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  • Welsh PRS

    Interview with Welsh Housing Minister

    At the recent Future Renting Conference in Wales earlier this month, new Welsh Housing Minister, Rebecca Evans, was the key note speaker.

    The RLA asked me to act as Presenter of their video coverage, and I am sharing the interview I did with Rebecca here with the RLA's kind permission:

    You can find out more about the conference and view further media >>> here.

    It is interesting to note that this is the first time that the Welsh government has had a minister with "Housing" in the title which shows that housing is very much on the political agenda in Wales.

    With so many changes happening in the PRS, and the legislation becoming increasing different to the rest of the UK, we have now started a Welsh PRS forum.

    If you are a Welsh landlord, or have properties in Wales, we look forward to your contributions to this new tribe!

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    UP NEXT -              "Rent Smart Wales" to launch on 23rd November ...

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    Totally disagree with the RLA position  on LL  licensing.

    Ticking a box on a Council Tax form will not do the job

    LL  licensing needs to include far more information.

    Some of this should include

    Confirmation of RTR property if mortgaged

    Confirmation of LL insurance

    Confirmation  of tenant Council Tax payer

    Confirmation  of RTR checks on tenants

    Confirmation of full compliance with all previous and current renting requirements like serving the How to Rent booklet to tenants.

    Confirmation that any deposit has been protected within a prescribed scheme etc

    Confirmation  that the LL  is not breaching mortgage conditions by letting to HB tenants if that lender prohibits letting to such tenants bearing in mind that £1 of HB would mean the LL  breaching mortgage conditions.

    Confirmation that LL  are not using the property for short term accommodation such as SA or AirBnB if the lender conditions  prohibit it.

    Confirmation  that all LL  are signed up for the new Govt property redress scheme.

    Confirmation LL  is compliant with relevant EPC requirements.

    Confirmation  that an electrical certificate is valid.

    Confirmation  that a LL  is a fit and proper person as deemed by the scheme and property redress scheme.

    Confirmation  that any lease allows letting to the particular  type of tenants being let to.

    So as you can see there are lots more things that a licensed LL should notify to be in business and properly licensed.

    A tick on a CT form is totally inadequate.