so that the other one can continue to be commented on and built up into a comprehensive resource.

    ​Thanks for your understanding about this.


    [Image: 4995468760_6be86655d4_t.jpg]
    general operations director, site owner and moderator - propertytribes.com